Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I’ll never have the chance to taste that Gulai Tempoyak again

Eversince I preggy, I often crave for durian. Gulai Tempoyak is not exempted. I long for Gulai Tempoyak. Feels like I’ve not eaten that dish for ages.

During the 2nd week of last school holidays, I’m hoping for Mom to cook that dish when we were at my hometown during that holiday. But we just often dined out because of the numbers of weddings that we had to attend.

I long for Mak Tam’s Gulai Tempoyak actually. I remember sipping the kuah when Arwah Apak is around whenever we balik kampong. Just like sipping mushroom soup. I didn’t eat the content of the gulai, only the kuah. N it was soooo nice. Mak Tam always said I have the same habit as Arwah Apak, sipping the Gulai Tempoyak.

It all suddenly stopped when Arwah Apak passed away. Sipping Gulai tempoyak has no longer become my favorite. N I noticed Mak Tam seldom cook that dish. Well, I never asked for it, anyway.

During that holiday, I know my request for Mak Tam to cook Gulai Tempoyak for me is impossible to be realized. She had been very weak lately. She didn’t even have the desire for food. N she was admitted to the hospital not long after that.

1 week after being admitted, Mak Tam passed away. Exactly 1 month after our vacation in PD. I can see how sad Mom was especially when she helped to bathe Mak Tam. Me, still can’t adapt to that situation. Mak Tam had always been there all this while. She took care of us whenever Mom went for outstation. Her house is our place to turn to when my family was abroad. I remember how she excitedly struggled to cook whenever her grannies planning to come over n her food was simply mouth watering. How excited she was when we went for shopping before she left for Cape Town to visit my family. I guess everything’s coming back to me now. N I still feel as if she’s still around. In fact, I still feel Arwah Apak n Arwah Nenek are still around. Their memories are still fresh in mind. N sometimes, they appeared in my dreams. Huhuhu…

Nway, I cooked Gulai Tempoyak last nite. My first time ever.

Tasty? Ask Papa. But I know, it’ll never taste better than that Gulai Tempoyak. N I know, I will never taste that Gulai Tempoyak again. :(

Arwah Mak Tam with 1 MO Iman

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five healthy fixes for junk food cravings

I’m having a problematical appetite once I’m back to Kertih. Hohoho… what does that mean? Faham2 sendri jela~~ huhuhu…
Nhow, found an interesting article from babycentre related to food cravings which I think I should adopt.

Eat breakfast every day. You'll be less susceptible to midmorning snack attacks. A winning combination: a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice, yogurt with fresh fruit, and a whole-grain bagel or toast with jam.

My daily routine: it’s a must have event daily. I never avoid any breakfast. N now I eat breakfast more than once. I’m euww to nasi lemak, fried stuff n anything related. So, I opt for cereals with low fat milk. Sounds healthy? Hehehe…

Exercise regularly. Working out is an excellent way to curb hunger and distract yourself from cravings.

My daily routine: I never exercise. I’m not fit at all. But I have to climb stairs to get to my office @ 2nd floor. N I’ll be hell out breath once I reached my office. Hohoho… I’m unfit, indeed!!

Get the emotional support you need. The hormonal roller coaster of pregnancy can make you more vulnerable to mood swings. You may turn to food when what you really need is someone to talk to, says Elizabeth Somer, author of Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy.

My daily routine: I always share my day with Papa n watch Iman in action. That heals.

Train yourself to think small. Try a few spoonfuls of ice cream rather than a whole bowl or one square of chocolate instead of the entire bar.

My daily routine: My appetite is unpredictable. Sometimes I want to eat all. Sometimes I just refuse to. But when I hav the desire, I always take large amount n don’t finish it up. I’ll train myself to think small for this case.

Substitute healthy stand-ins for your cravings. See our list below for a few suggestions.
Instead of Ice cream
Try Nonfat frozen yogurt or reduced-sugar ice cream
Instead of Can of cola
Try Mineral water with fruit juice or a squeeze of lime
Instead of Doughnut or sweetened pastry
Try Whole-grain bagel with jam
Instead of Slice of cake
Try Low-fat banana-nut or zucchini bread, or angel food cake topped with fresh strawberries
Instead of Sugar cereals
Try Whole-grain cereal or oatmeal topped with brown sugar and cinnamon
Instead of Potato chips
Try Low-fat chips, homemade popcorn, or pretzels
Instead of Try Sour cream Nonfat sour cream or nonfat plain yogurt
Instead of Sundae toppings
Try Fresh berries or sliced bananas. If you crave crunch, throw on some crispy rice cereal.
Instead of Canned fruit in sugar syrup
Try Fresh fruit or unsweetened frozen fruit
Instead of Chocolate
Try Hot cocoa made with nonfat milk. Or make some trail mix with raisins, dried fruits, nuts, and a small handful of chocolate chips.
Instead of Cookies
Try Graham crackers. Add a little peanut butter for pizzazz.
Instead of Cheesecake or other creamy dessert
Try Small slices of cheese on whole-wheat crackers, or low-fat rice or vanilla pudding

My daily routine: I enjoy eating fruits, cereal, low fat milk. No junk food but I seem can’t resist Maggi Mee!!! Owh, it’s soooooo tempting!!!! I can see the packets calling me whenever I saw them on the shelf. Jahat sungguh mereka. I’ve eaten 3-4 packets so far during my 1st trimester. Is that bad?

P/S: Semlm saya mkn durian. Sgt sedap!!!!! Ni sume Papa punye psl. He really influenced me. Hehehe…

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tee hee~~

Lazy strikes whenever I took a long leave. The intention in pursuing my dreams becomes clearer n more determined. We were on our way home after a long balik kampong trip n Papa easily feels sleepy if Iman n I fall asleep. Well, there's a research saying that drivers fell asleep easily if all the passengers are asleep. So, I don’t blame Papa. Especially with LPT’s condition; no cars, too straight, too hot n all the too’s!!!

My head swung right n left n hurt my neck. N Papa, with his red eyes started to wake me up. ‘Ibu, jom sembang’. 2 signs showing that he was sleepy.

We scouted for topics. If we talk about UTP, it’s a hell cheery topic. But too much of it will get us bored, I guess. As if that’s the only thing that we enjoy. Hey, life is far beyond uni memories, peeps!!! Hehehe…

So, we talked about future. Our career plans. He shared his n I’ll follow his idea. The sooner the better!!! I’d shared about mine n Papa agreed. Nice, thanx hun~~ Can’t wait to move to a place nearer to our family. Can’t wait to stay in our own house n start decorating. Can’t wait to watch the kids grow gracefully. (As if Iman is not growing gracefully now. Huhuhu...) Can’t wait to pursue my dreams. Can’t wait to face the challenges. N the key word to succeed is DETERMINATION.

U can do it, bebeh. All the best!! :)

p/s: We went to waterfall, weddings, hospital, beach, relatives house to meet cousin's new born baby during the holidays but no piccas. Hahahaah… I’ve been very lazy to take out my camera lately. Is it because of my pregnancy or perhaps I’ve yet printed out any photos since our 1st honeymoon n it’s just weaken the process in having more digital photos. Perhaps I should get a film-based camera, just like the old days. Hahahaha…

another p/s: I asked my mom will she ever come to our place any sooner before we moved out? n she asked, 'Alham dah nak transfer ker? My simple answer, 'xla, saje berangan'. Hehe
It's nice to keep on dreaming. That makes me on the go!! Hehehe...


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