Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hear me…

Hear me…

Let me nag. Let me whine. Let me mumble to myself. I’ve been doin this for the past 6 months. Serious. I know I can’t simply boycott everything but I’m doin my best. It’s hard. It is. So, I only boycott those who are directly link to the culprit as listed in here.


I simply love the smell of my Lancome Miracle and Hugo Femme. Those are the only smell that I adore and suit me. The rest just make me choke, if I wear it.

N my stock is reducing. But those brands are directly link!!!

Perhaps I should change to One Drop Potion, instead. But it comes with 8 different scents. I just want 1. Can’t I just get 1 scent? Sigh.


I’ve not eaten McD for the past 6 months. Serious. Goin there make me feel guilty to all the women n kids. Seeing their faces with blood n bullets really hold me back. I prefer not to eat the scrumptious Chocolate Sundae or even my favorite Oreo McFlurry eventhough Papa had offered. I prefer licking Split!!

But, its double cheeseburger is far more delicious than A&W or Burger King. Nothing can compare. Its sooo tempting n my craveness just can’t resist.

Some friends told me that our McD is not linked to culprit. Of course they’ll say that. But of course the profit will be sent to the HQ.

Some friends told me currently, they put a pause into it. Gencatan senjata. So, it’s ok to eat. But don’t tell me, if they want to fight tomorrow, they will start to raise fund today.

Nhow, I donated RM12 for them to buy the bullets to kill my relatives. Just to ease my crave. :((


When Papa went to London, I told him not to go to SelfFridges. Huhuhu

But Papa bought Victoria Secret while he was in US. Hohoho… Papa nih!!!
Lucky me, Coach is not listed there. Wink2...


I don’t go to Starbucks. So, boycotting them is not an issue.


I try not to buy Huggies or J&J products for Iman. Only if there’s nothing left on the shelf n only those things exist, we’ll buy them.


Papa asked me to join Facebook. But I don’t feel like doin so. Because I don’t think I can manage the account. I have Friendster, Tagged, n few others n now all my accounts look like a haunted house. Yes, I can trace all my family n friends from Facebook but I’m just not into it. Getting connected with my old friends especially my Labuan colleagues is such a groovy idea. Huhuhu… But the email about the creator of the social site n how it links to the culprit really holds me back. I’m not sure about the truth but I’m reluctant.

But today I felt different. I was facebook-ing using Papa’s account (as usual) but the ability to track all my relatives n friends is sooo persuasive. I mean, my Dad is there, siblings, ol’ colleagues n my ex-boss (gosh, I really2 miss them).

Looking at the photos of ‘em having chit-chat session had made me soooo jealous of them. I wanna be there too, people. N my ex-boss was there too!! Yes, I miss my ex-boss. My 1st boss n I’m not kidding, ok!!

Previously, I was so numb while browsing Papa’s account. Nothing had impressed me. Similar to any other social sites. Ok, there are many other extra features but I don’t even bother. What fascinates me? THE CROWD. Definitely. I mean, you can find anybody there. If my ex-colleagues are reading this, OK, i mean you, people!!!! I miss u guys but not the work. Hehehe..


Hmm, where am I heading? I think I’ve hated the culprit too much to the extent I can’t afford to just disallow them to enter my life. Owh, wait. Are they entering my life anyway?

I’m so confused now. So guilty. N I feel hopeless. Huhuhu… N I may sign in FB one day. Or maybe not.

Aaaaaa.... What's got into me today???? If Iman can read this, I'm sure she'll sing Annie r u ok? to me. Hahaha....

Gosh, she's adorable. She loves to imitate us lately. Feels like wanna tubit2 her now. Do u know that she can do no-no sign with her finger when we say no-no n show no-no to her? Cutie to bits!!!

Ibu, r u ok? R u ok, r u ok Ibu? hahaha... (Obviously, I'm not. I'm changing the topic in a blink!!)


shazzy said...

woopsie!! alamak che ah..i feel guilty mentioning abt my craving for cheeseburger the other mmg mcD je yg ader cheeseburger yg best..

i think brg mereka that i'm still using are Huggies..and mcD (the cheeseburger, fries & sundae..only they can provide the tastiest!) huhuhu..i found better replacement for J&J product since Hafiz cam allergic to benda we're using Sebamed and Gamat Healin nyer toiletries..

didnt know that FB is linked to mereka juga. forgive my ignorant..heehuu..i join je, tp nampak nye jadik sama cam account friendster..berkurun2 baru nak pun jarang check apatah lagi account2 ade Twitter pulak..tunggu masa je nak jadik hit plak kt sini..maciam2..

xper Iman..jgn risau..ibu OK tu..hehehe

im_an_ibu said...


xde papela, not ur fault. let's blame McD. sape soh die buat cheeseburger, fries n sundae sedap2 n @ the same time berkomplot ngan those culprits. serampang 2 mate punye jahat!!! sheeshhh...

can u believe that i really miss Mary? hohoho... seyes babe. n u, naja, sue, emma, bob, chiam n hanafiah... hohoho..

sbb tula i feel like fb is calling me every now n then. huhuhu...

FdausAmad said...

Gua rasa papa pun kena delete FB account..Mark Zhukerbeck is one of them anyway..

Blogger also is belong to Pyra Labs.Pyra labs is belong to Google.Google is belong to Surgey Brin.And Surgey brin is one of them..

shazzy said...

che ah, i miss 'em too!!..especially considering how sucks the ppl in my new organisation is..i guess, we're lucky to start workng with those ppl but somehow unlucky jugak that now i ended up working with ppl who are very very disrespectful towards others...nak wat camner..t's not like i can choose who i wan to work with..:((

im_an_ibu said...

gud job bote. u've made me feel more guilty now!! ade yg xupdate blog nanti...

im_an_ibu said...


dun worry, u'll work with somebody nice one day~~


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