Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jom gi wedding..

Psst2!!... I heard Papa n Ibu nakgi wedding today... So, I woke up early n get dressed up. I hav this new dress, new pair of socks n a new pair of shoes yg xpenah pakai lg.

Siap!! Do I look cute? Hm... Mane Papa n Ibu nih?? Owh, over there.. Wanna surprise them lah

On ur mark...

Get set...


Aik, they r not there plak..

How to show them ek? Maybe I look better while standing up. Yippie, berjaya!

Eh, Ibu ade kat blakang...

N Ibu dah siap. Let's make a move... YeAy!!!....

Lorrr.... Papa xmandi lg rupenye... Bile nakgi nih??? :P

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Adik Iman

Alhamdulillah… Tambah lg sorg cucu Atuk n Opah. N it’s a boy!! Cukup 1 pair. But there will be more to come :) InsyaAllah.

Muhammad Fateh Dailami, weighted 3.18kg, was born on 23rd December 2008 n in good health. A son to Mak Yong n Pak Yoep. Cant wait 2 c u!! Must be cute. We shall meet either tonite or tomorrow ya.

Tp, I hav not finalize my gelaran lgla… Mak Lang? Mak Yang? Mak Andak? Mak Uda? Mak Teh? Mak Anjang?

Susah2, just call me Mak Che Ah!! Abis citer… heheheh… :P

Tembamnye pipi die....
Keyla Fateh. Dun be notty ya... Kalo notty, nanti Kak Iman babab... Hehehe...
P/S: Nanti Mak Che Ah confirm my gelaran ye. Peace...

Monday, December 22, 2008

New discovery

Guess what!!!???

Iman called me today!!! She called me ebbu, ebbu n rushed towards me!! So cute... Pasni try to call Papa ya... :)

Unplanned again?

Pada suatu situasi selepas solat subuh...

‘Papa, why don’t u take leave today? Ke ur meeting today need ur presence? Jomla cuti, jomla…’ (with a small lil’ horn coming out from my head.. hehehehe)

Then, he took his phone n started to sms his superior.

Done!!! Let’s go to KT, then.

Erk…… Unplanned again?...

Papa rushed to guest’s room n woke up Mak Ngah Amnie n Pak Su Ariff.

‘Bangun2, kite gi KT. Kul 8 betolak’

N it was 7.35 am. Uhuk!... Sian bebudak tu, br sampai semlm, dah kene bgn awal n travel again. Hehehe…As for Iman, it’s not a problem to her because she will always be the first to get dressed up! Bertuah tul anak Ibu nih.

Gedebuk-gedebak, ngokngekngokngek, kul 9 brla siap sume. Well, u can’t expect punctuality for any unplanned. Xkesahla, asalkan we are already on the move. We even had breakfast in the car tau.

In KT, we straight away headed to Pulau Duyung, tpt Monsoon Cup tuh. N iman was sooo clever, trus yak2 when we were about 2 reach there. Clever 2 yak2? Yalor, that place has a nicee toilet for her nappy change. Bijak bijak…… camtula anak Ibu.. hehehe… While nappy changing, Wan Pa, Mak Ngah n Pak Su went to snap photos n followed by us later.

Enough of photos, we moved to Pulau Wan Man. There, we went 2 for tram ride @ Tmn Tamadun Islam for almost 2 hrs. Iman siap tdo lg during the ride. The trip was well worth it. So, if u guys wanna go there, better book for family tram coz the driver will explain about all the replicas n give opportunities 2 watch the vids. N the most important thing, xdela penat berjalan n xpanas!! Yippie.. All the vids were really informative n eye-opening, (though Iman berkeras nak kuar from the amphitheatre. Xsuke gelap kot). To me the service there was good as they give several options during the visit. U can either walk, ride on the tram or go for bicycle ride. Best2… U can find kids really enjoy their time there coz they can tour with their rented bikes.

After the visit, we went 2 Masjid Kristal 4 solah. Despite of the well-publicized mosque n its ‘talk of the town’ thing since its opening, sadly, the mosque was not well-maintained. Or, perhaps their masterpiece yg xde kualiti sgt. If u go there, u can spot molds n mildew kat situ. Seyes…

Done with the exploration, we went to Sg Tong, to pay a visit to Tok Chu (cousin of Papa’s grandfather). Stay there for 1 hr or so. Siap mandikan Iman lg kat situ. Hehhee.. Tok Chu kasi benih nenas utk ditanam.. nyum2. About 7 pm, we started our journey back home but stopped at Manir 2 visit Kak Lina n Abg Asri (Tok Chu’s daughter). Kat sane, they served us with lotsa fruits… dapnyee… n Iman sempat kasi 1 cute pose. :) Lihatlah ye…

Papa rase i'm heavy x?

On the way back, walaupun perut sudah berkeroncong n dah masuk angin, kitorg sempat mkn puyuh kat Merchang. Slurrppp…… Lps mkn, our journey continued. Dan oleh kerana our journey was unplanned, we reached home around 11.30 pm. Wah!!! Tiring… but fun!! As for Iman, she really behaved. Ala, rengek2 sket2 tuh, kire halal jela.. kalo senyap je, where is the fun??!! :P

Monday, December 15, 2008

La Favorita

Lately we noticed Iman had some preference or favorite things.

Favorita #1: Ibu n Papa
We noticed, kalo Iman with Papa, she will extremely happy n melonjak2 n main2. Papa agah skali je but she giggles meleret2 as if it was sooooo funny.. Ek eleh... But if I were there, she will start 2 rengek2 manja, landing, hugging, n buat suara sedih uhu uhu n chumel2 as if dah lame gile I x cuddle n breastfeed her. Kalo Papa amik die from her nanny, die akan expect I'll be @ home waiting for her. If xde, she will scream her lung out sampai Papa pon panic...
So, our conclusion, Ibu n Papa ade new nickname~~ iaitu...
Papa a.k.a. the Playground
Ibu a.k.a. the Bed... hahahaha

Iman with her 'nohen' face kalo main ngan Ibu. Kalo ngan Papa, I bet she'll be laughing all the way.Or perhaps yg Iman gayat naik swing...=P

Favorita #2: Play @ Nite
N lately, iman bgn tgh mlm n main sorg2. Lastnite she did the same. Usually die bgn tgh mlm sbb nak susu, then dozz off balik. This time she woke up around 4.25 gitu n play. Maybe because she had enough sleep (tdo kul 7 mlm.. awal giler) n dah fully recharged kot. Mcm2la yg die main sampai abis kosong bakul toys die. Hohoho.. Ni mesti kes dah boring sgtla because her ibu was bz sleepingggg.... When she had enough of playing, mulela merengek ngantuk die tuh n I woke up n breastfeed her till she sleeps again. It was 5.30. Means, she played for 1 hr!!! Iman, Iman...

Iman dah penat main. Nak tdo plak. Shhh...

Favorita #3: Books
Iman can flip her books!! N she shows some interests on books. Especially her 'Count & Touch' book, bought by Mak Ngah n Pak Ngah. Pasni nak belikan die buku banyak2la.. N blehla cari Bedtime Stories plak.. :) Jgn Ibu yg tdo dulu b4 Iman tdo dahla...

Favorita #4: Pitch Testing
Skang ni Iman sgtla gemar 2 test pitching die. Esp kalo die masuk kete n once the car started to move. Kdg2 bingit gile sampai Papa ckp 'Iman, dah ye'... :P Aritu lg best. On our back 2 kerteh, Papa ask her to talk, jgnla senyap sgt dlm kete. Skali, die kuarkan suare die yg merdu tu n start 2 test her pitch non-stop!! Papa geleng kepale je. Well, Papa, u asked for it. Hihihi...

Favorita #5: Car Ride
Iman sgt suke berjalan. Maybe because she had been on the move since dlm pantang lg. Naik kete je, die akan melonjak2, pusing sini sane n berdiri all the way. Kalo ade org kat blakang lgla die sonok sbb bleh 'menjelajah lebih jauh di dalam kereta'. heheheh.. Lg 1, I guess, to her, sleeping in the car lg best sbb I'll be cuddling her all the way. Manje anak Ibu nih... :)

Favorita #6: 'Gender and Age Discrimination??'
Iman kalo nampak young boys, automatically sengih2. Tp kalo young girls, dibuat xtau jek. Hmm??... But for adults, her interest totally swaps. Meaning, she prefers young boys rather than young girls and prefers ladies rather than men. Apsal gitu ek, Iman? Nobody knows. Xkesahla, asalkan Ibu n Papa are in the top rank of her favorita~~

P/S: Btw, Iman already started 2 crawl~~ n dah bleh meniti tepi2 kerusi or katil. Wah, pantasan...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travelling Month

This month has been the most hectic cum pack cum tiring but FUN month of the year!! Kl has been like our neighbour je. Our routine was -packing on wednesday nite-drove 2 kl on thursday evening-drove back 2 kerteh on saturday evening-unpacking on saturday nite. Hohoho.. Tiring? u bet!! Tp xkesahla, bknnye slalu pon. The bestest part was, mcm2la yg berlaku. Planned n unplanned. Ade gak plan yg terpakse di'cancel' last minute disebabkan hal2 tertentu. But there was just 1 simple plan yg simply cannot be cancelled. Which is....... SHOPPING!!!!... This agenda has been fixed n cannot be touched!! Okla, its not a 100% must-do activity but if I dont shop this week, means nx week tu, I shoplah..
Nway, antara contoh2 unplanned activity was mendaki Banjaran Titiwangsa di saat2 genting utk pegi ke Genting Highland.... weehuuuu... It was really unplanned. Alang2 we were passing by that area, n our original plan need 2 b cancelled, maka Papa suggest to go there. Maka kami pon singgahla sebentar. Kire mcm An Evening @ Genting Highlands gitu. Once we were up there, punyela jenuh nak cari parking. In n out kitorg mencari, sib baik jumpe after 1 hr of carpark-hunting. Oleh kerana ianya tidak dirancang, kenela bersabar dgn situasi tersebut ye.

Cepatla, Ibu. Iman nak mkn plak :)

Dan oleh kerana ianya tidak dirancang, our activities were limited to surveying whats there in the theme park n cable car ride. Kalo nakgi theme park tuh, kene plan tul2 so that our journey n $$ are worth-it-ly spent. Mane xnye, kul 4 ptg br tercacak dpn gate theme park tuh, mane sempat nak main sume. Xpe2, nanti kite plan tul2 n we go there beramai2. Ni stakat ber4, n stakat 2 org je nak naik all the thrill rides, where r the thrills?? Hehehe... Owh, btw, ber4 tuh are Me, Papa, Iman n Mak Su. Nanti kite gi lg ye Mak Su... :)
Lalu, kami pon berangkatlah ke kaunter cable car, to enjoy our ride (back n forth) on the longest cable car ride in SEA or Asia or world (oopss, telupala...). 4.5 km tuh, kot.. (oopss, telupe lg)... Cuak gak once we were up there sbb tinggiiii woooo. Tp rase mcm kat obersi je sbb kabus teramatla tebal... Sejuk... Brrrrr~~ Kdg2 ujan renyai, lebat, gerimis. N kdg2 cable car shakes bcoz of the wind.. Huhuhu, scary... Iman was soooo coool sbb she really enjoying her time over there. Siap main2 kabus n test her pitching kat tgh2 banjaran... Sabo jela.. hehehe.. Chumel2...

Ibu, sejuklaa... Brr~~

After the ride n after a scoop of ice-cream each (walaupun sejuk), we drove back 2 Kl. Pheww.... Penat bangat sih... Mlm tu, tdo awal~~~ Best2..

Nx morning, Papa awal2 pg lg dah kuar 4 golfing. We waited for Mak Ngah n Pak Ngah coming back from London while dozzing off. Hihi.. Xsaba2 nak tgk new toys n clothes they bought there for Iman. N guess what?!!! Ade suar mothercare autumn winter collection that I've been eyeing for Iman!!! woww... Best3.. Thank u!!! Xsaba nak tgk Iman pki.

Mase tgh2 sembang2 ngan Mak Ngah n Pak Ngah, diorg citer psl landslide kat BA. huhuhu... It was terrible. Bile pikir2 balik, actually, it was quite unsafe to go to Genting Highlands during rainy season. Luckily our journey went smoothly. Alhamdulillah..

Keyla.. Another entry for eid-adha will be continued l8r ya.. Gambo blum upload lg. Huhuhu...

Monday, December 1, 2008


Salam sume....

After few entries, then only i noticed. There were no proper intro bout this page. So, here u go..

What's the Add?

Who's the creator?
im_an_ibu, a family of 3 (as of today :))

Why d'u blog?
Time has passed very fast. Day in & day out sooo many things happened to the extend that my hubby & i cant even recall every single event. Kdg2 kitorg dah mixed up the sequence of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, eids, holidays and others. Apedaa!! N also, for the past 1.5 yrs of marriage, challenges that we faced were undescribable & i learnt to live my life to the fullest. N to be grateful with what we have. So, the mission of this blog is to scribble some of our memories as we walk down the aisle...~~


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