Sunday, December 14, 2008

Travelling Month

This month has been the most hectic cum pack cum tiring but FUN month of the year!! Kl has been like our neighbour je. Our routine was -packing on wednesday nite-drove 2 kl on thursday evening-drove back 2 kerteh on saturday evening-unpacking on saturday nite. Hohoho.. Tiring? u bet!! Tp xkesahla, bknnye slalu pon. The bestest part was, mcm2la yg berlaku. Planned n unplanned. Ade gak plan yg terpakse di'cancel' last minute disebabkan hal2 tertentu. But there was just 1 simple plan yg simply cannot be cancelled. Which is....... SHOPPING!!!!... This agenda has been fixed n cannot be touched!! Okla, its not a 100% must-do activity but if I dont shop this week, means nx week tu, I shoplah..
Nway, antara contoh2 unplanned activity was mendaki Banjaran Titiwangsa di saat2 genting utk pegi ke Genting Highland.... weehuuuu... It was really unplanned. Alang2 we were passing by that area, n our original plan need 2 b cancelled, maka Papa suggest to go there. Maka kami pon singgahla sebentar. Kire mcm An Evening @ Genting Highlands gitu. Once we were up there, punyela jenuh nak cari parking. In n out kitorg mencari, sib baik jumpe after 1 hr of carpark-hunting. Oleh kerana ianya tidak dirancang, kenela bersabar dgn situasi tersebut ye.

Cepatla, Ibu. Iman nak mkn plak :)

Dan oleh kerana ianya tidak dirancang, our activities were limited to surveying whats there in the theme park n cable car ride. Kalo nakgi theme park tuh, kene plan tul2 so that our journey n $$ are worth-it-ly spent. Mane xnye, kul 4 ptg br tercacak dpn gate theme park tuh, mane sempat nak main sume. Xpe2, nanti kite plan tul2 n we go there beramai2. Ni stakat ber4, n stakat 2 org je nak naik all the thrill rides, where r the thrills?? Hehehe... Owh, btw, ber4 tuh are Me, Papa, Iman n Mak Su. Nanti kite gi lg ye Mak Su... :)
Lalu, kami pon berangkatlah ke kaunter cable car, to enjoy our ride (back n forth) on the longest cable car ride in SEA or Asia or world (oopss, telupala...). 4.5 km tuh, kot.. (oopss, telupe lg)... Cuak gak once we were up there sbb tinggiiii woooo. Tp rase mcm kat obersi je sbb kabus teramatla tebal... Sejuk... Brrrrr~~ Kdg2 ujan renyai, lebat, gerimis. N kdg2 cable car shakes bcoz of the wind.. Huhuhu, scary... Iman was soooo coool sbb she really enjoying her time over there. Siap main2 kabus n test her pitching kat tgh2 banjaran... Sabo jela.. hehehe.. Chumel2...

Ibu, sejuklaa... Brr~~

After the ride n after a scoop of ice-cream each (walaupun sejuk), we drove back 2 Kl. Pheww.... Penat bangat sih... Mlm tu, tdo awal~~~ Best2..

Nx morning, Papa awal2 pg lg dah kuar 4 golfing. We waited for Mak Ngah n Pak Ngah coming back from London while dozzing off. Hihi.. Xsaba2 nak tgk new toys n clothes they bought there for Iman. N guess what?!!! Ade suar mothercare autumn winter collection that I've been eyeing for Iman!!! woww... Best3.. Thank u!!! Xsaba nak tgk Iman pki.

Mase tgh2 sembang2 ngan Mak Ngah n Pak Ngah, diorg citer psl landslide kat BA. huhuhu... It was terrible. Bile pikir2 balik, actually, it was quite unsafe to go to Genting Highlands during rainy season. Luckily our journey went smoothly. Alhamdulillah..

Keyla.. Another entry for eid-adha will be continued l8r ya.. Gambo blum upload lg. Huhuhu...

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