Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oooh... I wish....

This kind of feeling had appeared before Papa left for Duyung. Drowsy-loya2-feelslikethrowingup. Actually, it started with a bad n uncontrollable flu which I had after CNY hols. Medicine just wont cure anything. Dah immune kot. So I stopped taking those pills, instead, go for natural cure. In between that, I felt loya2 every alternate day. I don’t give a damn to my loyaness, coz after all, I am sick.

After a week, my flu getting better (I thought). Then, Papa left for Duyung. Unfortunately, Iman’s eyes developed byk taik mata, which I suspected conjunct (she also gets the flu). As for me, all the mucus had turned into phlegm that leads to bad coughing and mild asthma. Weird thing was, my loya2 gets worst. But I still ignore bout the loya2 thingy.

Since byk sgt sickness yg cik Ibu n Anak nih encounter during Papa absence, we went to see our family doc. Sambil2 tuh I took the opportunity to weigh Iman. Guess what!!! Her weight has gained to approximately 7.5kg. It’s BIG yeay!! as we really wished she’ll gain weight monthly. Previously, her weight was stagnant je @ 6.8kg for 2 months. huhuhu… Nway, mase jumpe doc, mcm2la yg dibebelkan which I can’t really recall explicitly. Hehehe… gedebak gedubuk, amik ubat sume n we left home soon after that.

Tiba di rumah, both of us mkn ubat2 tersebut n doze off sampai xigt dunia. Hohoho… Pak Su came home from school pon kitorg xsedar. Ok, enough bout that. My cough n Iman’s flu not an issue dah since doc dah prescribes few meds. There’s 1 thing yg still bothering me which I don’t know dr mane dtgnye. My loya2 keep coming back to the extend that I felt like throwing up. Kat ofis pon gitu. Huhuh..

Till 1 fine day, I started to crave for specific food n cepat lapar eventhough dah pelahap dgn bestnye. Hohohoho… Sounds familiar?? Pastu mulela excited semcm. Am I preggy?? Is it a boy or girl? Is it a twin? Triplets? Quadruplets? Hehehe… Ptg tuh, after fetching Iman from her nanny, we stopped at MM. With all my pride, I grab a test kit n chocolate n dried guava that I’ve been craving for. Ahaks!! Seriously, I was kind of excited to go through those experience again eventhough my gynae said I need to wait for 2 years @least (sbb c-sect) and Iman is still solely depend on my BM.

Looking at the test kit with 99.9% accuracy n can be tested at any time, I felt like wanted to do it right a way. Lg pon I really felt like throwing up quite often. Tp memandangkan that kit is a bit costly, I’ll just wait till the nx morning-lah. Tdola dulu..

That nite was really a nite!!... I dreamt of soooo many things bout getting preggy.. wahaha… the best part was, I dreamt about carrying a triplets!!!... perasannyeeee saye…:p

Pg tuh I woke up quite early. Earlier than my routine. To do the test of course!!! Maka dgn tabahnya, saya melakukan test tersebut.

Selepas beberape ketika, the result appeared… And it wassssss…………

No line… huhuhu… Sobsobsob……

Trus xde ngidam2 dah, xde selera lasum. In fact dried guava n chocolate tu remain untouched till now. As for my loya2, dah jd mcm biskut. Kejap ade, kejap xde. Sigh…… Oooh, I wish my dream comes true.

Dun be sad Ibu, u still have me n Papa!! :)


Zid said...

Ibu Iman ni bikin saspen jek laa~
my adrenaline rush tau mase bace dis entry..lalalala~
selain drpd chef,u are capable of directing saspen kinda movie..hihi
lame dah tak masak laksa asam yg u pernah turunkan ilmu dulu~
nk ngidam gakla..hihi

Mama Shazzy.. said...

me want baby too!!!

tp x sempat beli test kit, sure dah peot..


jom2 target next year. .. :)..hihihi

im_an_ibu said...

target nx yr? this yr aaa.... nx yr deliver... ahaks!!

Wafaa said...

punye la kite excited baca, tetiba "no line" :) takpe, cuba lagi. cewah, cuba lagi tu.

Anyway, take care of Iman's health and yours too. sekarang musim orang tak sihat. takut sangat bila anak sakit :(

JOELY said...

tere la che ah bercerite....saspen jer...main2 dulu dgn iman sampai puas...2 years tu xlama..pejam celik kejap jer....:)

im_an_ibu said...

yerp2, sgt isau kalo anak sakit. lg sanggup kalo kite yg sakit. huhuh

akan ku bersabar. n cherish my moment with iman dulu. :)

mamaniesh~ said...

m i missing somthg??..eheh...hope u guys doin good!:)


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