Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something Had Happened Last Sunday

My life has changed dramatically once I got out from campus life. I got a job, met my companion, got married; have a kid n gracefully living my life. No more hunting in Kinta City on weekends, no more get-to-gather in either my room, Azra’s room or Eeja n Emy’s room chatting about merely everything. From the hottest campus gossip up to US trespassing Iraq. Wohooo!! No more going to the café for all the meals and no more strolling along the side road from our hostel to the guard house. I personally really missed those moments n a small gathering will definitely spice me up.

The wedding invitation had arrived in early February n we had been planning ever since. What to wear? When to arrive? And all the ‘this n that’. The enthusiasm had amplified just before last weekend. We were very eager to meet as this will be our 1st gathering since we graduated. So, last Sunday, after fetching Eeja’s clan at BTS, we headed to one of the halls in Cheras (I can’t recall the name). In the car, Iman n Afnan took the chance to introduce each other by fighting over the same book. Afnan had become a handsome young boy whom loves to imitate his father action. Hehehe…

In the hall, Nashwar’s clan had arrived earlier. For the 1st time I met her chubby-cheek-round-eyes Daniel. Very cute to the max. Soon after that, Azra arrived with her clan. Amirul with his cheeky face as always. Hihihi..

The newly weds arrived around 1.15 pm but Amirul had conquered the aisle. Well, kids, what do you expect? That absolutely will reminisce Emy n Izrul, I guess. After struggling with Amirul on the aisle, they precede to the dais n the rest of the wedding sequence.

Congrats to the newly weds~~

Letting them experiencing the event (as we had our times), we, the mommies were occupied with chitchatting, catching up with each other stories. Our chitchat session sizzled with all relevant gossips. It’s a must have affair, OK! Not forgetting, snapping photos with the intention to compare how much we had changed, physically ya. Hihi..

This photo was taken for the 4th time. It's very hard to put the kids in stagnant mode at the same time. Hehe~~

Enough with the cuisine, the couples started to move from 1 table to another. N of course, the event will not end until the mommies’ clan unite with the newly weds for photo session. Yeah, the couple is obliged to spend little moment with the PHAT mommies. U better be Emy, Eeja n I took leave just to attend your wedding, OK!!.. Hihihi~~ Unfortunately, Nashwar’s clan didn’t join us as they need to leave early to catch flight.

Say Cheese~~~ Peeps!!!

We stayed till 3 but there were still many things unshared. Yet, I’m overjoyed!! The event had come to an end with a splendid candid episode.. Enjoy!!~~~

Amirul : What's her name?
Afnan: Iman

Afnan: Trying to get closer?
Amirul: Am I not having any chance, at all?
Afnan: Not even close
Amirul: Gosh.. (Down)

Afnan: Look Mama, I won!!

Afnan: Hello!! Wake up la~~

Soon after that, Iman woke up. Hihihi...


mamaniesh said...

comelnye d conversatn u brought up btwn afnan n amirul!!! elelele iman makngah noe u just pretndg sleepg ay!!ahaha..btw iman's so cute with d flower on!!!:)

im_an_ibu said...

eh, amnie... i translated from thier action lar.... bkn dibuat2 tau... huhuhu.... n Papa yg put on the flower. heheheh...

mamaniesh said... susah la cmtuh..kecik2 lg dh ade peminat;D...iman dear cn u plss giv one to makngah?;)


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