Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Iman’s Birthday Celebration Theme : Hospital

16th April: This week we traveled to KL for her lil’ birthday celebration. We made plans for a simple doa selamat among family members (Papa’s side) in Klang, a lil’ cake but with a feast of food. Ok, basically the arrangement was not for her alone coz there are several April babies in the house. Among others, Moyang, GrandPa, MakSu Lydia and Nona Long.

The journey started on Thursday evening, after office hours. To arrive early, we took the short-cut which is also a winding road. Iman showed several sign of vomiting but managed to survive until we reached Gombak. Papa had set earlier to dine at Moyang Wan’s. There, Iman looks ok. She even wanted to play with PakLong Nami & PakSu Haiqal, monitored by MakLong Ela. She was active as usual n we left her with them in the hall as we approached to the dining. Owh, MakLong gave a Bday pressie for Iman. Thanx, Ela!!

Done with our meals, we joined the crowd n Iman walked several steps, excitedly. Suddenly, she started to throw up. Not once or twice but more than 5, until she started to cry & became weak. I supposed she had gagged every single thing that she had consumed before n during the journey. :( Soon after, we proceed to Ascott n she slept all the way. Tired, perhaps.

17th April: In the morning, her temperature spiked to 38 Deg but she still showed responses in breastfeeding. She just refused to eat. After giving some med, she recovered and we played as usual. We even went to the pool!!! She explored every single inch of the pool, swimming n splashing. Except, I noticed that she became too clingy. My simple assumption, several new faces in the room, MakNgah n MakSu who had came earlier that morning. Auntie Shazzy came by as well. Nhow, our guests came with gifts!! Best2… Iman had opened her pressies there n then. Best3… Thanx MakNgah, PakNgah n Auntie Shazzy!!!
Opening pressie from MakNgah n PakNgah~~
Casper the Caterpillar!!! (with wiggly eyes!!!)

Opening pressie from Auntie Shazzy~~
Quilt Blanket!!! (Cantik Bangat!!)

Iman 'ciwik'ing her pressies~~

Later that afternoon, we decided to see the Dr at TTMC as I also showed some symptoms of expecting. Iman was diagnosed tonsillitis that led to fever and food no-no. Her tonsil was swollen with white spots that made her difficult to swallow anything, even her own saliva!! Dr. suggested giving her ice cream to reduce the swollen. N we gave her 1st-time ice cream right away!!! Hehehe… N she enjoyed it to bits~~ Implementing Dr’s suggestion, we bought ice cream cake for her. Nice...

Iman's Bday's Cake~~

Once reached Klang, we were busy getting ready for the event. N of course, the Bday Girl too!!! She played actively but easily got cranky. After the doa selamat, I offered her to breastfeed as she was crying all the way but she moved away within few minutes. She refused to eat n drink. Sigh~~ She cried amongst the hours n looked a bit weak. She just hung either on me or Papa. Nobody else. There were a bunch of crowds trying to cheer her up but it came to no avail. Cranky Bday Girl.
Around 10 pm, she opened her Bday pressie n showed some interests to play but she just felt very weak. So, we took her to bed instead. Managed to put her to sleep but she woke up an hour later. She refused to sleep, eat n drink. She just cried n became grouchy. N we failed every single attempt in pleasing her. We had to cut her cake earlier (it supposed to eat it the next morning) so that she can eat the ice cream. Papa made farleys for her. We played with her, read her books, put her back to sleep, just name it but it just didn’t work.

18th April: Around 2.45 am, she managed to get some sleep. Too tired, I guess. She slept with empty stomach and it lasted until 4.30. She started crying and I tried to breastfeed her. She latched after a few shots n she dozed off again. She woke up after 1 hour n vomited all. Around 6, she went back to sleep while breastfeeding. Struggling, she managed to sleep until 8.30 where she got up n vomit again. Pity her. She had lost her energy during her vomit n crying period. N it was her Bday.

Later that morning, Papa decided to bring her to the specialist in PKSMC. She became weaker and just leaned on us. There, the Paed gave 2 options either to stay in the hospital or he provide with all the medication for our journey back home but need to send her to nearby hospital in Kerteh. Huh? In either cases, she needs to be hospitalized.

So, we decided to send her to PCMC as her Paed is there. N yes, Iman was hospitalized for the 1st time on her 1st Bday. In the ER, her ENT specialist had confirmed she suffered tonsillitis only, not affecting her nose n ear. Later, the nurses struggled to put on her drip, we were transferred to her room n she was changed to her party dress, the hospital gown. Our party had just started.

After putting on her drip

Playing with her Bday pressie from TokNgah n NonaYong

21st April: Iman is still admitted n today is the 4th day. Previously, her temperature fluctuated from 37.9 to 39.8 Deg C. That had made for a longer stay as her Paed really wants to monitor her closely. Yesterday, she went for urine and blood tests to confirm no other viral infection. Alhamdulillah, the results were negative.

She’s still on medication but the good part is, since last nite, her temperature had reduced from 38.9 to 37.2 Deg C.

This morning, she’s still weak but managed to eat, drink, smile n play a lil’ but she needs to rest in between.

She’d been sleeping from 8 pm lastnite to 8 am this morning. After having breakfast n morning bath, she dozed off again.

We r really looking forward to see the old, active, bubbly Iman in a flash. Now, she is soo the opposite. :’( Hangin on there, dear. Ibu n Papa will always be with u, will always love u~~


Wafaa said...

Iman dah baik? Cepat sembuh ye. Iman yang kat KL ni pon pernah masuk wad sebab demam panas. Get well soon ye. Owhhh Happy birthday!!

Mak Ngah said...

Sian btul tgk iman...Mak Ngah & Pak Ngah doakan iman cepat sembuh ye sayang....btw,gmbr iman kt pool ascott hrtu lupe nk bg.bole masukkan dlm blog..really miss her smile!!

mamaniesh said...

i shed tears redg dis blog...sumhow looking at iman's condition n all...hukhuk~ pity her...makngah rindu iman:(...btw happy 1st b'day iman..b strong!

im_an_ibu said...

thanx ols for ur wishes n prayers... alhamdulillah she'd recovered. :)


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