Thursday, May 14, 2009

happy + enthusiastic + overwhelmed = I’ll make it through :)

Iman is down with fever. Again? Yeah, again n it is less than a month. It was yesterday morning when her temperature was 37.7 Deg C. N last evening, it spiked to 38.1 Deg C. Our worry was if it has to do with pharyngotonsilitis (that made her stay in PCMC for 4 days!!). She showed similar sign; refuse to eat n drink. Brought her to the clinic n the Dr had confirmed that her right ear showed some irritation.

Our time spent when meeting the Dr was stretched out. Almost 20 mins due to his euphoric response when we shared Iman’s discharge summary report. Exhaustively, he explained our concerns to the extend that we don’t know where to stop him. Hahaha~~

Alhamdulillah, Iman’s condition was not so bad. We (or should I say I?) might be worrying too much coz she doesn’t show any sign 2 wean, my supply is reducing, she’s getting more clingy than ever n all the reasons that exist in the world. The Dr was pretty cool. He explained as if there’s nothing to be worried. Nothing at all ;)

Ok, here comes the best part (for us). He noticed that Iman’s Paed would want to follow up on Iman’s weaning progress n he asked for specific reason to wean. N, I shared about my pregnancy n my supply n my worry. Ok, worry sounds a bit too much. I shared about my concern. His word was convincing. ‘Don’t stop breastfeeding, continue as usual n I’ll give u Vitamin B to boost ur supply. There r 2 types, 1 smelly 1 n another 1 is not smelly at all. U choose. But of course, the smelly 1 is more effective. Just take those pills n ur supply will be back’. N the conversation went on n on, extensively. We tried to see ourselves out but failed. Hohoho~~

However, we managed to leave. We left, happily with all the assured solutions in our hands. I’m happy as there r solutions to my dilemma. I’m not going to wean Iman until she wants to. I’m not going 2 force her, instead, I’m going to support her. I’m going every single angle in enjoying my pregnancy n raising Iman n living my live gracefully with Papa n Iman n the rest of the peeps around us.

N, I’m setting a KPI for myself for this. Just a few KPI, not too ambitious n I’m applying the SMART concept. My KPI will be
1. I shall finish reading Mayo Clinics
2. I shall khatam Quran more than once
3. I shall not even think that what I’m facing now is tough

Let’s review my KPI.
Is it S-pecific? Yes
Is it M-easureable? Yes for # 1 & 2, not really for # 3
Is it A-chievable? Yes, I believe I can do it
Is it R-easonable? Yes, need to think +ve
Is there any T-imeline? Yes, everything should be done by end of the year - until the arrival of the new member(s).

Hahaha, sounds like an OPIans? U bet!!! I’m happy. I’m enthusiast. I’m overwhelmed. & I believe I’ll make it through. InsyaAllah. Aminn~~

p/s: Last nite, I dreamt that my supply had increased tremendously. Syoknye!!! I wish it comes true. Ngeh3…


Along said...

Good 2 hear that! But just to remind when the suply c0mes back, jgn biar ia goes d0wn lg. Ramai m0ms yg 0nce suply drop then tak naik2 dh even makan vitamin ape pn. So jgn bg dia drop.rajin2 mengepam!

Mama Shazzy said...

Elo bebeh, how was the scan? dah pegi belum?

And hows Iman? Hope she's getting better..

Che Ah, nanti share la nama VItamin tu..mesti ader specific name cos Vit B mcm byk je di pasaran..kot2 doctor tu bg in its original bottle...hehehe..important to keep supply eventho i still proceed with my plan to wean off Hafiz..but bfeeding penting esp time dia sakit..confirm dia xmoh minum benda lain..

Baguslah your KPI esp the no. 2 :)mmg true OPIan...hehhehe

btw, i sempat singgah Mesra Mall smlm!!! hahaha..nakgi cucuk duit je..alang2 cab nak tunggu, i pun round la satu mesra mall..x pernah2 masuk Starbucks kt KL, i masuk Starbucks kt Mesra Mall..jakun x? tp x beli pape pun kt situ..last2 beli teh ais kt Kedai Minuman kt Food Court tu..kikiiki

Naizaitul said...

KPI?? ni mesti virus H1AR1 dah berjangkit nih...hahaha...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How many months is your pregnancy? Wish you all the best and achieved stretch target for all your KPIs! Hahahaha..

Btw, can you breastfeed while being pregnant? Just curious.

im_an_ibu said...

Yeke? Ok2, will rearrange my pumping schedule. Thanx for the advice!!

Dah2. 8 weeks now. Alhamdulillah. Mase scan aritu, iman pon ikut. hehhe...owh, Iman dah sihat. Alhamdulillah. tp teramatla clingy. penin i. hehehe...
btw, dr kasi Vit B Complex. die bg 10 bijik je. huhuhu....
Haaa, sib baik u xbeli pape kat starbucks. Harus dibabab mama hafiz nih. i'm still in boycott mode ya.. kuikuikuikui...

Tidak!!! this has nothing to do with that virus. jauhkanla!!! :p

Kak Ira,
Thanx!! Br 8 weeks. Doakan my kids hav a strong bonds with each other, just like Michiko n Noriko. They r bunch of darl~~
Nway, so far, all the Drs that i met ckp its nothing wrong to breastfeed during preggy. BabyCenter pon said the same thing. :)

Wafaa said...

nak gak Vitamin B tu.. nak jugak.. B complex ek?


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