Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where has Iman go?

Iman dulu...

I can say that she’s 80% ready to be a big sister. Albeit I bet she still wants to manja2 with me n Papa. It’s ok for me.
  • She shows good responses to smaller kids n loves to kiss her ‘adik’ either when we asked her so or willingly do so. But only to ‘adik’. She only kiss Ibu n Papa when she wants to. Xleh paksa2. Penah satu mlm tuh, I told her to “Kiss Ibu” n she showed the no-no sign. Haish… sabo jela…
  • She loves shopping time and gets very excited once we r in the mall. But she hates trying new outfits. Everytime we call her to try, she definitely runs away. Maybe because she went through a series of ‘ciwik’s n made her had enuf with trying new clothes. Hohohoh…
  • She just loves to eat. Any food can be hers. She eats during her meal time, n also eat during our meal time. N she eats in between that too!!! Sampai perut die boncit n until we asked her to stop. Now, routinely, we feed her before berbuka n during buka time, she joins us. She tries every single item that goes through our esophagus mengalahkan those who fast.
  • She understands our instructions and requests which make our life easier. But I’ll definitely feel much better if I know her requests. Right now, it’s more like trial an error to guess what she wants. Huhuhuh… but it’s ok as she’s in learning to talk mode now.
  • She has become Papa’s shadow. She just follows Papa wherever he goes.
  • It’s ok to leave her alone now as she can play alone. No need to be right beside her n watch her play. Can leave her alone to go to bath, cook n doing other chores. But!!! Need to tell her what we want to do. Can’t just run away from her. Clever girl…
Gosh… are u my Iman? Where is the lil’ girl who was too dependent in having me by her side, 24/7 of breastfeeding, refuse to eat, not in good terms with other kids or babies n easily became jealous..? Time really flies so fast. Yeah, I guess she’s ready to be a big sister. N, I have to accept that… :)

Yeah, this is me now, Ibu.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do u hav anything that u want to do or to have but there must be sth that holds u back?

I always want to sew.
I love to sew embroideries n do beadings.
I love to see a collection of clothes with various patterns n styles.
N cute buttons are just too tempting to grab.
I want to learn quilting n knitting.
I’d love to make a baju kurung for Iman n myself n baju melayu for Papa.
I want to smock n make 1 smocking dress for Iman.
I wish I hav a sewing machine, a complete set of sewing accessories n anything in between…

But I just don’t have the time to do all those n no space to keep them…

Sungguh xbersyukur, kan?
Xpe, what I want to do now is to grab anything that is nice on the shelf whenever I saw them. Buttons, pretty materials, books etc. Make some collection of those stuff n try to find the time. Sbb once u hav all the materials, u’ll make the effort to produce a masterpiece. Xdela when u hav the time br terkial2 nak cari all the materials. Don’t give excuses ye…

I love to see make ups in the magazine.
Lipsticks, eyeshadow, blusher, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner n anything in between.
Isn’t it nice to have a collection of it?
I already hav it but I bet it’s already expired sbb I bought it more than 2 years ago!!!
Even if it's not, takut nak pki sbb it may affect my skin.
I always want to put my make up on, be it at home, to office or to any place in the world.
But I don’t really know how to ‘paint’ myself. N I don’t think I have the time to do it in the morning before going to office. In fact now, I’m getting lazier to put on my lipstick. Heheheeh…

Or should I start with applying beauty products n repair my complexion first?
Hmm… isn’t it nice to have a collection of beauty products to apply before go to work, after office n before dozing off?
Well, that’s the least I can do.
Or should I depend solely depend on my natural beauty yg not so beauty ini? Hohohoho… ;P
I want to bake...
A cake, cookies, cupcakes or anything in between.
But I need to grab an oven first.
Also mixer, mold, weighing scale n anything in between.
Pastu, grab all the ingredients; flour, sugar, vanilla essence, n all the deco.

But if I were to grab all those, do I hav enough space to keep it?? Blablabla~~~
Tp menarik gak if I can prepare my own kuih raye. Atleast, no more kuih tunjuk for this yr. hihihihi…

Well, again. Nothing will happen if I just sit ‘ere, aight?. I need to get started. Jom2~~
Mari menjahit-cum-make-up-cum-baking… lalalalala…

Monday, August 17, 2009

Whenever I get bored...

I always make a change....

If at home, adela ruang2 yg di'make-over'kan... Our rooms, halls, kitchen, curtains. N my bestest partner to execute all the changes as planned is of course...(drum rolllLLL) Papa!!! Cik Iman is always there to help, (or to disturb) n get excited with all the movements. Hahaha... She is such a bodyguard to us.

But this time is different. I'm bored with my blog layout. It looks so lame. Dahla content die pon byk yg merapu. I'd changed the layout for few times but I'm still not happy with the output. I guess it's just not me. Hohohoho.... N I'd try to change the template n it affects the whole arrangement, which makes me feels like ARGHHHH!!!! n have to redo all over again, which is very time consuming n yet not satisfying. Hahaha... I'm such a fussy. Yeah, call me that.

I've ever think of hiring someone to design my layout but the unsatisfied output really worries me. So, I just grab some free blog templates from TCBOTB . Senang. It does not interrupt my settings pon.

Previously, I chose Pieces of Heaven because of its pink-purplish theme. I've used it for quite some time.

Then, few weeks ago, I'd changed to this...

Lola.. But I dont think this is me... huhuhuh
So now, I'm considering several other templates like....

Cute Crops. Very cute n lively n purplish.
But it's more towards the teenage-life.
U are no more a teenager, Ibu. Hahahah

This is Clover Vineyard.
Nice but too melancholic & soft. Hahaha...

Certainly Plum is certainly nice.
Looks simple yet chirpy, purplish n greenish & everything is nice.

This is cute. Baby Girl Hands n Feet.
Suitable for Iman je. Xaci for her brother plak. Ngee

Bravo to Burgundy!!!!
Bravo Burgundy reaalllyyyy catch my eyes.
Just lurveeee the tones... Just like my wedding theme. Wink2...

It's called Celebrate the Season.
Looks cool n simple.
But very gloomy, n melancholic...

Rustic Dots don't go along with me.
Me not a fan of polka dots n not a fan of huge ribbons.
But the color is nice.

The snowflakes look very messy.
Owh, no wonder. It's Messy Snowflakes!!! :p

Asyik purple je. Perhaps I should go for Blue for a change.
Like a Blue Lady Bug.
But it's polka dotty with huge ribbons!!!
N besides, is blue lady bug ever exist???

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers let him go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
Choose a template by its hoe.
If the template cant let go,
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

Hmm... Which template will win my heart~~~ I've shortlisted it to Bravo Burgundy n Certainly Plum. Or perhaps, not all of above. Hahahah.... Buang karan je layan Che Ah nih, kan??

P/s: Pasni, whenever I get bored, perhaps I'll do some make-over to myself, to change my style. Wah!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I’m trying very hard to keep my feet on the ground, at least one foot…

Sunday started with our normal routine. Iman, chirpy as usual, jumping on the bed, do some acrobatic stunt n rolling over, playing peekaboo n anything in the world. Get out from the room, switched on to PHDC for Pocoyo n Little Einstein. She just loves the songs, enjoying it with claps n her dance n always make me smile endlessly. Dropped Papa at his office, we sang n clapped in the car n later, sent her off to her nanny. Then, my turn to go to work.

Everything was normal except, hearing her nanny’s daughter coughing really bad n her voice really sounded like having a bad sore throat. I discussed with Papa via Skype, SMS or whatever means about this issue (while we were in the office), referring to health info from MOH but nothing much can be done. We just need to take care of our personal hygiene n pray for the best. It’s not that we are having any of the symptoms but being categorized in the high-risk group really makes us worry. Iman is very young n I’m preggy.

Later that evening, at her nanny, his son was lying around n coughing his lung out. N Iman was sleeping nearby. Scaryy~~~!!!! Then only I was informed that he’d been sick since last Thursday with on n off of high fever, cough n sore throat. They took him to see Dr few times but the Dr said nothing to worry. N that made me went to my 1st level worry.

Well, I showed my pity n her nanny added, her hubby also had been on high fever. There n then, it became my 2nd level worry!!! (Her nanny really talks a lot, u know!!)N later told me that her daughter also faced the same prob. Erk~~ I freaked out at once!!!

That disease had made me went blank n it continues for most of these days. Uncountable event n it became preys on my mind. I had to take leave the next day or perhaps till the end of the week.

I woke up blankly. I just can’t think for how long I’ll be taking leave, what about next week, what’s my plan n don’t bother to think of my leave balance n the pile of work that awaits me in the office.

But yesterday, we decided to send Iman to a nursery. Yes, she’ll show her true colours when she’s among strangers. But I just have to keep a straight face n our problem solved temporarily. For this week only, ok, as nx week will a full house for the nursery. N I can’t send Iman to her nanny. She was on high fever too when I called her yesterday. Huhuhuh…

Alhamdulillah, she was ok with all her new friends. But became cranky while at nite. I had to doze off at 2 am lastnite n just couldn’t figure out what went wrong with her. N today, both of us woke up with black eyes. Huhuhu…

P/S: owh, she fell down yesterday n left a mark on her cheek. Hohohoho!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

10 days is tooo long my dear~~~

Been counting the days. Hoping for weekends to pass very soon. N yeah, it had passed. Alhamdulillah…

Had to send Iman to her nanny’s for half day so that I can grab sth to eat during weekends. My fridge is almost to empty. Hohohoho… Shopped for 30 mins, had a battle with the kitchen until 12 with a victory; home-cooked dishes for lunch. The house was still up side down but don’t even bother to clean it up yet. Must fetch Iman first!!!

Get cleaned up after the battle n rushed to Iman nanny’s. She was happily playing at the veranda; very shocked to see me arrived. ‘Why Ibu come so early???’ Without looking back, she rushingly grabbed her bag n stopped playing. There’s no place like home, huh?? :p

She was in a good mood that day. Perhaps because I’m not working.

Saturday was the opposite. Cranky n grouchy. Refused to eat n sleep. Huhuhu… Kept pointing for things that she wants but put it away once she got it. Nothing can please her, simply nothing. Huhuhu… grrr~~~ Managed to put her to sleep, for an hour. Woke up happily but back to her previous behavior within a minute. Me, just need 2 deal with it. Layan jela~~~

Only one thing can please her. Papa…

How come Papa still not 'ere, Ibu?

Nway, Papa will be back tomorrow!!! Yeehuu~~~ after 10 days dealing with rigs, grease, oil, hot sun, slow internet connection, small cabins n anything in between… Really wonder how Mamashazzy can survive. Wonder how some wifey or moms can stand a long distance relationship, only got the chance to meet their hubbies on monthly or bi-weekly basis or when opportunity comes with the kids to take care with. Perhaps they r bionic women while I’m just plain spoiled!!! Hahaha…

Yeah, i think u r spoiled, Ibu!!! ;p

Can’t wait 2 c u, Papa!!! Can’t wait 2 c Iman happily-shocked face when she sees Papa…

P/S: While u were away, I've been thinking of a short vacation, just like our honeymoon time. But this time with Iman, of course. Amacam, Papa??? Wink2~~~

Ibu: Can Papa?
Papa: Urm, let me think...


I found this after been searching up n down...
I know I have this picca but cant really recall where I parked it n how it looks like...

Iman with Arwah Mak Tam, her moyang...
Iman was chubby back then with her Raya outfit. N Arwah looked healthy too~~

Saturday, August 1, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with TOYS Contest

Iman is asleep n leave me with the opportunity to bloghop, surf n read emails. N there comes an email from MomBloggersPlanet about Cutest Baby Contest. I’d missed most of the contests. I only knew about it when the result is out. Hahaha… Am I the last to know or am I the last to check the emails!!! :p

I guess, I’m among the 1st today… :PPPP So, I’m ready to join!!!

Nway, speaking of toys, Iman has a collection of it. From teddies, animal’s soft toys, balls, playgym, kitchen set, teether, books (can u consider as toys as well), musical box n u name it.

But the 1st toy that had become her playmate is Mr. Green!!! She was 4 M.O back then. She loves it the minute we gave it it for her. Unlike her soft toys that took her quite a lot of moments of familiarization. Hehehe… Mr. Green is a teether, a very soft teether. Unlike her Pinky (another teether), which is a bit hard n difficult to hold.

Mr. Green has it all. Easy to hold, very flexy, n chewy as she started teething during that time. Owh, we called it Mr. Green coz it’s green. Huhu… It’s a must-have thing in Iman’s traveling list. The only thing to make her occupied when we travels, shopping and while I’m cooking. Yes, Mr. Green is very handy n such a great pal.

As we are always on the move, we’d encountered several near-misses in losing Mr. Green during our transition mode. From our house into the car, from the car into Iman’s stroller n vice versa but we’d noticed it. Unfortunately, we really lost it while unloading our stuff in Concorde’s carpark. Regret, I must say. As it has become such a good friend to Iman n we can see such a positive progress in her when it comes to hand grasping, finger pinching, chewing, crawling n others, we’d bought another Mr. Green for her.

Wanna see how Mr. Green looks like??

One of her toys is Mr LadyBird, which rather to fat for her to hold

But with Mr Green, she can easily hold it.

Chew it

Slip it.. Oopss..

Grab it again...

Put it in her mouth
Chew it again, like nobody's business...


N it became her sleeping-buddy too... :)

Now, my Nur Iman Humayra Binti Mohd Alham is already 1 year n 3 mths old but she still keep in touch with Mr Green.

N I'm sure will introduce Mr. Green to her siblings~~~

P/S: This contest is organized by

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