Monday, January 25, 2010

@ 1 month old

Of Ilham N 1 month old of Iman as a big sister…
Life’s getting more challenging, of course, with 2 kids to handle but I managed, alhamdulillah. Certainly, with the help from my parents especially. Without ‘em, I bet I’ll be driving nuts!!!

With 2 kids around, I learnt to manage ‘em at the same time. Tough but manageable n need lotsa patience. Come to think about it, feels like as 1st-timer mom is far more difficult than now. Since I have zero knowledge on parenting back then. (as if skang nih dah expert je… ;p)

But, it’s true. Now, it’s manageable eventhough there were some hiccups ‘ere n there. A friend told me about her experience that she found that raising her eldest son is more difficult than raising the rest of her children. Whoa~~

Nway, watsup with my kiddies now?

Alhamdulillah, Ilham is not so much of a fussy kid. Baik je. He really behaves and can dozz off by himself (xyah cuddle2 or dodoi2 like Iman). But, like any babies, he loves to be cuddled. So, once in a while, there will be a cuddling session. If he’s awake n full, he can play around in his playpen until he’s asleep.

A big no-no to him is he’s tummy. He only gets cranky when there’s sth wrong with his tummy. Several burps didn’t really help, sometimes. So, need to figure out a right method to deal with it. N he looks quite tembam now.
Tembamkan pipi die~~
As for Iman, she’s unthinkable!!! Hahaha…

She can be the most lovable sister in the world; try to put Ilham to sleep, kiss him tenderly n all the nicest things that a sister will do
But she can be an unpl.easant sister too!! i.e hit Ilham when she feels so geram or jealous.
She’d learnt so many things in a blink.
She imitates our words n action, perfectly. She took my breastpad n put inside her shirt. She took my breastpump n try to pump. She can sing Lailahailallah Muhammad rasulullah. Dulu asyik sebut la-la jek.
She sometimes looks very kepoh to join our conversation.
She’s a kaki bodek. Aritu went Opah carried her from the car to the supermarket, she said ‘sayang, Opah’. N she hugs Atuk n later ask Atuk to take her for a jalan2… really wonder from where she got that.
She’s a photogenic, showing off her teeth when we want to snap her piccas. N sometimes she just took my BB or digicam n start to pose n say smile to herself!! (Gedix x?)
She can do 1001 things in a day.

When think about it, she’s like Dennis the Menace, with her itchy hands, trying every single way in seeking our attention, kacau Ilham, play with her toys, u name it.

But she’s still adorable n witty lil’ girl.

This is her favorite pose~~
As for me, after 1 month of delivery, left another month before I can go to work. Can’t wait, can’t wait!!! I’ve stocked EBM for Ilham n now I’ve to figure out where to place those stocks. Heehuu…

Fully recovered? Perhaps, tp I’m trying best not to actively do all the chores. Sket2 blehla. Looking forward to meet Dr Seri for my post natal check up.
What about Papa? He's still working offshore. Counting the days for him to return safely. Iman really misses him. She kisses his piccas n said Papa for every single things that belongs or used by Papa. She even cried when she heard Papa's voice over the fon. Sedih, kan.... ? (Sila menangis sekarang!!! Huhuhu)

P/S: Did I ever mention that Papa managed to record our moments in the labor room? Yerp, but unfortunately, not till the end sbb CD abis :p. Xpela, @ least there’s sth. Thanx Papa for ur effort n thanx Pak Ngah for lending us ur video cam.


naihusna said...

cedihnye iman ditinggalkan papa die...hehe..her action remind to myself mase kecik dulu...everytime my dad went for outstation...mesti tangkap lelehnyer..biasalah anak sulung..huhuhu...

im_an_ibu said...

huhuhu... mesti sedih sgt time tuh, kan nai?

miserlyn said...

kak hus eh nai_husna.hehe cml gle Iman!! & alham not alham,ilham :D.haha cpt la abes cuti. we'd really missed u.kaki bodek? haha i bet u knw whos im thinking of ;p

im_an_ibu said...

yerp lin, mari kite terjah blog die... ngeh3...
haish... u kene sebut betul2 ye, ade yg kene babab nanti.. hihihi.
i miss u ols gakla. n i know who's on ur mind.. hihihi

Pink dan Biru said...

hi mummy..come visit our little shop see ya!


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