Friday, April 17, 2009

Approaching April 18th: “The grieve: The happiness: The blessings: The blissful: The fate: The unforgettable”

18th April 2004: Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji’un... My grandfather, Allahyarham Ibrahim Bin Kechil passed away of lung cancer.

18th April 2005: Marked the 1st year my beloved grandfather passed away.

18th April 2006: Marked the 2nd year I’ve lost my grandfather.

18th April 2007: Marked the 3rd year of his leaving. I’m not even married at this point of time...

18th April 2008: Alhamdulillah... Fasihah safely delivered Nur Iman Humayra Bt Mohd Alham. And it also marked the 4th year of Arwah Hj Ibrahim left our family.

11th April 2009: Innalillahi wainna ilaihi raaji’un... Fasihah’s Ayah Long, Yahya Bin Pada passed away of liver cancer.

18th April 2009: InsyaAllah... We are going to celebrate Iman’s very First birthday. Yeayy!! But it also marked the 5th year that I’ve lost my Arwah Atok... Not forgetting, marked 1 week of the demise of Ayah Long. Sob sob sob... :(

The time had passed really fast. Can’t imagine how blissful Allah has been to me as He had bestowed Iman in our life, to reminisce the absence of my late grandfather. And unintentionally without realizing it (until the moment I typed this entry), we named her Iman, starting with the same capital letter ‘I’ of Arwah Atok’s name, Ibrahim.

She has been the apple of our eyes since the 1st day we knew her presence in her mom’s womb. And I really thank You Allah, for the great gift of my life... SubhanAllah... Indah sungguh percaturan mu Ya Allah...

“Ya Allah... Semoga Kau berilah cahaya keimanan mu kepada anakku Iman dan semoga Iman akan menjadi anak yang solehah, baik budi pekerti dan berjaya dalam kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat..

Ya Allah... Kau cucurilah rahmatMu dan Kau tempatkanlah Arwah Atok dan Ayah Long bersama para-para Anbiyak dan orang-orang yang beriman.. Sesungguhnya Kau Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengampun... Amin...”

AL-FATIHAH to Allahyarham Haji Ibrahim Bin Kechil & Allahyarham Yahya Bin Pada

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