Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sedap at AFC Channel

2 dishes were prepared yesterday for our lunch. 1 new recipe & another one was my 8th attempt, if I’m not mistaken.

Everytime I bought lala, I’ll definitely cook Lala Masak Cili, again. So, yesterday I tried sth new.


Lala Masam Manis Ala Cina My Style…

Actually, I followed the recipe of Lala Masam Manis n Lala Goreng Cina n I combined both. Hohohoho… More often than I’m not, I alter the recipe. Simply because if I religiously follow the recipe, it didn’t turn out the way it should be. (Or perhaps, I’m just lousy at it)… Hahaha…

Blablabla, here goes the recipe.

1 kg of Lala
3 tablespoon of chilli sauce
3 tablespoon of tomato ketchup
1 spoon of soy sauce
Onion (blended)
Garlic (blended)
1 inch of ginger (blended)
Daun limau
Lemongrass (slice)
2 spoon of olive oil
Salt to taste

1. Heat olive oil and fry blended stuff with lemongrass until fragrant.
2. Add lala n stir until well-mixed
3. Pour in chilli sauce, ketchup n soy sauce n salt. Leave it for 5-10 mins. Done!

Another dish ---- Kerabu Daun Selum

1 bunch of daun selum
1 spoon of kerisik
Ikan bilis
2 chillies
Lime juice
Salt n sugar to taste

1. Chop the daun selum n slice the onion.
2. Blend or tumbuk ikan bilis, chillies n kerisik (similar to sambal belacan method)
3. Mix all ingredients in a bowl n adjust the taste.

Done. Nice~~~

N as usual, no piccas. Seriously, it slipped out of my mind. Huhhu…


Ibu Emir said...

che ah, bile nak reveal ur sambal recipe?

im_an_ibu said...


my sambal trial slalu xmenjadik!!! hahaha... n never consistent. once purrfect, i'll share yaa~~ wink2


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