Tuesday, April 14, 2009

As simple as a plate of spaghetti…

It has been a while since my last post about recipe. I’ve successfully cooked few new dishes weeks ago but updating the recipes ‘ere came to my forgetfulness. Among all are ketam masak cili which is super delicious. Nhow, there will be no excuse for this time. You better be!!

So, there u go, I’d cooked a plain, simple spaghetti which almost everybody knows about the how-to’s. But nvm, I’m jotting this down with the hope that I will produce the same output nx time. N amazingly, it took around 30 mins for me to prepare n cook (minus the housekeeping ya!!). Previously, I took 1 hr. Well, saya xsuke buang2 mase nih :P

Nway, how I did it?

Ingredients (eating for 3)
Minced meat (can’t remember how much I put it)
Tomato paste (2 small cans)
Onions (diced it)
Grated cheese
Tomato (diced it)
A pinch or two of mixed herbs
Spaghetti (half packet)
2 spoons of vege oil
Salt to taste

My way~~
1. Heat the oil & pour in minced meat n diced onions. Leave it well-mixed for 15 mins.
2. Boil half pot of water n soak the spaghetti. Put on 1 teaspoon of oil n salt and leave it till cooked.
3. After 15 mins, pour in diced tomato n tomato paste n mix them with mixed herbs n salt
4. Leave it for another 10 mins or so n serve with grated cheese on top of it (while it’s still hot). U’ll notice the cheese melted right away~~ Mouthwatering…

What makes my spaghetti yummy (not like b4)?
1. No button mushrooms (Papa said it taste better without ‘em)
2. Not too much of oil
3. Not too much of mixed herbs (I’d tried pouring 1 teaspoon of mixed herbs, n it tasted soooo herby, I’d tried not putting any, n it tasted so pale)
4. I poured grated cheese while serving, not mixing it while cooking
5. The spaghetti was well-cooked, xkeras n xlembik sgt, even Iman kept on asking for more.

P/S: Still no piccas sbb there’s a number of craving moms out there~~ (Eceh, mcm sedap sgt… hihihihi)


Mama Shazzy.. said...

che ah,

i want some pleaseeeeeee....

cravinggg like crrrazyyy nowww..

tp tghari ni nk mkn sundae dulu..nyummehhh~

Wafaa said...

Wahh sedapnya.. kalau ada gambar lagi la slurpppps :)

Ini lak resepi sayee...


im_an_ibu said...

alahai, ciannyeeee cik shazzy kiter.....

pasni kene simpan sume resepi aaa, once joshua lahir br i publish. hehehe....

wafaa, dah tgk ur recipe... nyum2...


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