Monday, December 22, 2008

Unplanned again?

Pada suatu situasi selepas solat subuh...

‘Papa, why don’t u take leave today? Ke ur meeting today need ur presence? Jomla cuti, jomla…’ (with a small lil’ horn coming out from my head.. hehehehe)

Then, he took his phone n started to sms his superior.

Done!!! Let’s go to KT, then.

Erk…… Unplanned again?...

Papa rushed to guest’s room n woke up Mak Ngah Amnie n Pak Su Ariff.

‘Bangun2, kite gi KT. Kul 8 betolak’

N it was 7.35 am. Uhuk!... Sian bebudak tu, br sampai semlm, dah kene bgn awal n travel again. Hehehe…As for Iman, it’s not a problem to her because she will always be the first to get dressed up! Bertuah tul anak Ibu nih.

Gedebuk-gedebak, ngokngekngokngek, kul 9 brla siap sume. Well, u can’t expect punctuality for any unplanned. Xkesahla, asalkan we are already on the move. We even had breakfast in the car tau.

In KT, we straight away headed to Pulau Duyung, tpt Monsoon Cup tuh. N iman was sooo clever, trus yak2 when we were about 2 reach there. Clever 2 yak2? Yalor, that place has a nicee toilet for her nappy change. Bijak bijak…… camtula anak Ibu.. hehehe… While nappy changing, Wan Pa, Mak Ngah n Pak Su went to snap photos n followed by us later.

Enough of photos, we moved to Pulau Wan Man. There, we went 2 for tram ride @ Tmn Tamadun Islam for almost 2 hrs. Iman siap tdo lg during the ride. The trip was well worth it. So, if u guys wanna go there, better book for family tram coz the driver will explain about all the replicas n give opportunities 2 watch the vids. N the most important thing, xdela penat berjalan n xpanas!! Yippie.. All the vids were really informative n eye-opening, (though Iman berkeras nak kuar from the amphitheatre. Xsuke gelap kot). To me the service there was good as they give several options during the visit. U can either walk, ride on the tram or go for bicycle ride. Best2… U can find kids really enjoy their time there coz they can tour with their rented bikes.

After the visit, we went 2 Masjid Kristal 4 solah. Despite of the well-publicized mosque n its ‘talk of the town’ thing since its opening, sadly, the mosque was not well-maintained. Or, perhaps their masterpiece yg xde kualiti sgt. If u go there, u can spot molds n mildew kat situ. Seyes…

Done with the exploration, we went to Sg Tong, to pay a visit to Tok Chu (cousin of Papa’s grandfather). Stay there for 1 hr or so. Siap mandikan Iman lg kat situ. Hehhee.. Tok Chu kasi benih nenas utk ditanam.. nyum2. About 7 pm, we started our journey back home but stopped at Manir 2 visit Kak Lina n Abg Asri (Tok Chu’s daughter). Kat sane, they served us with lotsa fruits… dapnyee… n Iman sempat kasi 1 cute pose. :) Lihatlah ye…

Papa rase i'm heavy x?

On the way back, walaupun perut sudah berkeroncong n dah masuk angin, kitorg sempat mkn puyuh kat Merchang. Slurrppp…… Lps mkn, our journey continued. Dan oleh kerana our journey was unplanned, we reached home around 11.30 pm. Wah!!! Tiring… but fun!! As for Iman, she really behaved. Ala, rengek2 sket2 tuh, kire halal jela.. kalo senyap je, where is the fun??!! :P


Mak Ngah said...

Alahai,cutenye baby mak ngah ni.Brape kilo itu budak??kalo berat pun,berat diaper dia je yg lebih..aipppp!!!sori ibu.

ibu iman said...

aippp.... muke die nohen je bile naik weighing scale tuh..


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