Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saya suka~~~

When Ibu n Papa took me for a vacation!!!

Yippie!!! Time for us to spend time together...
Can I drag my tricycle along??

Alhamdulillah, we have safely arrived in Tekam for Ibu's Family Day. Thanx to Papa's GPS!! Clap2

It was such a peaceful n calm place. Far from hiruk-pikuk kota. Eceh, as if we live in KL jak!!
Ok, we got a not-so-okay room but it's near to the children playroom, which Iman always stopped by whenever we passed by.. (Hey, it rhymes)

Urmm, can u turn my room to be like this, Ibu?

There, the activities were not so packed-ly arranged.

Good, more quality time for us!!

Iman was soooo her, can just walk freely, safely...

To attract the kids, they put balloons everywhere.
N Iman keep on chasing for 1.

Tu, can I hav that balloon too!!!

Anybody want this balloon??!!

Papa, I found this balloon.
N we ended with so many balloons in our room. Mane xnye, skali kuar Iman tagged along at least 1 balloon.

Luv 2 c both of them enjoying themselves. Papa actively involved in the matches and Iman was always there to support.

Papa goofing around with Iman

Shh, jgn tego Iman, die br bgn tdo. Still moody. Hehehe...

N the most awaited event. The Grand Dinner.

On our way to the ballroom with Red n Black Theme.
Esoknye, we happily (tiredly) returned home...

P/S: Ok, I skipped our Raya Entry. Huhuhuh. Will chase for that.
Ok, this entry was a bit up side down. Silly me~~
Will off to KL this weekend to take a peek on Adik. Cant wait, cant wait!!! Adik has been actively knocking n I can feel the contraction from time to time. Really need to do the listing soon n do some shopping~~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ari lg best suda sampai!!!

Yess, Papa has safely arrived. Alhamdulillah. I drove to Kuantan purposely to fetch Papa so that we dont have to wait any longer. Luckily the company's driver is not available. Teehee~~~ N Iman had been a good company until both of us safely reached the airport. Pergh, 1 hour drive is really back-aching. But worth it!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Arini ari best saya. Esok mesti lg best....

I'm grinning now, can't u see???


Sbb my mood to finish up my manual is back!! N Mr Google has been such a great helper today. Tp pelik sbb all this while i've been searching nook n crannies about this n the response was very hopeless... huhhuhu... Oleh itu, saya akan bekerja keras today, until my head cracks... Eceh~~

Ouh, I can feel it cracking now...

N kenape esok mesti lg best?

Sbb Papa will be home!!!!!!! Yippie!!! Dgr citer ade Co*ch lg... Wink2... Tp kalo xde, pon xpe. As long as Papa has safely arrived~~~

Yesterday was tough. Iman was very cranky + naughty + d*gil + garang... She was cranky because she misses Papa, I guess. She was naughty sbb she is naughty now. Sgt active sampai xterkejar. Or perhaps, I'm getting heavier n can't run that fast. Huhuhuh... She is d*gil sbb she just want my attention kot. Sian die... N die garang sbb she slapped me kuat2 sbb xnak I dozz off... Waaaa, sakitnyeeeee.... Serious... N yesterday, my whole body was very uneasy. Rase mcm nak pitam, lembik n worry of high blood pressure. My head punched several times n Iman didnt allow me to rest!!!! Grrr~~~ Luckily today dah back to normal. It must be my preggy mood, kot...

So, I'm hoping today will turn tomorrow. Aci x? Tp kalo today is tomorrow pon, Papa still blum take off. SO, I'm hoping Papa will take off soon!!

P/S: Papa already in the airport, waiting to board. Cant wait, cant wait!!! We miss u, Papa~~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rubbing shoulders, boot licking sycophants are weasels

A good article about office politics in NST.

It has become a common issue in Malaysia. The truth is it has become more intense in Malaysia as compared to US of A & Europe.

Yeah, u need 2 b smart, ok. But really smart as in know ur rights, know how to fight n know your limits.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I like this

Read 'ere...

So true. Really respect the father.
Two thumbs up!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

To Papa With Love....

Counting the days. Again. Hoping the days will pass in a blink. And reach 12th Oct' 09.

Just would like to be home early n spend my time with my dearest Iman.

We miss u, Papa :)

Hopefully, u can easily get connected and listen to this. Cinta Ada

P/S: Mak Teh, another melancholic entry, huh? Hahahaha....


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