Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Me & Iman

Sorry shaz, lame menyepi…

It’s either I’m buzy, lazy or tied up with Iman… huhuhuhuh…

After the previous post, I was warded for 3 days due to SPD. Remembering the contraction was a nightmare. Rasenye real contraction pon was not that bad. Once reached PCMC, the contraction disappeared, totally. N CTG showed no contraction, at all. Hohohoh… sgtla frustrating ok. Huhuhuhu…

Once met up with Dr Seri, she concluded it’s SPD which prevents me from excessive walking, doing chores n even carry Iman. I really need to rest n have few sessions with the Physiotherapist. 3 days of admission requires me to place Iman with Opah n Atok. N me sleep with Iman-less, for the 1st time ever!!!! It was a hardest time for me n for her as well. Sgtla mogok sampai she refused to allow anything to pass her throat.

N outta the ward, I was given a longgggg MC until Eid n maybe will be continueud till I deliver. Sgtla xsyok, OK!! Me wanna go to work!!!! It will be much more better for me working rather than staying at home n not allowed to do anything. I had too much rest before, I guess, when I was warded the 1st time due to chest infection. At least, I can kill my time; get my life busy with the office work. Ya, saya seorang pekerja yg dedikasi… hahahaah… just cant imagine myself in this situation for most probably next 3 months until my confinement ends. Waaaaaa… sgtla lame n it may make me depressed!!! Huhuhuhu… Risau plak kalo depress during confinement nih. huhuhu… (kene ngaji byk2 n doa byk2 nih)

I guess I’ll never be SAHM or WAHM, huh???

Nhow, here I am @ my parents without Papa. N my daily routine is to take care of Iman. It’s not that I refused to take care of her but focusing on her for 24/7 n do nothing, except when she’s asleep is undesirable. Bad Ibu!! Well, if I want to do anything pon, xbleh nak lasak sgt sbb nanti sakit balik. So, it’s back to square 1. Wanna go for shopping but I can’t afford to walk for a long time. There are few things to grab for Adik before his arrival. Wanna stay in front of the lappy n do office work but I can’t afford to stay sit for a long time. Besides, Iman won’t allow me too.

Ape tgk2?

Owh, she’s soooo manja n clingy lately. Just want me to be in front of her 24/7 with uncountable hugs n kisses every day!!!!! Mcm gedix pon ade sbb she acted as if I've been away for sooooo longgggg pdhal it's the opposite.... But sometimes, I just feel like want to laugh it out, seeing her in action, imitating me or anybody in the house verbally or via in action. Such a darl~~ Her routine, wake up @ 9, mandi, susu, eat n play, sleep when tired. If I'm in shower, AyahChik will help to watch her n she ends up playing his lappy n watching the fishies... n there n then, she starts to mengade2 with AyahChik.

P/S: urm, rase nak mkn cake with lotsa icing on it… huhuhuh… let me mengidam while I can plssssss

Monday, November 9, 2009

IIII cannnnootttttttt bellllievvvvvveeee it......

(Read out loud like the Little Einstein :p n Iman will start to pat)

My baby is fully engaged!!! Serious. N it's only 32-33 weeks.... Is it normal? N I'm in pain like 24/7 yet no opening. Never had that experience before. Huhuhuh...

N I'm confused. Serious. Dr said my EDD is 25/12 but my belly looks like it can pop at anytime. It's BIG ok! N I dont think it can stretch any longer. Sakit beb.

N I can barely walk.

N easily feel tired.

N still coughing.

N still in Kertih, while my Gynae is in KL. Woahhhh....

N still hav a pile of unfinished business. In the office n @home.

But I'm putting all those aside. I'm mentally prepared for this. Eventhough, physically otherwise.

Doakan saye~~~~

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Favorite Childhood Cartoon of all time~~~

Most of the nites, Mak will read us the bedtime stories from those books. N I flipped those books during day time. Well, when u were left alone at home with babysitter while ur elderly’s were off to school, ur daily activity is to imaginarily ‘go to school’ by bus (by sitting on the stairs), carry ur own bag, get down from the bus n go to classes, open ur books n ‘read’ all the content~~~ hahahaha… n I followed that show everytime its on air.

Recalling the day that we received a parcel sent by a Sesame Street’s van to our house. Mak n Abah ordered few Sesame Street books for us. Never know what Sesame Street was. All I know, it was one of the cartoon show in the TV. But eversince, my sisters n I start enjoying it. I love it n know all the characters.

It all stopped once I started to go to school.

But, I never erase them from my mind. Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie n Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Count, Grouch are among team. Yeah, I grew up with ‘em.

Happy 40th Birthday Sesame Street!!!

Wouldnt it be nice if I can turn Iman's playroom to be like this?


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