Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something Had Happened Last Sunday

My life has changed dramatically once I got out from campus life. I got a job, met my companion, got married; have a kid n gracefully living my life. No more hunting in Kinta City on weekends, no more get-to-gather in either my room, Azra’s room or Eeja n Emy’s room chatting about merely everything. From the hottest campus gossip up to US trespassing Iraq. Wohooo!! No more going to the café for all the meals and no more strolling along the side road from our hostel to the guard house. I personally really missed those moments n a small gathering will definitely spice me up.

The wedding invitation had arrived in early February n we had been planning ever since. What to wear? When to arrive? And all the ‘this n that’. The enthusiasm had amplified just before last weekend. We were very eager to meet as this will be our 1st gathering since we graduated. So, last Sunday, after fetching Eeja’s clan at BTS, we headed to one of the halls in Cheras (I can’t recall the name). In the car, Iman n Afnan took the chance to introduce each other by fighting over the same book. Afnan had become a handsome young boy whom loves to imitate his father action. Hehehe…

In the hall, Nashwar’s clan had arrived earlier. For the 1st time I met her chubby-cheek-round-eyes Daniel. Very cute to the max. Soon after that, Azra arrived with her clan. Amirul with his cheeky face as always. Hihihi..

The newly weds arrived around 1.15 pm but Amirul had conquered the aisle. Well, kids, what do you expect? That absolutely will reminisce Emy n Izrul, I guess. After struggling with Amirul on the aisle, they precede to the dais n the rest of the wedding sequence.

Congrats to the newly weds~~

Letting them experiencing the event (as we had our times), we, the mommies were occupied with chitchatting, catching up with each other stories. Our chitchat session sizzled with all relevant gossips. It’s a must have affair, OK! Not forgetting, snapping photos with the intention to compare how much we had changed, physically ya. Hihi..

This photo was taken for the 4th time. It's very hard to put the kids in stagnant mode at the same time. Hehe~~

Enough with the cuisine, the couples started to move from 1 table to another. N of course, the event will not end until the mommies’ clan unite with the newly weds for photo session. Yeah, the couple is obliged to spend little moment with the PHAT mommies. U better be Emy, Eeja n I took leave just to attend your wedding, OK!!.. Hihihi~~ Unfortunately, Nashwar’s clan didn’t join us as they need to leave early to catch flight.

Say Cheese~~~ Peeps!!!

We stayed till 3 but there were still many things unshared. Yet, I’m overjoyed!! The event had come to an end with a splendid candid episode.. Enjoy!!~~~

Amirul : What's her name?
Afnan: Iman

Afnan: Trying to get closer?
Amirul: Am I not having any chance, at all?
Afnan: Not even close
Amirul: Gosh.. (Down)

Afnan: Look Mama, I won!!

Afnan: Hello!! Wake up la~~

Soon after that, Iman woke up. Hihihi...

Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been tagged..

Wohohoho.... 1st time nih.... What should I do ek??.... Jawab jelaaa~~~

1. Copy the "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" badge into your blog.
2. Link the award back to the tagger.
3. Every blogger must state 10 hobbies/facts about him/her before tagging others.
4. 10 bloggers must be chosen to receive the award and their names must be stated.
5. Leave a comment to those you are tagging letting them know that they've been tagged.
So, there u go...

10 hobbies/facts about

1. Not a movie tracker. I can live without movies. Seyes. When I was attached to Labuan, most of my frenz tried to scare me that there’s no cinema there. In any case, that didn’t scare me at all. The last movie that I watched in cinema was ‘What woman want’ (I guess?!!) way back in 2002 in Cape Town. I fell asleep in between. N last year, Papa bought few DVDs n I slept during the 1st show. Huhuhu… So, WTH…

2. My sambal belacan is the most delicious ever, as commented by my mom n granny. Perhaps that’s because I was a sambal belacan freak during high school. All through that, sambal belacan is a must-have dish for my lunchie n dinner. Skang dah jarang buat. But it will be my core job kalo balik kampong. Sbb my mom n granny will say ‘ sambal belacan Che Ah sedap, Che Ah buat ye’ n me: uhuk, ukkeylah.. Huhuhu…

3. I’m soooo not into cars. What I know, cars have 4 wheels, an engine, and the interior n exterior accesories. Bla, bla, bla. Bape cc, sport-rim cantek or what-so-ever will not electrify me. Even for my car, Papa did all the scouting. Just call me for the signing ceremony, k. Ahaks.

4. The only thing that I wish for but will never realize is to hav a good voice. I hav a Van Gogh ear for music. I only sing to myself n Iman. It’s good actually, becoz, I guess if I hav good voice, I might be on tv by now with all the fame n glam n bling2. Kuang3… ade hikmahnya gak…

5. People said my English is good but actually it is the opposite. My vocab is so-so. Tenses n grammar, kire blehla. N I’m still learning. So, if u ask me to teach English, let’s learn together ya. :)

6. I lurrrrveee Desperate Housewife. Ngee~~ This series mmg two thumbs up. With some jaw-dropping scenes in between, it’s really attention-grabbing. Putting all the Susan or Edie scandals aside, this series educates me about life. Especially with Mary Alice remarks at the end of the episode which knock me off n make me ponder.

7. I’m not into gadgets. Hp, iPod, Dopod, iPhone, lappy, n what so ever just don’t impress me much. My Hp dah rosak few times becoz Iman deliciously sucked it while I was sleeping but I still don’t bother to get new 1. Hohoho.

8. I’m a shopaholic, but with objectives. I buy things for reasons but my fren told me shopaholics always give reason why they buy such things. Ngee~~ I can shop whole day long. I can walk back n forth n all over the mall, trying to satisfy my quest. I know this will make Papa restless even though he didn’t tell me. Iman pon restless gak. Hihih.. I’ll be plain happy once my shopping bag is equal to my shopping list. Kalo x, it’s just a waste of my time. Saya xsuke buang2 mase nih. :)

9. I always think on the worst case scenario, what if this happens n what if that happens. When it comes to doing sth, often than I’m not, thinking about the negative thing. Bukan ape, I’m just preparing to face any uncertainties n trying to avoid it. Tu je. Xdela I feel frustrated sgt nanti. Yeah, yeah, call me a pessimist.

10. Yes, I had resigned from one of the most established company, not forgetting listed in Fortune 500. It’s not sth that I’m proud of, not at all, but it’s sth that I hav to do, career n personal wise, short term n long term wise, InsyaAllah. I hate the fact that people ask how n why I did it, for the sake of busy bodying about my story details n spread it all over with a bottle of Ajinomoto (if u know what I mean). It’s devastating n irritating when they want to resign for whatever lame reason/problems which to me those problems are actually their plain crude attitude which really2 need to be fixed individually.!!! HELLO, u’ll face those problems again n again in the future if u don’t change ur attitude, peeps. Come on la, u are all grown ups, n have good heads on ur shoulders, or else, u’ll not be a Degree holder, kan? Tolongla pikir jauh sket. These people really drive me up the wall. Well, I’m not saying I’ve made the best decision but my decision is not sth out of the blue, OK. I don’t pick this decision from any trees. It’s the toughest ever n I’m not going to cry over spilt milk, if it is. I don’t really enjoy talking about it as I hav a damn good reason why I left. I don’t regret spending almost 3 years of my life in my previous company, n I don’t regret quitting. I’m honored to face such journey, actually. Now, I’m just letting bygones be bygones n moving on with my life. I’m taking the bull by the horn n enjoying it. Cheers~~ Fuh, I guess I’ve been biting my tongue for too long to the magnitude that it became a chip on my shoulder… There you go!! Puas atik!..

Thanx Kak Ira for tagging me. :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Iman?

1, 2, shoot!

Dahla, Iman penat nih!!

Iman reached 10 months 2 days ago. She has been suffering flu n cough for almost 3 weeks but gradually improving. But last nite, she coughed quite often which made us worry n straight away went to see Paed in PCMC. Alhamdulillah, nothing much to worry coz, according to her Paed, at this stage she’s developing her antibody. She coughed due to redness at her throat as she’s struggling to fight with phlegm yg jahat itu. Overall, she’s OK in the sense that she’s tremendously active n plays as usual, eat as usual n there’s nothing that disturbed her daily routine. Lung also ok, no phlegm. I’m really satisfied with her Paed coz she’s not kinda doc that stingy when giving consultations. She explains in detail n really investigate our background before giving any advice.

The best part is no more meds. Phew… I simply hate t
o give her any. She hates it n sometimes she choked! Very dangerous wooo. Her Paed prescribed nasal spray n drops n some ventolin to clear her chest. Sket je kene bg, dlm 1.25ml twice a day. Unlike previous meds, 5ml trus. Hohohoh.

Coming back to Iman reached 10 months, time flies so fast. Last year, I’m impatiently waiting for her to reach 1 Y.O. Tup2 another 2 months to go!!.
.. Xtaula sempat ke x nak organize her bday bash. The clock is ticking..

Ibu, can I wear this band on my bday?

Nhow, recapping on her progress is very worthy of note. So, what’s with Iman at the age of 10 M.O.?

Weight : 7.5kg (relatively on the lower end but still ok)
Height : 72cm (a bit on the higher end, ikut tinggi mcm Papa nih)
No of Teeth : 1

Speech Patterns:
Her vocabs and phrases are Ibbu, Pappa, Mamma (her nanny), Tattatta, Car, Wawwa. She’s able to say it in different tones.

1. Lurveeee to play with balls or watch football (dunno why, but we r guessing coz my belly was hit by a ball during my 2nd trimester. N sometimes I accompany Papa to watch EPL. Hohoho)
2. Imitates Ibu n Papa’s action
3. Doesn’t want to eat alone. She will definitely join us for lunch n dinner n any other meals.
4. tarts to babble while others are talking, as if trying to share sth too.
5. Exaggerate when she cries

6. She giggles easily when she’s tired. It’s a sign to sleep.


7. She really enjoys when we ‘bedung’ her. Feels like a newborn baby kot.

Cepatla bedung Papa... :P

8. Really focus while doing sth.
discovering the texture of sand and seashells

1. Pause when Ibu say ‘No”, or nanny say ‘Haa, buat ape tuh?’
2. respond to own name
3. she can decide which 1 is better for her.
4. Dance to tunes aggressively

5. clapping with sounds
6. crawling competently
7. stand holding on to someone or something

8. pull up to standing position from sitting
9. wave goodbye
10. finger pincer grasp to pick things up
11. imbalance-ly walk few steps after we let her go
12. kiss hand when salam
13. pandai geram2 at sth

Her No-No:
1. Drink milk directly from bottle
2. Meds
3. Snapping her piccas (she will look away)
4. Papa holding babies
Fateh: "Hi Pak Teh"
Pak Teh : "Hi Fateh"
Iman : "Aip, ape tengok2 Papa tite nih?"

Day in, day out, clock is ticking... I'm cherishing these moments to bits!! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another two cents..

Lemah tul aaa ngan org kite nih...

Mule2 dulu, pongpang2 berkobar2 talking about boycotting Israel. Banners all over the place. Ban this product, ban that product. Alih2, after few weeks, senyap trus. Ade gak mulut2 yg ckp xyah boycott dah. Bijak sungguh…

Oleh itu, marilah berfikir sejenak. Adakah aman mereka di sana? Absolutely not! Those terrorist had been planning for this for decades, peeps. Xkanla they want to give up easily. Kite ni yg kene wake up n help those in need, OK!

There are thousands of
good n beneficial article in the net bout this. Let’s put this site in our list when we bloghop, OK??!!! Peace~~

I include this site in "Mushroom Soup for My Soul". Just to alert me to step into this site while I'm bloghopping. :)

Oooh... I wish....

This kind of feeling had appeared before Papa left for Duyung. Drowsy-loya2-feelslikethrowingup. Actually, it started with a bad n uncontrollable flu which I had after CNY hols. Medicine just wont cure anything. Dah immune kot. So I stopped taking those pills, instead, go for natural cure. In between that, I felt loya2 every alternate day. I don’t give a damn to my loyaness, coz after all, I am sick.

After a week, my flu getting better (I thought). Then, Papa left for Duyung. Unfortunately, Iman’s eyes developed byk taik mata, which I suspected conjunct (she also gets the flu). As for me, all the mucus had turned into phlegm that leads to bad coughing and mild asthma. Weird thing was, my loya2 gets worst. But I still ignore bout the loya2 thingy.

Since byk sgt sickness yg cik Ibu n Anak nih encounter during Papa absence, we went to see our family doc. Sambil2 tuh I took the opportunity to weigh Iman. Guess what!!! Her weight has gained to approximately 7.5kg. It’s BIG yeay!! as we really wished she’ll gain weight monthly. Previously, her weight was stagnant je @ 6.8kg for 2 months. huhuhu… Nway, mase jumpe doc, mcm2la yg dibebelkan which I can’t really recall explicitly. Hehehe… gedebak gedubuk, amik ubat sume n we left home soon after that.

Tiba di rumah, both of us mkn ubat2 tersebut n doze off sampai xigt dunia. Hohoho… Pak Su came home from school pon kitorg xsedar. Ok, enough bout that. My cough n Iman’s flu not an issue dah since doc dah prescribes few meds. There’s 1 thing yg still bothering me which I don’t know dr mane dtgnye. My loya2 keep coming back to the extend that I felt like throwing up. Kat ofis pon gitu. Huhuh..

Till 1 fine day, I started to crave for specific food n cepat lapar eventhough dah pelahap dgn bestnye. Hohohoho… Sounds familiar?? Pastu mulela excited semcm. Am I preggy?? Is it a boy or girl? Is it a twin? Triplets? Quadruplets? Hehehe… Ptg tuh, after fetching Iman from her nanny, we stopped at MM. With all my pride, I grab a test kit n chocolate n dried guava that I’ve been craving for. Ahaks!! Seriously, I was kind of excited to go through those experience again eventhough my gynae said I need to wait for 2 years @least (sbb c-sect) and Iman is still solely depend on my BM.

Looking at the test kit with 99.9% accuracy n can be tested at any time, I felt like wanted to do it right a way. Lg pon I really felt like throwing up quite often. Tp memandangkan that kit is a bit costly, I’ll just wait till the nx morning-lah. Tdola dulu..

That nite was really a nite!!... I dreamt of soooo many things bout getting preggy.. wahaha… the best part was, I dreamt about carrying a triplets!!!... perasannyeeee saye…:p

Pg tuh I woke up quite early. Earlier than my routine. To do the test of course!!! Maka dgn tabahnya, saya melakukan test tersebut.

Selepas beberape ketika, the result appeared… And it wassssss…………

No line… huhuhu… Sobsobsob……

Trus xde ngidam2 dah, xde selera lasum. In fact dried guava n chocolate tu remain untouched till now. As for my loya2, dah jd mcm biskut. Kejap ade, kejap xde. Sigh…… Oooh, I wish my dream comes true.

Dun be sad Ibu, u still have me n Papa!! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Piece of Cake~~

My cooking routine has changed. I no longer wake up early in the morning to cook, instead, I’ll cook after coming home from work. Only to spare 30 mins for 2 types of dishes n masak nasi. Time is limited, so main campak2 jela.

So, one of my ‘campak2’ dishes for lastnite was AYAM MASAK KICAP!!!

How to cook it?


Half chicken (cut into small pieces)
2 cloves of garlic (blend)
3 biji bawang merah besar (blend)
2 inches of ginger (blend)
1 teaspoon of black pepper (blend)
3-4 tablespoon of kicap manis Cap Tamin (secukup rasa)
2 keping asam keping
1 cup of water

1. Marinate the chicken with blended stuff, kicap manis n asam keping for 10 mins
2. Panaskan minyak n masukkan marinated stuff n stir till well-mixed.
3. Pour in water n stir. DONE!!

There u go, 3 easy steps. S-I-M-P-L-E
Xyah letak kicap or gula sbb kicap tu is inclusive with those tastes. Nyum nyum~~

P/S: Aiseh, still no picca this time. Huhuhu…

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gimme some of ur time pleassseeeeee.....


I'm soooooo dying to scribble something 'ere. Soooo many things had past but I'm yet to update 'em 'ere..... Manyak nye kilija!!!!! Haiyaaa :(


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