Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been tagged..

Wohohoho.... 1st time nih.... What should I do ek??.... Jawab jelaaa~~~

1. Copy the "2008 Cute's 3logger Award" badge into your blog.
2. Link the award back to the tagger.
3. Every blogger must state 10 hobbies/facts about him/her before tagging others.
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So, there u go...

10 hobbies/facts about

1. Not a movie tracker. I can live without movies. Seyes. When I was attached to Labuan, most of my frenz tried to scare me that there’s no cinema there. In any case, that didn’t scare me at all. The last movie that I watched in cinema was ‘What woman want’ (I guess?!!) way back in 2002 in Cape Town. I fell asleep in between. N last year, Papa bought few DVDs n I slept during the 1st show. Huhuhu… So, WTH…

2. My sambal belacan is the most delicious ever, as commented by my mom n granny. Perhaps that’s because I was a sambal belacan freak during high school. All through that, sambal belacan is a must-have dish for my lunchie n dinner. Skang dah jarang buat. But it will be my core job kalo balik kampong. Sbb my mom n granny will say ‘ sambal belacan Che Ah sedap, Che Ah buat ye’ n me: uhuk, ukkeylah.. Huhuhu…

3. I’m soooo not into cars. What I know, cars have 4 wheels, an engine, and the interior n exterior accesories. Bla, bla, bla. Bape cc, sport-rim cantek or what-so-ever will not electrify me. Even for my car, Papa did all the scouting. Just call me for the signing ceremony, k. Ahaks.

4. The only thing that I wish for but will never realize is to hav a good voice. I hav a Van Gogh ear for music. I only sing to myself n Iman. It’s good actually, becoz, I guess if I hav good voice, I might be on tv by now with all the fame n glam n bling2. Kuang3… ade hikmahnya gak…

5. People said my English is good but actually it is the opposite. My vocab is so-so. Tenses n grammar, kire blehla. N I’m still learning. So, if u ask me to teach English, let’s learn together ya. :)

6. I lurrrrveee Desperate Housewife. Ngee~~ This series mmg two thumbs up. With some jaw-dropping scenes in between, it’s really attention-grabbing. Putting all the Susan or Edie scandals aside, this series educates me about life. Especially with Mary Alice remarks at the end of the episode which knock me off n make me ponder.

7. I’m not into gadgets. Hp, iPod, Dopod, iPhone, lappy, n what so ever just don’t impress me much. My Hp dah rosak few times becoz Iman deliciously sucked it while I was sleeping but I still don’t bother to get new 1. Hohoho.

8. I’m a shopaholic, but with objectives. I buy things for reasons but my fren told me shopaholics always give reason why they buy such things. Ngee~~ I can shop whole day long. I can walk back n forth n all over the mall, trying to satisfy my quest. I know this will make Papa restless even though he didn’t tell me. Iman pon restless gak. Hihih.. I’ll be plain happy once my shopping bag is equal to my shopping list. Kalo x, it’s just a waste of my time. Saya xsuke buang2 mase nih. :)

9. I always think on the worst case scenario, what if this happens n what if that happens. When it comes to doing sth, often than I’m not, thinking about the negative thing. Bukan ape, I’m just preparing to face any uncertainties n trying to avoid it. Tu je. Xdela I feel frustrated sgt nanti. Yeah, yeah, call me a pessimist.

10. Yes, I had resigned from one of the most established company, not forgetting listed in Fortune 500. It’s not sth that I’m proud of, not at all, but it’s sth that I hav to do, career n personal wise, short term n long term wise, InsyaAllah. I hate the fact that people ask how n why I did it, for the sake of busy bodying about my story details n spread it all over with a bottle of Ajinomoto (if u know what I mean). It’s devastating n irritating when they want to resign for whatever lame reason/problems which to me those problems are actually their plain crude attitude which really2 need to be fixed individually.!!! HELLO, u’ll face those problems again n again in the future if u don’t change ur attitude, peeps. Come on la, u are all grown ups, n have good heads on ur shoulders, or else, u’ll not be a Degree holder, kan? Tolongla pikir jauh sket. These people really drive me up the wall. Well, I’m not saying I’ve made the best decision but my decision is not sth out of the blue, OK. I don’t pick this decision from any trees. It’s the toughest ever n I’m not going to cry over spilt milk, if it is. I don’t really enjoy talking about it as I hav a damn good reason why I left. I don’t regret spending almost 3 years of my life in my previous company, n I don’t regret quitting. I’m honored to face such journey, actually. Now, I’m just letting bygones be bygones n moving on with my life. I’m taking the bull by the horn n enjoying it. Cheers~~ Fuh, I guess I’ve been biting my tongue for too long to the magnitude that it became a chip on my shoulder… There you go!! Puas atik!..

Thanx Kak Ira for tagging me. :)


Ibu Emir said...

We deserve our life as it seems to be kan..

im_an_ibu said...

yerp2.. we should dictate where we want to go. :)


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