Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Commemorate 10th Yr of High School Graduation

High school was definitely one of several awesome journey in my life. Woke up @ 6, dressed up, had breakfast n rushed to school by 7. A 5 mins delay made us stuck in traffic n made me stand up in the late-comers’ row. Consequently, I had to do some community service; sweeping the corridor or the main hall. Wahahaha… To make it worst, some junior came to me asking what on earth was I doing. N my simplest n shameless answer was, “ Akak tgk tpt nih kotor sgt, sbb tu akak sapu”. Eceh ;)

Anyhow, my high school was fun. Being in a single-sex school was even better as u can do anything without worrying about the perception from the guys. Hohohoh… Stories from my frenz whom went to co-ed school really became my nightmares. I don’t think I’m blunt or even strong enough to go through any annoying tease from the boys. Xsuke, xsuke~~

1 Lily, 2 Daisy, 3 Orchid, 4 & 5 Lily. Those were my classes. My circle of frenz kept on changing but my gang was definitely a finite. Mel, Shuhada, Aisyah, Zalina n Zureen. I was once being told that my gang is kinda elite, which I often wonder from where on earth they got that info. All of us came from a normal family, we didn’t have personal drivers to send us to school. In fact, we had to walk about 1km to reach the bus station n took the town bus back home, ok!!! Perhaps those people who’d said such thing was just sooo jealous with my gang~~ Pity u!!

Nway, I’m blessed to hav such dear frenz n we still keep in touch. This year commemorates our 10th year of high school graduation. N we have been frenz for 15 years. Or even more!!! Cheers~~

Chasing for different dreams, going for different path didn’t stop our friendship. Along the way we had several get-together but never had the chance to hav a complete crowd. The last time we had everybody’s presence was on my wedding in 2007.

Back in 2007: Main campak2 bunge japs~

This year, after nearly 2 years, the history repeats. We reunited during Zureen’s wedding in Ulu Kinta. This time, there was a bigger crowd (got the chance to meet Aisyah’s fiancé). N of course with the presence of my love ones, Papa n Iman. :)

Ibu, where's the bride?

We arrived around 12.30 n stayed for almost an hour. Few chit-chats n catching up stories, met Bedah, Puteri n Izza (owh, she’s married; with a son). Photo session is a must!!

L-R: Shuhada, Mel, Zalina, Iman, Ibu Iman, Puteri, Bedah, Aisyah

The dishes look yummy~

We didn’t stay for long cause Iman got restless n some of us started to disperse. We left with our must-do event, our compulsory shot. Hihihi...

Iman: Aiyaya, Ibu. Aren't we done yet? :P

Anyway, congrats to Zureen n Hasnan!!! InsyaAllah, we shall meet again this June for Aisyah’s wed. See ya~~


Ibu Emir said...

yes, exactly, it bring back those memories.. and seeing that everyone is happy with our new life, make me even happier and grateful cos im one of them too..

anyway, dah lame nak cakap kat u.. i mati2 ingat Iman is a boy.. huhuhu until one of your entry mentioned about the girlie stuff. hehe sorry

im_an_ibu said...

wohahaha.... auntie mira nak kene babab ngan iman nih... hehehe.... actually, mmg ramai yg igt iman boy. so, we plan to keep her hair long. unfortunately, she's a puteri lilin. br semlm she had a hair cut. huhuhu.... lg nampak boyish... kuang3...

mamaniesh said...

lol hair cut again???aduhh~

anyhow iman as always: cepat buhsan...:)


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