Monday, November 24, 2008


Ipoh, 1988 - Sepasang suami isteri berangkat ke Kota Makkah utk menunaikan fardhu haji. Demi menyahut lambaian Kaabah, mereka terpaksalah meninggalkan 4 orang anak yang masih kecil di bawah jagaan saudara terdekat.

I was very small, 6 YO & crying 2 c them leaving. But only 4 a while when Pah Chu bought me a cup of ice-cream. 5 posen wooo eskrem tuh... Rase best gile sbb slalu mkn yg 3posen jek.. Hihihi.. Mmg terubat sgtla my 'kerinduan' towards my parents. Bleh x gitu?...

Throughout that period, Mak Tam & arwah Apak jage kitorg & it was fun sbb ade org amik kitorg pegi balik dr skolah. & the bestest part was, kalo arwah Apak xsihat = no school!!! hihihi... Kids, besela..

Kelana Jaya, 2008 - 20 yrs l8r, both couple went 2 Makkah again. This time around, anak2 dah besar & know how 2 take care of themselves.

The nite b4, we had a solat jemaah, tahlil & doa selamat sket. A very small occasion among anak beranak but it was very meaningful. Mase solat, Iman yg tgh demam crawling on our sejadah back & fro, wondering what were we doing. (Kantoi, xkhusyuk!!) I predicted that she will cry coz we left her alone. Tp she was well behaved. Soooo cute... Well, Iman nih baik, Mak Tam.. :)

Abah & mak said few words b4 the tahlil. Sebak pon ade gak but luckily there were some jokes in between. The gist of the speech, baik pakat, tambahkan ilmu & bersyukur with what we have. Abah & Mak always stress on that. Dulu pon diorg ckp gitu b4 they left 2 Cape Town.

Nx day, we went 2 KJ. It was my 1st time!! Dulu anta Abah & Mak kat airport Ipoh jek. Awal gile kitorg ke sane but it was well worth it as there's no need 2 rush. Lepak je. We took our own sweet time eating, chit chating n playing with Iman.

Iman playing 'gimme 5' with Atuk & Opah

All of sudden, tgh rehat2 bwh khemah, organizer panggil 2 queue. N all of sudden, their luggage kene angkat n trus masuk dewan. Apo laie, terkejar2la kitorg bersalam2an... A bit regret there bcoz of the rushing goodbyes. But my bro-in-law keep on saying, good 4 them sbb xyah tunggu lame n everything went smoothly. A bit relieve on that side, but still sad 2 c them leaving... huhuhu... Mak sempat pesan 'Tlg tgkkan Yong' sbb she will deliver soon.

Papepon, Abah n Mak dah berangkat. Dah selamat sampai dah pon. Kami doakan everything run smoothly, sihat tubuh badan n dpt Haji yg Mabrur. N insyaAllah, kami akan baik pakat, tambahkan ilmu & bersyukur with what we have. :)

InsyaAllah we meet again nx yr, with additional member of the family!!! InsyaAllah.... :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

how time flies...

cant imagine how time flies. tup2 Iman dah 7 MO. Rasenye br je deliver.. huhuhu... InsyaAllah, pasni she will start 2 walk --> go to school --> go to uni --> go to work --> get married!!!

Iman 1 DO

Iman 6.5 MO

As a reminder, just cherish every single moment so that i wont regret in the future... :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Our sweetpie turns 7 MO..!!!

Today Iman turns 7 MO.. Papa & i were sooo looking fwd on this day tp when it comes to the actual day, both of us totally terlupe!! We only realized it once we reached office. Apedaaaa... Tp xpe, coz kitorg dah celebr8 1 day earlier kat SecRec. But, without the bday princess... Hihihihi... Aci x gitu, Iman? :P

Nevertheless, u have been our top priority, sayang. Not to worry.... As time goes by, sooo many things she had discovered.. Ade je new things she learnt daily. & kdg2, come to 1 pt yg kitorg rase byk sgt yg Iman discover n we suddenly lost of track.. huhuhu...

Papepon, my dear.. I really luv 2 c ur actions. I luv 2 c u smile, eat, drink, sleep, rengek2, crawl, play etc... Happy 7 MO, cayang chumel my cutie sweetie pie... :)

p/s: wish i dont miss any second of ur growth....


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