Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Saya suka~~~

When Ibu n Papa took me for a vacation!!!

Yippie!!! Time for us to spend time together...
Can I drag my tricycle along??

Alhamdulillah, we have safely arrived in Tekam for Ibu's Family Day. Thanx to Papa's GPS!! Clap2

It was such a peaceful n calm place. Far from hiruk-pikuk kota. Eceh, as if we live in KL jak!!
Ok, we got a not-so-okay room but it's near to the children playroom, which Iman always stopped by whenever we passed by.. (Hey, it rhymes)

Urmm, can u turn my room to be like this, Ibu?

There, the activities were not so packed-ly arranged.

Good, more quality time for us!!

Iman was soooo her, can just walk freely, safely...

To attract the kids, they put balloons everywhere.
N Iman keep on chasing for 1.

Tu, can I hav that balloon too!!!

Anybody want this balloon??!!

Papa, I found this balloon.
N we ended with so many balloons in our room. Mane xnye, skali kuar Iman tagged along at least 1 balloon.

Luv 2 c both of them enjoying themselves. Papa actively involved in the matches and Iman was always there to support.

Papa goofing around with Iman

Shh, jgn tego Iman, die br bgn tdo. Still moody. Hehehe...

N the most awaited event. The Grand Dinner.

On our way to the ballroom with Red n Black Theme.
Esoknye, we happily (tiredly) returned home...

P/S: Ok, I skipped our Raya Entry. Huhuhuh. Will chase for that.
Ok, this entry was a bit up side down. Silly me~~
Will off to KL this weekend to take a peek on Adik. Cant wait, cant wait!!! Adik has been actively knocking n I can feel the contraction from time to time. Really need to do the listing soon n do some shopping~~


Em's Family said...

Ok ok i can just google. where is tekam? :)

and sape tolong amik gambar? banyak gambar iman cantik2 tu.

mamaniesh said...

thank youuuuuuu for updating me....harapkn abg hampeh busy jek~...btw iman dh sgt besarrr n i miss her d very2....x sabar nk blk nih n look on iman's reaction towards me...hehee....i am happy 2 c all of u guys happy family at red n black theme party!!!;)

im_an_ibu said...

tekam tu kat jerantut. sgtla dlm tpt tuh. hehehe...
gamba2 tuh is either Alham or myself yg amik. thanx for the compliment. eceh, perasan plak. gune d90. nak harapkan my ixus, mmg kemslam jela... hihihih...

abang mmg bzla. sian die. balik dr US pon xdpt rehat tul2 lg. tekejar2 nak buat sume mende n trying to please everybody yet xramai yg understand. nak spend time ngan iman pon kene curik2 mase. huhuhuh...

miserlyn said...

comel :D


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