Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ada Apa Dengan Iman?

1, 2, shoot!

Dahla, Iman penat nih!!

Iman reached 10 months 2 days ago. She has been suffering flu n cough for almost 3 weeks but gradually improving. But last nite, she coughed quite often which made us worry n straight away went to see Paed in PCMC. Alhamdulillah, nothing much to worry coz, according to her Paed, at this stage she’s developing her antibody. She coughed due to redness at her throat as she’s struggling to fight with phlegm yg jahat itu. Overall, she’s OK in the sense that she’s tremendously active n plays as usual, eat as usual n there’s nothing that disturbed her daily routine. Lung also ok, no phlegm. I’m really satisfied with her Paed coz she’s not kinda doc that stingy when giving consultations. She explains in detail n really investigate our background before giving any advice.

The best part is no more meds. Phew… I simply hate t
o give her any. She hates it n sometimes she choked! Very dangerous wooo. Her Paed prescribed nasal spray n drops n some ventolin to clear her chest. Sket je kene bg, dlm 1.25ml twice a day. Unlike previous meds, 5ml trus. Hohohoh.

Coming back to Iman reached 10 months, time flies so fast. Last year, I’m impatiently waiting for her to reach 1 Y.O. Tup2 another 2 months to go!!.
.. Xtaula sempat ke x nak organize her bday bash. The clock is ticking..

Ibu, can I wear this band on my bday?

Nhow, recapping on her progress is very worthy of note. So, what’s with Iman at the age of 10 M.O.?

Weight : 7.5kg (relatively on the lower end but still ok)
Height : 72cm (a bit on the higher end, ikut tinggi mcm Papa nih)
No of Teeth : 1

Speech Patterns:
Her vocabs and phrases are Ibbu, Pappa, Mamma (her nanny), Tattatta, Car, Wawwa. She’s able to say it in different tones.

1. Lurveeee to play with balls or watch football (dunno why, but we r guessing coz my belly was hit by a ball during my 2nd trimester. N sometimes I accompany Papa to watch EPL. Hohoho)
2. Imitates Ibu n Papa’s action
3. Doesn’t want to eat alone. She will definitely join us for lunch n dinner n any other meals.
4. tarts to babble while others are talking, as if trying to share sth too.
5. Exaggerate when she cries

6. She giggles easily when she’s tired. It’s a sign to sleep.


7. She really enjoys when we ‘bedung’ her. Feels like a newborn baby kot.

Cepatla bedung Papa... :P

8. Really focus while doing sth.
discovering the texture of sand and seashells

1. Pause when Ibu say ‘No”, or nanny say ‘Haa, buat ape tuh?’
2. respond to own name
3. she can decide which 1 is better for her.
4. Dance to tunes aggressively

5. clapping with sounds
6. crawling competently
7. stand holding on to someone or something

8. pull up to standing position from sitting
9. wave goodbye
10. finger pincer grasp to pick things up
11. imbalance-ly walk few steps after we let her go
12. kiss hand when salam
13. pandai geram2 at sth

Her No-No:
1. Drink milk directly from bottle
2. Meds
3. Snapping her piccas (she will look away)
4. Papa holding babies
Fateh: "Hi Pak Teh"
Pak Teh : "Hi Fateh"
Iman : "Aip, ape tengok2 Papa tite nih?"

Day in, day out, clock is ticking... I'm cherishing these moments to bits!! :)


Ibu Emir said...

Yeah, 2 months to go.. kalau buat bday bash, in case mira ade kat Kerteh (eh kat Kerteh kan) im inviting myself ya. hahaha

Wafaa said...

Saya punye Iman pon batuk. Tak hilang2 lagi. Semalam appoinment follow-up. Paed kata ada kahak lagi. Tukar ubat lak. Singulair. Try 1 week, then follow up lagih. Ohooo... kesian dia :(

Wafaa said...

alaa comelnya. happy birthday in advance sayang Iman.. ahaks.. confirm I am the 1st yang wish hahaha..

im_an_ibu said...


yupp, we r in kerteh. just buzz me if u r 'ere ya. (gosh, wajib buat bday bash nih :p)


yerp, u r the 1st to wish. lucky #1. hehehe... tenkiu!! btw, Iman had fully recovered. Alhamdulillah. Hope your Iman is healthy too!!

mamaniesh said...

waaa sadly i'm gona miss dat moment:(....eventho i'm nt around,hopefully d present will let iman noe dat makngah really3 wish dat she cud togther celeb iman's 1st b'day!..eheh...for time bein i only miss one of iman's ability...#12 kiss hand while salam:)

keep updatg me then...thanks!;)


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