Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MySuperKids.Net SchoolBreak Special

Anda cuma perlu menempek poster di bawah di blog anda, dan link-kan poster itu ke http://mysuperkids.net dan nyatakan serba sedikit tentang contest ini.

1.Nyatakan blog kegemaran/daily dose/inspirasi anda. Tuliskan sedikit background tentang blog itu. Apa saja blog yang anda paling suka, kalau anda suka blog MySuperKids, tuliskan saja tentang blog ni sedikit sebanyak.
2.Nyatakan kenapa anda suka/terinspirasi dengan blog tersebut.
3.Berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk blog MySuperKids supaya lebih menarik berinspirasikan blog yang anda nyatakan tadi. Kalau pilihan anda adalah blog ini, just berikan cadangan/pendapat/komen untuk improvement.
4.Kalau tak pandai tulis panjang2, tulis satu ayat pun cukup.
5.Kalau anda tak ada blog, boleh isikan saja di ruangan komen di entry ini.
6.Jangan lupa inform saya kalau dah buat & sertakan link ke entry anda sekali

I guess I was a bit late to join this contest. Tp xpe. I still want to ‘join’ coz I find it interesting, not with the intention to win the prize. (LOL, ayat menyedapkan hati).

Well, bloghopping is interesting too!! Above all, when it comes to reading the entries and realizing how interesting the world is. Life is not monotonous. It’s filled with ups and downs!!

Nway, back to the contest, frankly I don’t have any but I have specific blog I must hop in daily & hopping for new entries. Ngehehehe… I don’t think I should highlight which blog sbb I didn’t get any consent from the blog owner. Do I personally know the owner of the blogs that I hop in? Not at all but 1 thing for sure, I enjoy reading their entries.

Blog 1: No title for every entry but she started with a quote from anybody/any movies/any songs etc. kewl~~ Most of the entries are kinda out-of-the-box (to me) n often than not, makes me nodded with her points. Not an ordinary blog. Man, she has a good head on her shoulder.

Blog 2:
She took some of her time to sit back n bersyukur with what she has. She might be sexy/xtutup aurat/slalu marah2 or whatever u think she is, but she spend some of her time to be grateful to Allah, surroundings or anything in the world. Hmm, I should to that from time to time. Bersyukur~~

Blog 3: He shared his opinion n kisah2 motivasi about life. He updates about M’sia & world’s current situation; from the biggest issue to the tiny miney things that we often take for granted.

Cadangan utk MySuperKids,net menjadi lebih menarik.
Urm, just keep it your way, dear. Blog entries should be personalized to your own views, thoughts or anything that u want 2 share. To me, u already hav ur style, xyah nak tambah2. It should be “Mommy Lyna’s way!!” If ade yg xsuke with ur entry/blog, sila klik butang X at the top left corner of your PC screen. Abis citer. Hehehe…

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