Saturday, August 1, 2009

MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with TOYS Contest

Iman is asleep n leave me with the opportunity to bloghop, surf n read emails. N there comes an email from MomBloggersPlanet about Cutest Baby Contest. I’d missed most of the contests. I only knew about it when the result is out. Hahaha… Am I the last to know or am I the last to check the emails!!! :p

I guess, I’m among the 1st today… :PPPP So, I’m ready to join!!!

Nway, speaking of toys, Iman has a collection of it. From teddies, animal’s soft toys, balls, playgym, kitchen set, teether, books (can u consider as toys as well), musical box n u name it.

But the 1st toy that had become her playmate is Mr. Green!!! She was 4 M.O back then. She loves it the minute we gave it it for her. Unlike her soft toys that took her quite a lot of moments of familiarization. Hehehe… Mr. Green is a teether, a very soft teether. Unlike her Pinky (another teether), which is a bit hard n difficult to hold.

Mr. Green has it all. Easy to hold, very flexy, n chewy as she started teething during that time. Owh, we called it Mr. Green coz it’s green. Huhu… It’s a must-have thing in Iman’s traveling list. The only thing to make her occupied when we travels, shopping and while I’m cooking. Yes, Mr. Green is very handy n such a great pal.

As we are always on the move, we’d encountered several near-misses in losing Mr. Green during our transition mode. From our house into the car, from the car into Iman’s stroller n vice versa but we’d noticed it. Unfortunately, we really lost it while unloading our stuff in Concorde’s carpark. Regret, I must say. As it has become such a good friend to Iman n we can see such a positive progress in her when it comes to hand grasping, finger pinching, chewing, crawling n others, we’d bought another Mr. Green for her.

Wanna see how Mr. Green looks like??

One of her toys is Mr LadyBird, which rather to fat for her to hold

But with Mr Green, she can easily hold it.

Chew it

Slip it.. Oopss..

Grab it again...

Put it in her mouth
Chew it again, like nobody's business...


N it became her sleeping-buddy too... :)

Now, my Nur Iman Humayra Binti Mohd Alham is already 1 year n 3 mths old but she still keep in touch with Mr Green.

N I'm sure will introduce Mr. Green to her siblings~~~

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shazzy said...

We never came across Mr Green before..or mungkin x perasan becos it doesnt look like any other teether on the best je ..bole lar cari for adk HAfiz nanti...hehehe..btw, Iman looks very chubby in those piccas! :)) Gud Luck in winning the contest!! I rasa if I join mesti kena tendang cos HAfiz's toys are all dangerous ones..the ones yg not recommended for other children to play..his latest obsession -> getah kt earphone tu..he chews it like nobody's business..haiyoyo~~

im_an_ibu said...

chubby, kan? But during that time, people still complained she's skinny la, kecikla, i xbg mknla. I bet now people still complain coz she's skinnier eventhough she eats like 24/7. Hahaha.. Nak buat camne, die ikut size ibu die. Slim2... Hahaha..
Nway, thanx 4 the wish! N Mr Green sgt best! Grab it 4 all ur lil' H! :รพ

Ibu Emir said...

u, muke iman yang third picture fom above sebijik macam che ah..!! and yes, she looks very cute in those pictures!! emir.. err tak tau nak hantar gambar ape since majoriti semua asyik nak rosak jer toys dia.. banyak sangat experiment haha.

mamaniesh said...

ahaha salah tuh...makngah die yg i reckon yg iman's toys sume mista2(O_o)...iman dun notty2 ye...nnt makngah babab:)...maybe we'll hed d generatn of 'Mrs' soon!!hed d news n cant wait..yeeehaaa~:D

adianiez AIDA said...

comel gambo terakhir tu.
sleeping hensem...

one thing aida nak share, anak2 aida pun skinny. especially nurin. makan byk, but skinny.

ok la. janji sihat walafiat and cergas, kan ?

aida follow u dari MBP...
salam kenal...

im_an_ibu said...


Agaknye boys mmg gitu kot. I better get prepared with that situation pasni.. wink2~~~

we called her toys with Mr coz it's much easier to pronounce, compared to Mrs. no gender discrimantion 'ere.. hehhe..

hi!! welcome to my blog!! yeke? we r in the same boat!!! hehehe...

btw, iman is a she... hehehe.. so, should be sleeping beauty. lalalaa...hehehe

miela77 said...

salam kenal...wah tomey nyer si kecik n toys...jangan makan toy tu..x sedap...meh la jalan ke umah..wishing u all the best

CatlinaFly said...

salam ziarah..good luck tau..comelnye iman...nanti dtgla blog kami n tgk sampel photobook utk simpan koleksi gmbr iman :)

im_an_ibu said...

hi miela77,

all the best 2 u too!!!

hi catlinafly,
dah tgk. cantik all ur pics. ur darl pon such a cutie, bulatnye mata die... hehehe all the best 2 u too!!


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