Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A picture tells a thousand word.....

Obviously, I'm lost for words. It was such a great (domestic) vacation n I just cant translate it into words.

We went to Desa Lagoon in PD during the Labour Weekends. Alhamdulillah, our months of preparation came into reality. Really worried for any unavoidable situations. Huhuhu...

Nway, no piccas upon arrival. Huhuhu... We arrived almost to 1, unpacking, loosen up the muscles, mkn2 nasi keras yg dimasak oleh Mak Su (peace~~) n straight away to the pool in the evening.

Warming up in the pool for nx day's event!!

This picca was taken on the nx morning. Yerp, same outfit but in different pool. Lalala~~

Later, the half of the family joined n squizzed in the jacuzzi.

Higher Papa!!~~

Later that morning, we headed to the beach. 1st time for Iman to swim there. All these while, we just allowed her experiencing the sand texture.

N after a while, they decided to go for a banana boat ride. Mak Ngah n I was not allowed!! This is sooo xaci~~ Discrimination to the preggy ladies. Humh!!

Ketua Darjah giving instruction to the banana boat team

Putting on the safety jackets

N their up on the boat

Ok2, u guys r excited. I can see that :P

Ok Pak Ngah, u make Mak Ngah n me jealous enough

Papa, dont look back!!

Yerp, they r leaving u, Fateh

N the boat capsized

Yeah, u need 2 swim now
Iman n I didnt witness the joy coz Iman already fell asleep in her swimsuit. We left before they departed. Huhuhu... Luckily Mak Ngah was there to snap piccas.
Around 11.30 am, everybody's back to prepare for the BBQ.
Mak Ngah n Mak Su preparing squid sate

Sausage, corn r among the menu

N they started to grill~~

Pak Ngah: I'm the chief chef ya~~

Helped by Pak Yoep

Eaten by Ayah Chik

Ok2, Papa is the co-chief also~~

Fateh: Those lamb grill looks yummy la, Ayah Chik!!

Atuk entertaining Fateh

N Opah joined too!!

N I'm jealous, OK!!~~

I'll go to sleep, then

It was a long nap. So, Papa n I proceed with kites
Atuk was holding the almost 5 YO dual lines kite.
Papa was the 1st time flyer.

Atuk: R u ready?

Papa: Yerp!!
Atuk: Hold a sec!!

Atuk: Ok, set. Off u go!!

Papa: I'm almost a pro now

Aiseh, jatuh plak

Me trying single line kite n it was almost 500m up in the sky
I've been trying to pull the kite down for almost 15 mins!!

N get crossed with Papa's

N we were side by side!!

Mak Yong wanted to fly the kite too
N it was verrrryyyyyyyy hiiiigghhhhhh.... :P

We were picnicking until 4.30. Rest for 1.5 hrs n continueud our event with Beach Volley!!! It was very fun n such a nice view but no piccas. Sigh~~
That nite went on with our prayers n tazkirah, dinner n relaxing around. End of day 2.
Nx morning, we had breakfast at the same spot.

Sandwiches, tea, nasi goreng n some kueh

N beach volley again.
Mak Ngah was trying to spike. Managed to get through?

Atuk showing his skill

N went to the other side

N scored!! None of the opponent picked up the ball. Hehehe

Ibu, what r we doin 'ere?

So, I went sand-castling with Iman

We continueud with swimming in the pool until tired
Iman n I left earlier coz she looked so sleepy, eventhough she refused to get off the pool.
She looks very matured posing like this. Huhuhu
N we went back to our chalet to dress up. Btw, through out the vacation, Iman really showed her affection towards Fateh. But she's very jealous of him too!! Especially when Atuk hold him. Huhuhu... Camne nak ade adik nih
Sayang Fateh~~

We wrapped up with a family photo session
Badar's Family

N Alham's Family

N there you go, the end of our vacation. 3 days is very short, huh?
Looking forward for another vacation. Let's plan for Cape Town, ya'll!!~~


Mak Ngah said...

Yup,nice family vacation!!kene start pk next trip lak...coz lps ni badar's family bertambah lg insyaAllah.Sy selaku AJK persiapan sure semakin bz...huhu!!btw,treasury dh hint pasni nk wt aktiviti snorkeling lak...jaga2!!

mamaniesh said...

nk join!!!...hee~;)

Mak Ngah said...

Sedih bile baca balik our last family vacation.X sangka that was our 1st family vacation but last for maktam.tp alhamdulillah,sempat ada kenangan b4 she left us.Terkilan sbb my bb x sempat jumpe moyang(& tok long) dia...al-fatihah


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