Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too much negative energy in me had pulled me down… Not good…

I’m tired. Of people who always think they are right, no matter what.
I’m tired. Of people who always think they know what’s best for the company, family or what ever heck when actually they are not.
I’m tired. Of telling the same thing to the same people over n over again n yet the simplest task in the world is never accomplished.
I’m tired. Of people whom think that I’m just a plain wife whom can’t go any higher career-wise, or cant afford to give luxurious gift or anything in the world to her hubby or kids.
I’m tired. Of people whom think they are the ONLYYYYYY reason for the rest to live n others just a coincident to be there.
I’m tired. Of org yg prasan bagus!!!!!!

There u go… I don’t see the reason to further explain about it in detail as I’m sure there will be a veryyyy damn lengggthyyyyyyyyy argument. One thing to describe these people, they r completely incomplete, so, they decided to find fault in others, directly or indirectly, just to conceal their weaknesses…

Well, I pity u, people!!!!!

Now, I’ll just keep my mouth shut n go with the flow BUT will just shut u off from my view. U are plain pointless to me…


Em's Family said...

not worth to talk to these kind of people. so diam lagi bagus..

im_an_ibu said...

yerp mira. diam itu pintar, kan?... hehehe


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