Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A picture tells a thousand word.....

Obviously, I'm lost for words. It was such a great (domestic) vacation n I just cant translate it into words.

We went to Desa Lagoon in PD during the Labour Weekends. Alhamdulillah, our months of preparation came into reality. Really worried for any unavoidable situations. Huhuhu...

Nway, no piccas upon arrival. Huhuhu... We arrived almost to 1, unpacking, loosen up the muscles, mkn2 nasi keras yg dimasak oleh Mak Su (peace~~) n straight away to the pool in the evening.

Warming up in the pool for nx day's event!!

This picca was taken on the nx morning. Yerp, same outfit but in different pool. Lalala~~

Later, the half of the family joined n squizzed in the jacuzzi.

Higher Papa!!~~

Later that morning, we headed to the beach. 1st time for Iman to swim there. All these while, we just allowed her experiencing the sand texture.

N after a while, they decided to go for a banana boat ride. Mak Ngah n I was not allowed!! This is sooo xaci~~ Discrimination to the preggy ladies. Humh!!

Ketua Darjah giving instruction to the banana boat team

Putting on the safety jackets

N their up on the boat

Ok2, u guys r excited. I can see that :P

Ok Pak Ngah, u make Mak Ngah n me jealous enough

Papa, dont look back!!

Yerp, they r leaving u, Fateh

N the boat capsized

Yeah, u need 2 swim now
Iman n I didnt witness the joy coz Iman already fell asleep in her swimsuit. We left before they departed. Huhuhu... Luckily Mak Ngah was there to snap piccas.
Around 11.30 am, everybody's back to prepare for the BBQ.
Mak Ngah n Mak Su preparing squid sate

Sausage, corn r among the menu

N they started to grill~~

Pak Ngah: I'm the chief chef ya~~

Helped by Pak Yoep

Eaten by Ayah Chik

Ok2, Papa is the co-chief also~~

Fateh: Those lamb grill looks yummy la, Ayah Chik!!

Atuk entertaining Fateh

N Opah joined too!!

N I'm jealous, OK!!~~

I'll go to sleep, then

It was a long nap. So, Papa n I proceed with kites
Atuk was holding the almost 5 YO dual lines kite.
Papa was the 1st time flyer.

Atuk: R u ready?

Papa: Yerp!!
Atuk: Hold a sec!!

Atuk: Ok, set. Off u go!!

Papa: I'm almost a pro now

Aiseh, jatuh plak

Me trying single line kite n it was almost 500m up in the sky
I've been trying to pull the kite down for almost 15 mins!!

N get crossed with Papa's

N we were side by side!!

Mak Yong wanted to fly the kite too
N it was verrrryyyyyyyy hiiiigghhhhhh.... :P

We were picnicking until 4.30. Rest for 1.5 hrs n continueud our event with Beach Volley!!! It was very fun n such a nice view but no piccas. Sigh~~
That nite went on with our prayers n tazkirah, dinner n relaxing around. End of day 2.
Nx morning, we had breakfast at the same spot.

Sandwiches, tea, nasi goreng n some kueh

N beach volley again.
Mak Ngah was trying to spike. Managed to get through?

Atuk showing his skill

N went to the other side

N scored!! None of the opponent picked up the ball. Hehehe

Ibu, what r we doin 'ere?

So, I went sand-castling with Iman

We continueud with swimming in the pool until tired
Iman n I left earlier coz she looked so sleepy, eventhough she refused to get off the pool.
She looks very matured posing like this. Huhuhu
N we went back to our chalet to dress up. Btw, through out the vacation, Iman really showed her affection towards Fateh. But she's very jealous of him too!! Especially when Atuk hold him. Huhuhu... Camne nak ade adik nih
Sayang Fateh~~

We wrapped up with a family photo session
Badar's Family

N Alham's Family

N there you go, the end of our vacation. 3 days is very short, huh?
Looking forward for another vacation. Let's plan for Cape Town, ya'll!!~~

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

Woot woot...

Few hours to go. N I'm sitting @ home on my MC day. Weehuu... Unbearable morning sickness but I'm able to get my house clean!!. Yeay2!!... Emails keeps pouring in n thanx to the my BB that super efficient receiving all the emails. N I only reply those super-urgent emails. Sorry peeps. My head's spinning like a gasing now. Huhuhu...

Nway, let's recall. Quick 1. Papa was in Miri on our 1st anniversary. N he will be in KL for our 2nd anniversary. Great. Xpela, Iman, we'll celebrate only with the two of us, ya ;P

Am dedicating this vid & song for you, papa. :)

Happy 2nd Anniversary!! Luv u muchie3.. N I'm enjoying n cherishing our life to the fullest. May our life will be blessed with wonderful ups n downs n we shall bravely face every single challenge ahead. Wink2~~

P/S: Papa better be around nx yr, ok!?? If else, Iman n her sibling(s) will babab u. :P

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Mom’s Guide. Kewl~~ I love these

While browsing babycenter, there's 1 article that really attracts me. Specifically for busy moms out there.

Here are 50 ways to save time by doing things faster, so you can spend more time doing the things you really enjoy with your family.

1. Assemble your children's outfits when you put clothes away in their drawers. Then you can quickly grab a full outfit without having to waste time scouring the drawers for a matching shirt and pair of pants.

2. When you see a great toy on sale, buy several and sock them away for your child to give to friends at birthday parties throughout the year.

3. Give your grade-schooler a "homework box" with pencils, an eraser, a stapler, a calculator, and a ruler. Ask her to bring it to the table whenever it's time to do homework.

4. Forget about addressing your party invitations by hand. Go to the
United States Postal Service website to create party invitations that can be shipped to addresses you upload to the site. Or, have your own photo printed onto a postcard invitation at Snapfish and they'll stamp the cards and mail them for you.

5. Stock your produce drawer or a lower shelf in your refrigerator with snacks like carrot sticks and apple slices that your kids can grab without your help. Set up a similar area in your pantry with baggies full of dried fruit or graham crackers

6. Skip ironing and get wrinkles out of a shirt or pair of trousers by putting them in the dryer for 15 minutes with a damp hand towel.

7. Stop wasting time looking for things you use often, like scissors, reading glasses, or baby wipes. Stock up and keep duplicates in the rooms where you spend the most time.

8. Designate 30 minutes after dinner for cleaning — and get everyone involved in folding laundry, doing dishes, and clearing away clutter.

9. Store sets of sheets and pillowcases inside unfolded pillowcases to make bed changes fast and easy and minimize clutter in your linen closet.

10. Program the phone numbers for your favorite take-out restaurants into your cell phone so you can call to pick up dinner on the way home and avoid paying for delivery.

11. Create a file for coupons for your favorite restaurants and file them with take-out menus. Put the coupons that expire soonest at the front of the pack.

12. Set up a box for bills that need to be paid and stock it with stamps and envelopes.

13. Organize your favorite articles, parenting information, and recipes so you can find them more quickly. Place pages from online sites, magazines, and newspapers in page protectors and stash them in a three-ring binder.

14. Store your child's outgrown clothes in large plastic bins and affix labels such as "0 to 3 months", "6 to 9 months", "9 to 12 months", and so on. Once your child has grown out of a size, you can easily store the clothes, loan them to a friend, or take them to a consignment shop.

15. Set the table the night before and put items like bowls, utensils, cereal, fruit, toaster, and bread out to avoid a morning rush.

16. Shop for holiday and birthday gifts year-round. Whenever you see a great gift for someone you love, buy it and set it aside for giving later.

17. Start a monthly meal exchange program with five friends and neighbors. Once a month, cook enough for two dinners. Stash one in the freezer and take the other to meet up with the group and swap healthy, freezer-ready main dishes. Then go home with four other meals, and put them in the freezer alongside the extra one you made for your family. Suddenly you're stocked up with a variety of easy, homemade dinners.

18. Limit personal e-mail and computer time to twice a day.

19. Do all of your errands one day a week, working off a list and taking the most efficient route.

20. Hire a babysitter for a couple of hours on the weekend so you can tackle household duties and errands without kids in tow.

21. Chop all your vegetables, fruits, and herbs for the week's meals at one time so everything will be ready for cooking.

22. Add important appointments and activities to a master calendar in your e-mail in-box and set up reminders for up to one week ahead. This calendar can be shared with family members via e-mail. (Google Calendar, a free Web-based system, even sends reminders to cell phones.)

23. Sort belongings into clear, labeled bins that can be stacked and stowed so your child can easily find things like DVDs and toys without your help. Use brightly colored labels and picture labels for toddlers and preschoolers who can't read.

24. Stop by the post office before 3 p.m. on weekdays, when the long lines usually begin to form, so you can get in and out more efficiently.

25. Keep disinfecting and glass wipes in the bathroom for quick cleanups around toilets, sinks, and mirrors. You could even do a speedy wipe-down while you bathe the kids.

26. Keep a phone book in your car to avoid unnecessary calls to 411 and to quickly look up addresses.

27. Set up two folders related to your child's schoolwork — one for school notices and the other for schoolwork you want to keep.

28. Skip folding laundry and instead hang up all clothing except for socks, underwear, linens, and towels.

29. Grocery shop on the weekends or, if you don't want to waste precious weekend time, go to the store after the kids are in bed. You'll whiz through the store with much less frustration because you're not also feeling the pressure to get dinner on the table and everyone into bed on time.

30. Choose meats or other proteins that can be used for several meals during a week. A store-bought rotisserie chicken can be shredded and used for several dishes, like chicken enchiladas, homemade chicken soup, and chicken salad. Slow-cooked tenderloin can double as barbecued pork sandwiches with just a bottle of barbecue sauce. Cooked beans can go in salad, tacos, and vegetable soup.

31. Open mail with the trash can nearby so junk mail and catalogs can be thrown out immediately. Even better, sign up with a free service for reducing junk mail like the
National Do Not Mail list.

32. Keep cardboard boxes labeled "donate," "trash," or "consign" in the garage or storage closet to routinely rid your house of unused items and clutter.

33. Save time and money on routine shopping trips by buying items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, light bulbs, and batteries in twos when they're on sale.

34. Keep an overnight bag in your car with an extra outfit for each child, including diapers or underwear, nonperishable snacks, and toiletries. In the event of an emergency, messy meal, or whirlwind overnight trip, you're set!

35. Stock a binder or folder with a list of emergency contacts and household instructions for things like watering plants, pet care, and mail collection so you won't have to write everything out each time for a house sitter or babysitter.

36. Designate a cabinet in your kitchen for medicine so you'll have easy access to everything from pain reliever to bandages when and where you need them. Make sure it's secured with a child-safe lock.

37. Sort medicine into small, labeled storage bins — one bin for children's medications, one for adult cough and cold remedies, one for first-aid supplies, and so on, and keep them in the locked cabinet.

38. Tape the dosage instructions for common medications like children's acetaminophen to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

39. Splurge on a super fast-drying hair dryer and cut hair-drying time in half.

40. Keep a pack of thank-you cards in the glove box of your car or in your daily planner so you can write notes while sitting in the car or waiting for a doctor to see you.

41. Turn your hangers backward at the beginning of every season. Anything left hanging on a hanger that's still turned backward at the end of the season hasn't been worn — give it away!

42. E-mail your thank-you notes instead of sending a card.

43. Schedule your child's doctor's appointments for first thing in the morning when you're less likely to have a long wait.

44. Get rid of one bag of clothes, toys, and books for every bag that comes into the house. It means less stuff to clean up.

45. Write down or print out all-important phone numbers — for people like your child's doctor, the next-door neighbor, your veterinarian, and so on — and place the list in an inexpensive picture frame that you keep in your master bedroom or the kitchen. This way, you won't need to write out contact information for a sitter or grandparent — just point out the list, and they'll know who to call in case of emergency.

46. Fill a basket with socks and keep it near the front door so kids can quickly grab a pair. Put the shoes they wear most often next to the basket.

47. Order diapers and wipes online — no more lugging big boxes home from the store.

48. Label shelves in the linen closet so family members know where items like beach towels and guest room sheets belong.

49. Keep an assortment of greeting cards on hand, filed by occasion. You'll save time on trips to the store, and you can quickly take care of an unexpected birthday or send off a heartfelt condolence.

50. Forget sorting laundry. Wash everything in cold water.

Some of the items are not applicable now, but i'm sure it'll be handy in future, when my kids either at the same height with me, while i'm squatting down or perhaps even taller than my own heights. Yikes!!!

P/S: I'm practicing # 50 now. Hurmm, such a lazy bum-bum ibu iman nih... :p

Thursday, May 14, 2009

happy + enthusiastic + overwhelmed = I’ll make it through :)

Iman is down with fever. Again? Yeah, again n it is less than a month. It was yesterday morning when her temperature was 37.7 Deg C. N last evening, it spiked to 38.1 Deg C. Our worry was if it has to do with pharyngotonsilitis (that made her stay in PCMC for 4 days!!). She showed similar sign; refuse to eat n drink. Brought her to the clinic n the Dr had confirmed that her right ear showed some irritation.

Our time spent when meeting the Dr was stretched out. Almost 20 mins due to his euphoric response when we shared Iman’s discharge summary report. Exhaustively, he explained our concerns to the extend that we don’t know where to stop him. Hahaha~~

Alhamdulillah, Iman’s condition was not so bad. We (or should I say I?) might be worrying too much coz she doesn’t show any sign 2 wean, my supply is reducing, she’s getting more clingy than ever n all the reasons that exist in the world. The Dr was pretty cool. He explained as if there’s nothing to be worried. Nothing at all ;)

Ok, here comes the best part (for us). He noticed that Iman’s Paed would want to follow up on Iman’s weaning progress n he asked for specific reason to wean. N, I shared about my pregnancy n my supply n my worry. Ok, worry sounds a bit too much. I shared about my concern. His word was convincing. ‘Don’t stop breastfeeding, continue as usual n I’ll give u Vitamin B to boost ur supply. There r 2 types, 1 smelly 1 n another 1 is not smelly at all. U choose. But of course, the smelly 1 is more effective. Just take those pills n ur supply will be back’. N the conversation went on n on, extensively. We tried to see ourselves out but failed. Hohoho~~

However, we managed to leave. We left, happily with all the assured solutions in our hands. I’m happy as there r solutions to my dilemma. I’m not going to wean Iman until she wants to. I’m not going 2 force her, instead, I’m going to support her. I’m going every single angle in enjoying my pregnancy n raising Iman n living my live gracefully with Papa n Iman n the rest of the peeps around us.

N, I’m setting a KPI for myself for this. Just a few KPI, not too ambitious n I’m applying the SMART concept. My KPI will be
1. I shall finish reading Mayo Clinics
2. I shall khatam Quran more than once
3. I shall not even think that what I’m facing now is tough

Let’s review my KPI.
Is it S-pecific? Yes
Is it M-easureable? Yes for # 1 & 2, not really for # 3
Is it A-chievable? Yes, I believe I can do it
Is it R-easonable? Yes, need to think +ve
Is there any T-imeline? Yes, everything should be done by end of the year - until the arrival of the new member(s).

Hahaha, sounds like an OPIans? U bet!!! I’m happy. I’m enthusiast. I’m overwhelmed. & I believe I’ll make it through. InsyaAllah. Aminn~~

p/s: Last nite, I dreamt that my supply had increased tremendously. Syoknye!!! I wish it comes true. Ngeh3…

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don’t just sit there. Read!!

I am not at par with my mum. I am not even close in becoming the best mum in the world. Mother’s Day made me ponder, a lot. Hav I been taking enough care of Iman? Do I know exactly what to do at certain level of Iman’s age? Have I been teaching her a lot? Have I ever sit down n spend our quality time together n help her in discovering all the beautiful n new things? Do I have any plans for her in future?

Answering those will make me feel such a loser. Ok, I bathe her, fed her, cradle her to sleep n do the rest of the daily chores. But it’s just that. Looking back, felt like there’s nothing special that I’ve done so far. I didn’t even teach her to salam. Her nanny did! I rarely bring her for evening walk. Hummm… After work, I fetch her n start singing together in the car n once I reach home, I pass her to Papa n proceed to the kitchen. She keeps on coming to kitchen (hoping for me to play with her I guess) but I hold her for a while n pass her to Papa.

I just went blank. I am not sure whether her progression is ok or not. I am not sure what else I should do. I know zero. Well, there’s no point sitting there n grumbling, my dear! Pls do something about it. I need to read. I must read. I’ll read about raising babies, kids n anything related. I’ll read all!! InsyaAllah. Kamon2~~

p/s: another emotional entry? Kahkahkah…

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Story 1
After the Dr had confirmed on the good news, we had shared the glory with our close family, frenz n relatives. Of course, most of them happy to hear the news but of course, there’ll be a few others who reacted the other way around, which I really2 appreciate their ‘concern’ soooo much… &%^$@#^*

Peep 1: owh, don’t u think it’s too soon?
Peep 2: Hah? Nape? Xmakan ubat ke pil ke to avoid?
Peep 3: (No verbal respond but her facial expression was obviously annoying)
N few others…

Wahai peeps sekalian. Watsup? Am I bothering u with my pregnancy? Xkan? Why all the sudden showing your ‘concern’ about me when all this while u never bother pon. Pape jelah. The number of peeps whom very happy with the news is far exceed the numbers of peeps whom really showed their ‘concern’.

The same thing happened when I exclusively breastfeed Iman. Some said ‘don’t u feel like a cow now? Xleceh ke? Cukup ke anak tuh mkn? N etc, etc, etc… Yes, I’m facing a problem to wean Iman now but that’s the thing that I hav to face. Probably, it will take a long time to wean, may be not. Whatever it is, I’m facing it n I take it as an opportunity to learn. If everything runs smoothly, where’s the fun? So, pedulikla~~

Story 2
Me: Kak, bg laksa sebungkus ye
Kakak Kedai: Ok
Makcik Bagus: Saya kalo laksa, buat sendri je, xbeli kat kedai.
Kakak Kedai: Kalo mkn 1 family, bagusla buat sendri. Tp kalo mkn sorg, baik beli je.
Me : (pusing blakang n rolled my eyes)
Makcik Bagus: Saya kalo pg2 xbleh mkn mende lain. Kene nasik gak. Kalo x, xleh jalan keje.
Me : (ade aku pedulik? Annoying tull.)

Ello makcik, watsup? Did I ever ask u to pay my stuff? Xde, kan? Did I ever ask u to go to the shop n get laksa for me? Xde, kan? I’m craving ‘ere ok?!! Suke atila nak mkn ape 4 my breakfast!! Ko nak mkn nasi lime bungkus pon if that will expedite ur daily chores, by all means. Tp xyahla annoyingly tell me via ur conversation with others. Is it a sin for eating laksa for breakfast? Xkan?

Okla, mmgla x kenyang. N in fact, I added on with nasi dagang. But I need laksa 2 reduce my ‘loya’ness dulu then I can proceed with the day. Nway, do I need to explain ‘ere in detail? Xperlu, kan? Haishhh… apedaa~~

Hahaha… am I too emotional today? Xdela, just as a reminder to myself, not to be like those peeps I’ve mentioned above. Jauh2kanla. Amin~~

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm annoyed

Had experienced a situation which we felt not welcomed. Plus other things that made me felt annoyed. Tp xpe, I shall omit it from my Pentium with the hope that I won't act such way in the future. Amin~~~


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