Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To wean or not to wean

As I’m expecting, my supply had decreased extraordinarily. Iman’s Paed suggested giving FM as she needs more nutrition daily. We r in the midst of introducing Iman with FM. Had tried Mamex Gold (soy-based) but she seems to dislike it. Next is Enfagrow A+ with Vanilla flavor which she can take it, initially but now, she just refused to drink from bottle. With all the trouble, I prefer to continuously breastfeed as it is more convenient and Iman will love it, undoubtedly.

Papa is very reliable when it comes to pregnancy. As what he used to do, he again enrolled me in the BabyCentre.com, continuously remind me for the check-up (I’ve yet arrange for any appointment) n not forgetting my pills!!! Ahaks~~

Nway, this what he got from BabyCentre.com

Is it safe to continue breastfeeding while pregnant?

Expert Answers

Jan Barger, lactation consultant

Absolutely! Millions of women through the ages have breastfed during pregnancy and continued to nurse an older child along with the new baby.

Many mothers have questions about how this works and whether nursing while pregnant could trigger premature labor or take nutrients away from the unborn baby. They may find that healthcare professionals are sometimes quick to recommend weaning — but if so, it's worth asking why. It's possible that the doctor or practitioner hasn't really researched the topic of nursing while pregnant.

There's a link between nursing and labor contractions, but it's not worrisome. Oxytocin is the hormone that's released when your baby suckles; it causes your milk to let down. Oxytocin is also what triggers labor contractions (and is the hormone that's released during orgasm).

The amount of oxytocin that causes milk to flow is a lot less than the amount of oxytocin that's needed to cause labor contractions, though, so there's no need to worry. One exception would be if your healthcare practitioner has put you on "pelvic rest" (no breast play, no intercourse) for preterm labor; if this is the case, then weaning will be necessary.

You don't need to be concerned about your unborn baby receiving enough nourishment while you're nursing his older sibling, either. Human bodies are amazing. They can maintain their own health and make milk for a newborn and provide adequate nutrition for his fast-growing sibling. You might be hungrier because of all this work, though — so go ahead and enjoy that peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

That's not to say you'll continue nursing without any changes. You may find that your nipples become tender again (like they may have been when you first started nursing). Your milk supply might go down a bit, and the taste of your milk may change (your nursing child will probably be quick to let you know!).

Sometimes an older child will wean himself during mom's pregnancy; sometimes the mother decides that she'd rather not nurse as her pregnancy progresses or that she wants to wean before the new baby comes. And some moms believe that nursing both siblings will help the children get closer to each other. It's your decision, so whatever you choose to do — enjoy!”

Hmm, weaning is necessary but I choose not to totally stop her from breastfeeding. Well, I guess I need to slowly teach Iman to drink FM n not to solely depend on my BM. Our trials were not really successful but we shall take 1 step at a time. U can do it, Kak Long Iman!! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I’m back, Ibu, Papa!!!

After 4 days of fighting with the sickness in the ward, she had regained her energy. Alhamdulillah.

About to leave our 4-days suite. N off we go~~ Weee

On our way back to our home, sharing apple with Ibu

I was still on leave on the next day, just to closely monitor her recovery. Still weak upon the discharge, but she showed some improvement. She started to eat n play but kept to the minimum. She slept quite often than before but that’s ok. “I’m still in my recovering period, ibu”. As long she managed to smile n respond to our jokes, commands n conversation, I’m more than happy.

She can easily smile nowadays~

Later this weekend, she enjoyed eating which I’m really delighted to see such improvement. Played as usual - enjoyed reading – giving fast response when we have a chat. N she’s getting more jovial than before. Alhamdulillah.

Ibu, Papa, I’m back!! Lalala~~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iman’s Birthday Celebration Theme : Hospital

16th April: This week we traveled to KL for her lil’ birthday celebration. We made plans for a simple doa selamat among family members (Papa’s side) in Klang, a lil’ cake but with a feast of food. Ok, basically the arrangement was not for her alone coz there are several April babies in the house. Among others, Moyang, GrandPa, MakSu Lydia and Nona Long.

The journey started on Thursday evening, after office hours. To arrive early, we took the short-cut which is also a winding road. Iman showed several sign of vomiting but managed to survive until we reached Gombak. Papa had set earlier to dine at Moyang Wan’s. There, Iman looks ok. She even wanted to play with PakLong Nami & PakSu Haiqal, monitored by MakLong Ela. She was active as usual n we left her with them in the hall as we approached to the dining. Owh, MakLong gave a Bday pressie for Iman. Thanx, Ela!!

Done with our meals, we joined the crowd n Iman walked several steps, excitedly. Suddenly, she started to throw up. Not once or twice but more than 5, until she started to cry & became weak. I supposed she had gagged every single thing that she had consumed before n during the journey. :( Soon after, we proceed to Ascott n she slept all the way. Tired, perhaps.

17th April: In the morning, her temperature spiked to 38 Deg but she still showed responses in breastfeeding. She just refused to eat. After giving some med, she recovered and we played as usual. We even went to the pool!!! She explored every single inch of the pool, swimming n splashing. Except, I noticed that she became too clingy. My simple assumption, several new faces in the room, MakNgah n MakSu who had came earlier that morning. Auntie Shazzy came by as well. Nhow, our guests came with gifts!! Best2… Iman had opened her pressies there n then. Best3… Thanx MakNgah, PakNgah n Auntie Shazzy!!!
Opening pressie from MakNgah n PakNgah~~
Casper the Caterpillar!!! (with wiggly eyes!!!)

Opening pressie from Auntie Shazzy~~
Quilt Blanket!!! (Cantik Bangat!!)

Iman 'ciwik'ing her pressies~~

Later that afternoon, we decided to see the Dr at TTMC as I also showed some symptoms of expecting. Iman was diagnosed tonsillitis that led to fever and food no-no. Her tonsil was swollen with white spots that made her difficult to swallow anything, even her own saliva!! Dr. suggested giving her ice cream to reduce the swollen. N we gave her 1st-time ice cream right away!!! Hehehe… N she enjoyed it to bits~~ Implementing Dr’s suggestion, we bought ice cream cake for her. Nice...

Iman's Bday's Cake~~

Once reached Klang, we were busy getting ready for the event. N of course, the Bday Girl too!!! She played actively but easily got cranky. After the doa selamat, I offered her to breastfeed as she was crying all the way but she moved away within few minutes. She refused to eat n drink. Sigh~~ She cried amongst the hours n looked a bit weak. She just hung either on me or Papa. Nobody else. There were a bunch of crowds trying to cheer her up but it came to no avail. Cranky Bday Girl.
Around 10 pm, she opened her Bday pressie n showed some interests to play but she just felt very weak. So, we took her to bed instead. Managed to put her to sleep but she woke up an hour later. She refused to sleep, eat n drink. She just cried n became grouchy. N we failed every single attempt in pleasing her. We had to cut her cake earlier (it supposed to eat it the next morning) so that she can eat the ice cream. Papa made farleys for her. We played with her, read her books, put her back to sleep, just name it but it just didn’t work.

18th April: Around 2.45 am, she managed to get some sleep. Too tired, I guess. She slept with empty stomach and it lasted until 4.30. She started crying and I tried to breastfeed her. She latched after a few shots n she dozed off again. She woke up after 1 hour n vomited all. Around 6, she went back to sleep while breastfeeding. Struggling, she managed to sleep until 8.30 where she got up n vomit again. Pity her. She had lost her energy during her vomit n crying period. N it was her Bday.

Later that morning, Papa decided to bring her to the specialist in PKSMC. She became weaker and just leaned on us. There, the Paed gave 2 options either to stay in the hospital or he provide with all the medication for our journey back home but need to send her to nearby hospital in Kerteh. Huh? In either cases, she needs to be hospitalized.

So, we decided to send her to PCMC as her Paed is there. N yes, Iman was hospitalized for the 1st time on her 1st Bday. In the ER, her ENT specialist had confirmed she suffered tonsillitis only, not affecting her nose n ear. Later, the nurses struggled to put on her drip, we were transferred to her room n she was changed to her party dress, the hospital gown. Our party had just started.

After putting on her drip

Playing with her Bday pressie from TokNgah n NonaYong

21st April: Iman is still admitted n today is the 4th day. Previously, her temperature fluctuated from 37.9 to 39.8 Deg C. That had made for a longer stay as her Paed really wants to monitor her closely. Yesterday, she went for urine and blood tests to confirm no other viral infection. Alhamdulillah, the results were negative.

She’s still on medication but the good part is, since last nite, her temperature had reduced from 38.9 to 37.2 Deg C.

This morning, she’s still weak but managed to eat, drink, smile n play a lil’ but she needs to rest in between.

She’d been sleeping from 8 pm lastnite to 8 am this morning. After having breakfast n morning bath, she dozed off again.

We r really looking forward to see the old, active, bubbly Iman in a flash. Now, she is soo the opposite. :’( Hangin on there, dear. Ibu n Papa will always be with u, will always love u~~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Approaching April 18th: “The grieve: The happiness: The blessings: The blissful: The fate: The unforgettable”

18th April 2004: Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji’un... My grandfather, Allahyarham Ibrahim Bin Kechil passed away of lung cancer.

18th April 2005: Marked the 1st year my beloved grandfather passed away.

18th April 2006: Marked the 2nd year I’ve lost my grandfather.

18th April 2007: Marked the 3rd year of his leaving. I’m not even married at this point of time...

18th April 2008: Alhamdulillah... Fasihah safely delivered Nur Iman Humayra Bt Mohd Alham. And it also marked the 4th year of Arwah Hj Ibrahim left our family.

11th April 2009: Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji’un... Fasihah’s Ayah Long, Yahya Bin Pada passed away of liver cancer.

18th April 2009: InsyaAllah... We are going to celebrate Iman’s very First birthday. Yeayy!! But it also marked the 5th year that I’ve lost my Arwah Atok... Not forgetting, marked 1 week of the demise of Ayah Long. Sob sob sob... :(

The time had passed really fast. Can’t imagine how blissful Allah has been to me as He had bestowed Iman in our life, to reminisce the absence of my late grandfather. And unintentionally without realizing it (until the moment I typed this entry), we named her Iman, starting with the same capital letter ‘I’ of Arwah Atok’s name, Ibrahim.

She has been the apple of our eyes since the 1st day we knew her presence in her mom’s womb. And I really thank You Allah, for the great gift of my life... SubhanAllah... Indah sungguh percaturan mu Ya Allah...

“Ya Allah... Semoga Kau berilah cahaya keimanan mu kepada anakku Iman dan semoga Iman akan menjadi anak yang solehah, baik budi pekerti dan berjaya dalam kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat..

Ya Allah... Kau cucurilah rahmatMu dan Kau tempatkanlah Arwah Atok dan Ayah Long bersama para-para Anbiyak dan orang-orang yang beriman.. Sesungguhnya Kau Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengampun... Amin...”

AL-FATIHAH to Allahyarham Haji Ibrahim Bin Kechil & Allahyarham Yahya Bin Pada

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nasi lemak… Nasi lemak… lima posen satu~~~

Sungguh rajin memasak kebelakangan ini? Mungkin. Sudah lebih dua minggu dapur xberasap secara konsisten. Selepas kerja, bergegas membeli bahan2 yg tiada di dapur. Antaranya, santan, timun, bawang. Yg lain semua cukup.

2 cawan beras yg siap dibasuh, sekotak kecil santan (santan asli tiada), beberapa hiris halia, beberapa biji lada hitam dan daun pandan dimasakkan bersama-sama. Perlu digaul dari masa ke masa untuk mengelakkan ketidaksebatian. Siap.

Sambal tumis ikan bilis dimasak seperti memasak masakan sambal yang lain. Telur direbus dan timun dihiris. Papa membantu menggoreng ayam. Terima kasih Papa.

Seusai membersihkan diri dan solat maghrib, kami memulakan agenda makan kami. Iman pon turut serta dgn ekspresi dan aksi yg pelbagai. Sedap? Mungkin.

Cuaca amat sejuk dek hujan yg seharian turun. Nasi lemak yg sgt kaya dgn santan mempercepatkan mata menjadi berat dan kuyu walaupun badan masih bertenaga. Semasa menyusukan Iman, saya terlena sehingga pukul 12. Leher sakit kerana tersalah tidur. Kalut. Belum solat, belum basuh pinggan, belum mengemas rumah, belum mengemas beg utk perjalanan ke KL, belum basuh baju dan lipat kain. Semua belum. Bangun sahaja, Papa beritahu, baju sudah basuh dan sidai. Bergegas ke ruang makan dan dapur, semuanya sudah kemas. Terharunye~~

P/S: My 1st trial to write in full BM. Fuh. Heard an advertisement in IKIM.fm on Bengkel Penulisan Novel Islam by Faisal Tehrani. Sounds interesting. One of the possible activities if I decided to stay at home, full-time. Care to comment??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As simple as a plate of spaghetti…

It has been a while since my last post about recipe. I’ve successfully cooked few new dishes weeks ago but updating the recipes ‘ere came to my forgetfulness. Among all are ketam masak cili which is super delicious. Nhow, there will be no excuse for this time. You better be!!

So, there u go, I’d cooked a plain, simple spaghetti which almost everybody knows about the how-to’s. But nvm, I’m jotting this down with the hope that I will produce the same output nx time. N amazingly, it took around 30 mins for me to prepare n cook (minus the housekeeping ya!!). Previously, I took 1 hr. Well, saya xsuke buang2 mase nih :P

Nway, how I did it?

Ingredients (eating for 3)
Minced meat (can’t remember how much I put it)
Tomato paste (2 small cans)
Onions (diced it)
Grated cheese
Tomato (diced it)
A pinch or two of mixed herbs
Spaghetti (half packet)
2 spoons of vege oil
Salt to taste

My way~~
1. Heat the oil & pour in minced meat n diced onions. Leave it well-mixed for 15 mins.
2. Boil half pot of water n soak the spaghetti. Put on 1 teaspoon of oil n salt and leave it till cooked.
3. After 15 mins, pour in diced tomato n tomato paste n mix them with mixed herbs n salt
4. Leave it for another 10 mins or so n serve with grated cheese on top of it (while it’s still hot). U’ll notice the cheese melted right away~~ Mouthwatering…

What makes my spaghetti yummy (not like b4)?
1. No button mushrooms (Papa said it taste better without ‘em)
2. Not too much of oil
3. Not too much of mixed herbs (I’d tried pouring 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs, n it tasted soooo herby, I’d tried not putting any, n it tasted so pale)
4. I poured grated cheese while serving, not mixing it while cooking
5. The spaghetti was well-cooked, xkeras n xlembik sgt, even Iman kept on asking for more.

P/S: Still no piccas sbb there’s a number of craving moms out there~~ (Eceh, mcm sedap sgt… hihihihi)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As Papa arrived...

Iman didn’t show any sign of excitement when we picked her up at her nanny’s. Her expression was rather blank, wonder where on earth this man was for the past 9 days. She didn’t refuse when Papa wanted to hold her, but she looked confused. In the car, while I was holding her, she repeatedly took a peek at Papa, as if wondering “is that really Papa?” Cute, huh?

At home, we unpacked Papa’s stuff n she helped out. Papa really shopped during his outstation period. All the things that I included in Papa’s shopping list were there!!! Siap ade extra lagi.. Yippie!! The best part is, Papa bought me Co*ch!!! 2 pieces lg. Best2…

Iman should be the happiest baby in the world. Papa, without any guilt, grabbed any clothes that he felt adorable for her. N it was uncountable!!! But there’s 1 piece that really make me want 2 tubit2 her when she wears it. Geram tgk…

My 1st swimwear~~

N a toy for her is a must…Hehehehe.. N her eyes really illustrate how much she welcomed her new frenz..

Regardless of all those stuff, I’m tremendously happy as Papa arrived. ;) Can’t imagine if the trip was longer. Huhuhuh… Xde souvenir pon xpe, as long as Papa is safely back.

Owh, 1 more thing. Iman really behaved when its ubat-time. (She was caught with flu n cough since Papa left). She sat quietly n patiently on Papa’s lap n opened her mouth when we pointed syringe n swallowed the meds. Senang gilerr… No more screaming n we don’t have to hold her very tight n force her to open her cute mouth. Good gurl~~ Hope this will last for a long time. Hihihi…

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MySuperKids.Net SchoolBreak Special

Anda cuma perlu menempek poster di bawah di blog anda, dan link-kan poster itu ke http://mysuperkids.net dan nyatakan serba sedikit tentang contest ini.

1.Nyatakan blog kegemaran/daily dose/inspirasi anda. Tuliskan sedikit background tentang blog itu. Apa saja blog yang anda paling suka, kalau anda suka blog MySuperKids, tuliskan saja tentang blog ni sedikit sebanyak.
2.Nyatakan kenapa anda suka/terinspirasi dengan blog tersebut.
3.Berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk blog MySuperKids supaya lebih menarik berinspirasikan blog yang anda nyatakan tadi. Kalau pilihan anda adalah blog ini, just berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk improvement.
4.Kalau tak pandai tulis panjang2, tulis satu ayat pun cukup.
5.Kalau anda tak ada blog, boleh isikan saja di ruangan komen di entry ini.
6.Jangan lupa inform saya kalau dah buat & sertakan link ke entry anda sekali

I guess I was a bit late to join this contest. Tp xpe. I still want to ‘join’ coz I find it interesting, not with the intention to win the prize. (LOL, ayat menyedapkan hati).

Well, bloghopping is interesting too!! Above all, when it comes to reading the entries and realizing how interesting the world is. Life is not monotonous. It’s filled with ups and downs!!

Nway, back to the contest, frankly I don’t have any but I have specific blog I must hop in daily & hopping for new entries. Ngehehehe… I don’t think I should highlight which blog sbb I didn’t get any consent from the blog owner. Do I personally know the owner of the blogs that I hop in? Not at all but 1 thing for sure, I enjoy reading their entries.

Blog 1: No title for every entry but she started with a quote from anybody/any movies/any songs etc. kewl~~ Most of the entries are kinda out-of-the-box (to me) n often than not, makes me nodded with her points. Not an ordinary blog. Man, she has a good head on her shoulder.

Blog 2:
She took some of her time to sit back n bersyukur with what she has. She might be sexy/xtutup aurat/slalu marah2 or whatever u think she is, but she spend some of her time to be grateful to Allah, surroundings or anything in the world. Hmm, I should to that from time to time. Bersyukur~~

Blog 3: He shared his opinion n kisah2 motivasi about life. He updates about M’sia & world’s current situation; from the biggest issue to the tiny miney things that we often take for granted.

Cadangan utk MySuperKids,net menjadi lebih menarik.
Urm, just keep it your way, dear. Blog entries should be personalized to your own views, thoughts or anything that u want 2 share. To me, u already hav ur style, xyah nak tambah2. It should be “Mommy Lyna’s way!!” If ade yg xsuke with ur entry/blog, sila klik butang X at the top left corner of your PC screen. Abis citer. Hehehe…

What happened during our CNY holidays??...

This entry requires me to recall every single thing that happened during our CNY holidays. (Wah, lamenyeee~~) A stretch 5 days of holidays had allowed us to hav several unofficial family gaths.

Day 1: Friday 23rd January 2009
Our journey started on Friday. We reached KL around 12 n meet our lawyer straight away. Done with that, we hung about at Mak Ngah’s at Ampang while Papa n Pak Su when for Friday prayers. Mak Ngah shared a wonderful good news. Best gilerr :)
After prayers, we went out for lunch n stopped at PCMC to visit our frenz, Nizar n Azie n her newborn baby, Maryam Nadirah. Chumil giler anak die n baik je. Iman as usual, felt like she was left out coz Azie n I were busy talking about her baby. Mulela die climbing up n down, crawling here n there. Sabo jela.
Lil' Maryam Nadhirah

We didn’t stay for long n headed for Klang sbb Pak Su xabis2 tanye bile nak sampai Klang. Rindu kat Wan Pa n Grand Pa la tuh tp xnak admit. Hehehe..

That nite in Klang, most of the Othman’s clans were there. Mmg havocla satu umah. Kids were running here n there, adults chit chating, catching up stories. Rase mcm mlm raya plak. N as usual, Nek Uda n Nek Chu will be preparing superb dishes for dinner. Lg2 ade fresh fish yg Grandpa bwk from Labuan. We ate as if there will be no tomorrow… huhuhu

Day 2: Saturday 24th January 2009
We were just hanging around n resting. We moved to Seremban in the evening n getting ready to attend a wedding reception. N again, another family gath but this time with bigger crowds. Dptla trace balik the family tree. Hehehe… Iman was relatively OK but she got cranky towards the end. Rengek2 sketla, xdela sampai menjerit2 during the event. Well, it was already 10 pm, what do you expect. After the event, we sent Moyang Teh and Moyang Andak home. Mase diorg nak trn tuh, Moyang Andak sempat ckp kat Papa ‘Baik benarla anak ko nih Am, xbising sket pon. Pelik Nek Andak tgk’… hahaha.

Then we left for home n tdo xhengat once we reached there. Iman slept with her long socks n romper. Looked like a jumper to me.. Hehe…

Day 3: Sunday 25th January 2009
We woke up very early in the morning n got ready for Ipoh. We need to start our journey very early in the morning to catch an event. Atuk and Opah organized a ‘doa selamat’ for their safely returned from Hajj n of course to welcome a new member to our family, Muhammad Fateh Dailami.

We reached Ipoh just in time. The ‘doa selamat’ supposed to start by 12 noon n we reached there around 11.54 am. Hehehe… Well, we had another gathering there. Pak Pada’s (Atuk side) clan and Cikgu Pin’s (Opah side) clan merge at 1 place. Jumpe anak Kak Ija which is 2nd cousin to Iman. Sepet eyes n chubby cheek, mcm anak Jepun tul.

By the end of the day, sume org penat sbb melayan tetamu… hehehe

Day 4: Monday 26th January 2009
Opah Uda invited us to attend her ‘doa selamat’ kat Temoh. Since Mak Tam was not feeling well (n Opah need to stay to take care of her), Mak Yong is still under confinement, Mak Ngah with her morning sickness, left only me n Mak Su as representatives from the ladies to join the event. So, we decided to let the gentlemen to go by themselves (except Fateh, of course!!). The ladies just stayed at home. Yeay!!! Resting time…

Once they arrived there, diorg trus mkn sampai telupe nak update kat kitorg yg diorg had safely arrived. Sabo jela… Dah abis mkn brla Papa terigt nak msg. Hehehe… siap update psl the dishes lg. For the record, Papa craved for Pajeri Nanas n Bubur Pulut Hitam. N unexpectedly, those dishes were there!! Splendid. Well, u know what happened when ur dreams come true, kan?! ;)

They stayed quite long as nobody had the guts to ajak Atuk balik. Hohohoh… Nhow, they managed to leave by 4 n singgah SecRec for a surprise tea party.

They had arrived after 5, just nice for tea n to surprise Mak Su for her 20th Birthday. Apo laie, menjeritla makcik tuh bile tau ade surprise utk die.

That nite, we dined out. My treat~~ hehehe… Mkn kat pakeeza je. Well, that’s the only good restaurant that we managed to get in Ipoh. Mkn jela. Huhuhuh…

Fateh: Atuk dah kenyang ek?

Lps mkn tu sume org penin2 n ngantuk gile. We assume diorg ltk kas2 dgn byknye… hoihohohho… Tp xpe, family gathering yg best tuh…

Day 5: Tuesday 27th January 2009

The last day of the holiday. Sume we started to disperse sbb takut jalan jem… Pheww, what a nice holiday!!!!
P/S: now only I can upload this entry. hihihi

Friday, April 3, 2009

2 days and counting...

I've been counting the days. This week is the longest week ever. Lil' sleep, more work plus headaches, stresses n sore throat. Iman is not feeling very well. Flu n cough n misses Papa very much. Papa will only be back by Sunday. Means, 2 days to go. Tp xpe. Looking at the bright side, I'd survived this challenging week!!... Alhamdulillah... This situation really made me realize how grateful I am n I really respect all single moms in the world. In fact, to all moms in the world!!!

Btw, this week, I've learnt soooo many things; as an employee, a mom, a wife, a member of a family n as a blogger. Alhamdulillah.


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