Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Do u hav anything that u want to do or to have but there must be sth that holds u back?

I always want to sew.
I love to sew embroideries n do beadings.
I love to see a collection of clothes with various patterns n styles.
N cute buttons are just too tempting to grab.
I want to learn quilting n knitting.
I’d love to make a baju kurung for Iman n myself n baju melayu for Papa.
I want to smock n make 1 smocking dress for Iman.
I wish I hav a sewing machine, a complete set of sewing accessories n anything in between…

But I just don’t have the time to do all those n no space to keep them…

Sungguh xbersyukur, kan?
Xpe, what I want to do now is to grab anything that is nice on the shelf whenever I saw them. Buttons, pretty materials, books etc. Make some collection of those stuff n try to find the time. Sbb once u hav all the materials, u’ll make the effort to produce a masterpiece. Xdela when u hav the time br terkial2 nak cari all the materials. Don’t give excuses ye…

I love to see make ups in the magazine.
Lipsticks, eyeshadow, blusher, mascara, eyeliner, lipliner n anything in between.
Isn’t it nice to have a collection of it?
I already hav it but I bet it’s already expired sbb I bought it more than 2 years ago!!!
Even if it's not, takut nak pki sbb it may affect my skin.
I always want to put my make up on, be it at home, to office or to any place in the world.
But I don’t really know how to ‘paint’ myself. N I don’t think I have the time to do it in the morning before going to office. In fact now, I’m getting lazier to put on my lipstick. Heheheeh…

Or should I start with applying beauty products n repair my complexion first?
Hmm… isn’t it nice to have a collection of beauty products to apply before go to work, after office n before dozing off?
Well, that’s the least I can do.
Or should I depend solely depend on my natural beauty yg not so beauty ini? Hohohoho… ;P
I want to bake...
A cake, cookies, cupcakes or anything in between.
But I need to grab an oven first.
Also mixer, mold, weighing scale n anything in between.
Pastu, grab all the ingredients; flour, sugar, vanilla essence, n all the deco.

But if I were to grab all those, do I hav enough space to keep it?? Blablabla~~~
Tp menarik gak if I can prepare my own kuih raye. Atleast, no more kuih tunjuk for this yr. hihihihi…

Well, again. Nothing will happen if I just sit ‘ere, aight?. I need to get started. Jom2~~
Mari menjahit-cum-make-up-cum-baking… lalalalala…


shazzy peek-a- boo-boo said...

COmbine all of the above another Bree in the making!!


The make-up thing, definitely u can spare some time for it..tp kena bgn awal skit before going to work for the conteng2 session..actually ader free workshop by Bobbi Brown utk learn how to make-up..my fren promote to me..tp i skang lip balm yg hafiz ilangkan pun x replace lg..nak2 skang asyik pakai topeng H1N1, xderlah nak pakai lip balm ke, lip stick ke apatah lagi blusher dan seumpamanye...hehehe

go for it che ah~~ insyaAllah bulan posa ni sempat nak menjahit/baking..time lepas sahur tu mesti Iman masih diulit mimpi~

im_an_ibu said...

tidak!! xmo jd Bree. too perfect, takut tgk. heheheh...

erk... menjahit lps sahur??? xsurela camne the routine this yr. ntah2 iman join sahur gaks. die mane bleh kalo ibu die xde kat sbelah. huhuhu....

Wafaa said...

i always want to menjahit dan membaking tapi peluang dan masa tu tak ada.

but now, i'm sewing beading on my baju kurung yg plain :)

im_an_ibu said...

wah, bagus wafaa!!! i used to do beadings on my plain bj kurung. tp mase iman xde lgla. skang nih kene berjaga2 dgn beads. maybe i shud start with embroidaries... hehehe

i tried to sew lps sahur tp musti terrrrrtidooooo.... zzzzz... sbb iman bgn sahur gak, so kene put her to sleep balik...


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