Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What happened during our CNY holidays??...

This entry requires me to recall every single thing that happened during our CNY holidays. (Wah, lamenyeee~~) A stretch 5 days of holidays had allowed us to hav several unofficial family gaths.

Day 1: Friday 23rd January 2009
Our journey started on Friday. We reached KL around 12 n meet our lawyer straight away. Done with that, we hung about at Mak Ngah’s at Ampang while Papa n Pak Su when for Friday prayers. Mak Ngah shared a wonderful good news. Best gilerr :)
After prayers, we went out for lunch n stopped at PCMC to visit our frenz, Nizar n Azie n her newborn baby, Maryam Nadirah. Chumil giler anak die n baik je. Iman as usual, felt like she was left out coz Azie n I were busy talking about her baby. Mulela die climbing up n down, crawling here n there. Sabo jela.
Lil' Maryam Nadhirah

We didn’t stay for long n headed for Klang sbb Pak Su xabis2 tanye bile nak sampai Klang. Rindu kat Wan Pa n Grand Pa la tuh tp xnak admit. Hehehe..

That nite in Klang, most of the Othman’s clans were there. Mmg havocla satu umah. Kids were running here n there, adults chit chating, catching up stories. Rase mcm mlm raya plak. N as usual, Nek Uda n Nek Chu will be preparing superb dishes for dinner. Lg2 ade fresh fish yg Grandpa bwk from Labuan. We ate as if there will be no tomorrow… huhuhu

Day 2: Saturday 24th January 2009
We were just hanging around n resting. We moved to Seremban in the evening n getting ready to attend a wedding reception. N again, another family gath but this time with bigger crowds. Dptla trace balik the family tree. Hehehe… Iman was relatively OK but she got cranky towards the end. Rengek2 sketla, xdela sampai menjerit2 during the event. Well, it was already 10 pm, what do you expect. After the event, we sent Moyang Teh and Moyang Andak home. Mase diorg nak trn tuh, Moyang Andak sempat ckp kat Papa ‘Baik benarla anak ko nih Am, xbising sket pon. Pelik Nek Andak tgk’… hahaha.

Then we left for home n tdo xhengat once we reached there. Iman slept with her long socks n romper. Looked like a jumper to me.. Hehe…

Day 3: Sunday 25th January 2009
We woke up very early in the morning n got ready for Ipoh. We need to start our journey very early in the morning to catch an event. Atuk and Opah organized a ‘doa selamat’ for their safely returned from Hajj n of course to welcome a new member to our family, Muhammad Fateh Dailami.

We reached Ipoh just in time. The ‘doa selamat’ supposed to start by 12 noon n we reached there around 11.54 am. Hehehe… Well, we had another gathering there. Pak Pada’s (Atuk side) clan and Cikgu Pin’s (Opah side) clan merge at 1 place. Jumpe anak Kak Ija which is 2nd cousin to Iman. Sepet eyes n chubby cheek, mcm anak Jepun tul.

By the end of the day, sume org penat sbb melayan tetamu… hehehe

Day 4: Monday 26th January 2009
Opah Uda invited us to attend her ‘doa selamat’ kat Temoh. Since Mak Tam was not feeling well (n Opah need to stay to take care of her), Mak Yong is still under confinement, Mak Ngah with her morning sickness, left only me n Mak Su as representatives from the ladies to join the event. So, we decided to let the gentlemen to go by themselves (except Fateh, of course!!). The ladies just stayed at home. Yeay!!! Resting time…

Once they arrived there, diorg trus mkn sampai telupe nak update kat kitorg yg diorg had safely arrived. Sabo jela… Dah abis mkn brla Papa terigt nak msg. Hehehe… siap update psl the dishes lg. For the record, Papa craved for Pajeri Nanas n Bubur Pulut Hitam. N unexpectedly, those dishes were there!! Splendid. Well, u know what happened when ur dreams come true, kan?! ;)

They stayed quite long as nobody had the guts to ajak Atuk balik. Hohohoh… Nhow, they managed to leave by 4 n singgah SecRec for a surprise tea party.

They had arrived after 5, just nice for tea n to surprise Mak Su for her 20th Birthday. Apo laie, menjeritla makcik tuh bile tau ade surprise utk die.

That nite, we dined out. My treat~~ hehehe… Mkn kat pakeeza je. Well, that’s the only good restaurant that we managed to get in Ipoh. Mkn jela. Huhuhuh…

Fateh: Atuk dah kenyang ek?

Lps mkn tu sume org penin2 n ngantuk gile. We assume diorg ltk kas2 dgn byknye… hoihohohho… Tp xpe, family gathering yg best tuh…

Day 5: Tuesday 27th January 2009

The last day of the holiday. Sume we started to disperse sbb takut jalan jem… Pheww, what a nice holiday!!!!
P/S: now only I can upload this entry. hihihi

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