Thursday, January 22, 2009

My two cents....

Wahahaha.... I've added Che Det's blog in my list. This is because I enjoy listening or hearing to his thoughts that really go for world peace. Recently, I prefer his thoughts coz it's no longer politically biased. Unlike those days. Huhuhu...

Just put it this way, I'll support anybody who'd go for WORLD PEACE!!!!...... Seyes...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Discovery....

As our Tuesday routine, we went to the night market. There, Mak Ngah Amnie wanted to get some satay. While waiting, adela 1 lil’ girl terjerit2 in the middle of the crowd. Luckily Iman didn’t notice her sbb Iman ni sometimes can easily get influenced by her surrounding. But eventually, Iman started to squeak. Bunyi die mcm bunyi kettle bile air dah nak masak. She started with quite a low tone n gradually moved to a higher pitch. I thought she was just making sound rupe2nye, she is imitating that girl even though die xnampak pon budak tuh. Sabo jela… Ibu, I’ve got my ears, OK?!

On our way back from the night market, Papa made a fon call to his friend. It was a long chit-chatting that came 2 1 point that Iman started to shout. This time, it’s no longer the normal tune. This time was…

Pappa…… Pappa… Pappa… N looked at Papa. Eceh… A new vocab huh?

After telling Papa bout this (sbb Papa didn’t notice it when Iman said it 4 the 1st time), he was hoping for Iman to say it again. Well, sorry Papa, u’ve missed the train!!...

Mlm tu, I noticed, Iman will call for Papa if she didn’t see him around. She called Papa when he’s in our bedroom, when Papa already left for futsal.

Iman2~~~ Anak Papa tul la...

Papa, tgkla saye..
Bestnye Papa dukung :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A tribute to....

It's very sad to see people dying or even dead with bullets all over their bodies. Babies, kids, adults.... What can we do to help? What have we done so far?

Marila berdoa utk Palestin!! Subhana man iza aro da syaiann annyaku lalahu kun fayakun, amin

Suksesss... Suksesss

To cook or not to cook...

Some say they cook because they just love to cook or have to cook. Some say they refuse to cook because its just sth that they r not good at or whatever possible reason.

As for me, I'm in the middle. Sometimes, I can be a cooking freak n sometimes I just simply refuse to do so. N the solution will be... DINE OUT!!!

But somehow, I've learnt that cooking needs passion. Without it, ur dish might end up in the bin... :P


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mcm susah je…

Itu ari saya ada msk asam pedas ikan merah. It was my 4th trial. But unlike previous trial, this time mmg 2 thumbs up (as commented by Papa). Dulu try ade je cacat celanya, which I don’t know why (:-< sigh)

N again, supaya berjaya di lain masa, maka tercatatla resepinya as below.

1 kilo ikan merah
5 chilies
10 dried chillies
4 biji bawang putih
5-6 biji bawang merah
1 inch of lengkuas
1 kuntum bunga kantan
1 cup asam jawa
3 keping asam keping
1 inch of shrimp paste (belacan la tuh)
Setangkai serai - ditumbuk
Air secukupnya
Garam secukup rasa

1. Kite mulakan with my fav part iaitu blend all these stuff together (chillies, dried chillies, onion, garlic, lengkuas n belacan).
2. Panaskan minyak n tumis blended stuff with serai n asam keping. Tumis lame2 sket sampai mcm dah merah pekat sket n dah naik minyak

3. Masukkan bunga kantan n gaul2
4. Pour in air asam jawa n tambah air as u wish. Kacau2
5. Masukkan ikan n gaul2.
6. Lastly, masukkan garam sampai sedap. Tadaaaa~~~~ Done

Quite tedious huh? Yupp, lebey kurangla. So, I only cook it once in while jek. Owh, btw, this recipe suitable for 6 persons or so. U can try it when u hav guests around. :) As for Iman, this dish is a no-no 4 u my dear. Pedashlaa… :p

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hey.. What's Cooking??

Ever heard of that show before? Dulu mase kecik2 slalu ade kat tv. Maka, lastnite adela cooking show sket di dapur saya yg chumel itu but without camera. hehehe.. Cooking has been my chores since I moved to Kerteh n apparently I’m enjoying it. Penat2 tuh, normal la but it gives u satisfaction sbb u prepared it urself. Tp sometimes, nak gak dine-out. Hehehhe…

Coming back to cooking, I’ve prepared 2 dishes last nite, for dinner. Love 2 cook doesn’t mean u r good or already an expert. Sebabnye, like myself, my 1st trial alhamdulillah menjadi. But when it comes 2 my 2nd time, ade je cacat celanye. So, I guess it’s either overconfident or telupe secret ingredients yg dicampakkan ke dalam kuali. Jd, since last nite, I managed 2 cook dgn sedapnye (as per Papa’s evaluation n appraisal.. eceh… Papa ckp sedap woooo), maka saya berazam 2 jot down the recipes. So that my 2nd, 3rd, 4th n seterusnye menjadi!! Actually, dah lame nak bukukan my successful recipes tp xberkesempatan. Btw, Papa has been my dish advisor, n sometimes my helper while I’m in the kitchen ketika I tgh kalut2. Thanx, dear!!

Owh, n also, this entry is dedicated to my fren, a working-mum yg berazam utk prepare a home made food for her son. Dan juga working mum yg lain. :)

My rule of thumb, it must be easy to prepare n easy to cook but still tasty n healthy. Cayalah…
N my dishes are………

Lala Masak Cili & Sup Cendawan!!!! Slurpppppp……

Aiseh, xsempat nak amik gambo semlm sbb we were starving mcm ape je. Tambahan pula, Cik Iman pon nak join mkn skali. Siap ketuk2 meja lg. Hehehe……

Nway, cara memasaknya adalah seperti berikut ye…

Lala Masak Cili

1kg lala
5 biji cili merah - blend
4 biji bawang besar (or sederhana besar) - blend
2 tangkai serai (small size, if besar 1 tangkai will do)
1inch halia- blend
1 sudu oyster sauce
Cooking oil
Garam secukup rasa

1. Tumiskan blended cili merah, bawang besar, halia. Masukkan serai n oyster sauce skali ye. Tumis sampai tul2 masak
2. Masukkan lala n gaul hingga sebati.
3. Letak garam n biar diorg MESRAAAA for 7 min or so!!!! N DONE!!

P/S: Tips nak sedap, masak blended stuff lame2 sket. If kering, tambah air n biar sejat balik. Since we are working mums, blend je sume, xyah tumbuk2 gune lesung. Of course it taste better if u use lesung, but time is precious my fren. N since we are working mums, tumis je sume skali. Xyah nak tumis bawang sampai naik bau, pastu br masukkan cili etc. Mau berjanggut kite dok kat dapur nanti. :)

Dish seterusnye...

Sup Cendawan

2 genggam cendawan segar
2 biji bawang besar (or sederhana besar)
2 ulas bawang putih
1 tangkai serai
Sekeping daun limau purut
Sebiji limau nipis
Garam secukup rasa
Olive oil (utk tumis)
Air secukupnye

1. Tumis bawang besar, bawang putih n serai. Masukkan air, biar sampai didih
2. Masukkan cendawan, daun limau n biar sampai masak.
3. Letak garam n perahan limau. Kacau2. DONE!!

P/S : I purposely cook this soup without chilies or pepper sbb nak suap Iman skali. N she loves it!

So, peeps, there u go. 3 easy steps to cook. Senang giler. Yg paling best, those dishes, xyah nak tgk2 sgt. Main campak2 je. Kacau skali skale jek. U can clean up while cooking.

OK ladies… Let’s get cooking!!!

Btw, will update my recipes from time to time. Kalo adela...

P/S: Hopefully, it will still be delicious for my 2nd time. Huhuhu…


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