Monday, December 1, 2008


Salam sume....

After few entries, then only i noticed. There were no proper intro bout this page. So, here u go..

What's the Add?

Who's the creator?
im_an_ibu, a family of 3 (as of today :))

Why d'u blog?
Time has passed very fast. Day in & day out sooo many things happened to the extend that my hubby & i cant even recall every single event. Kdg2 kitorg dah mixed up the sequence of weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, eids, holidays and others. Apedaa!! N also, for the past 1.5 yrs of marriage, challenges that we faced were undescribable & i learnt to live my life to the fullest. N to be grateful with what we have. So, the mission of this blog is to scribble some of our memories as we walk down the aisle...~~

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