Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Into the labor room

24th Dec 2009 - pm

We left Mak Ngah’s after Iman fell asleep, around 10.30 pm.

I was pretty excited. N anxious too. Excited to meet Ilham n feel the labor experience. Anxious about the whole journey, how it would turn out to be. Papa n I continue praying and hoping that everything went smoothly n Iman will be ok with Atuk, Opah, Pak Ngah, Mak Ngah n Alya.

I was induced once admitted.

But nothing happened after the induction. I was induced during Iman’s n the pain only came a couple of hours later. But this time, I felt the contraction but it never sustained, just like before. N I can still bear the pain. There was no show, no progress on opening (maintained @ 1 cm), nothing.

To make things worst, some nurses just didn’t support me for normal delivery after knowing my experience during Iman’s. Demoralizing!! I only held on Papa’s support for normal delivery n just ignored what they said.

25th Dec 2009 – am

Dr Seri came to check on my progress as well as Ilham’s n we firmly told her that we want normal delivery. We had our agreement with Dr Seri to stay relax n steady with the delivery as long as Ilham is ok. As I didn’t show any progress, she gave 2nd induction.

The real journey begins. It started with the Pethidine injection.

In which, was influenced by the nurse to take the shot. I personally would rather prefer natural birth. But, since I was in a pain plus the nurse said “amikla injection nih, bleh ilang sakit. Jgn samekan ngan org dolu2. Kalau dolu2 pon ade pain relief nih, mesti diorg pakai gak”, so I’d agreed. Hehehe… Well, in some point, she IS right. But I determined that I will only take this shot. No other methods. Full stop.

Personally, it’s nothing much in reducing the pain. Instead, it helped me to dozz off so that I can forget the pain n get lots of rest. Pretty A LOT, I would say. Nice~~

25th Dec 2009 – pm

Alhamdulillah, later that evening, I started to feel a series of severe pain, there’s some show n the opening had increased to 3 cm. N Papa set up the video cam, lappy n books straight away!!! Tee hee~~~

I’d progress very well, so did Ilham’s heartbeat. I was offered epidural for another pain relief. Papa suggested that I should take the epidural as his concern is more on my SPD while my concern is more towards natural birth n worry for not experiencing the pain, hence, I’m not able to push.

After contemplating, (more of arguing :p) with Papa, I took the shot. Yerp, the full stop had changed to a comma, instead!

The anesthesiologist came over for the epidural n Papa was about to faint after looking at the needles goin’ into my spine. Hohoho… n I started to wonder, will Papa able to stay beside me throughout the journey. Hehehehe…

N I had lots of rest, again. It was a relief as I was not in pain, especially when the nurses came to check the opening, which I hate most without the pain relief. ;p

26th Dec 2009 – am

Good progress. CTG showed vigorous contractions while Ilham’s heartbeat still maintained within the range, not too high n not too low. The opening had increased every hour n epidural helped me as I can continue to rest with lesser pain.

Epidural worked on me only until 10 am as the pain was getting stronger from there onwards, which, in a way, it’s good for me. Unbearable n indescribable muscle pain. Papa’d helped massaging n making sure that I’m in comfort, always (not forgetting, he just bear with my annoyance, hohoho).

I just hoped for the time to past, fast.

Us in our blue theme...
(The only time yg Papa paling byk kene marah... Sorry dear :(( didnt mean too!)

26th Dec 2009 – noon

Already 9cm dilated. Suspected to be delivered by 2 pm or so. The nurses getting prepared with the gear while Dr Seri observed my progress from her office via the satellite.

By 2 pm, everything n everyone was in place. The pushing took over with all the encouragement from the crowds, especially Papa. Wink2~~

N phew, a 3.5 kg baby boy, Muhammad Ilham bin Mohd Alham was born @ 2.30 pm. Alhamdulillah, everything went well.

Waitla, I'm not ready for any photoshoot.. ;p

Haa, this is much better.
Salam, I am Muhammad Ilham bin Mohd Alham

Owh, I was in pain while Dr Seri ‘fixing’ things up. Thus, I was given Entonox. Heehuu… I’d used almost all of the pain relief, huh?


mizztiney said...

Wah ,finally i can see Ilham face.Ensem boy!!The hehehe.Congret's C Ah a.k.a Andak.Miss u a lot.Jgn lupe bwk Ilham kt opis nanti.:)

Anyway,i'm 1st.Hehehe

Wafaa said...

Alhamdulillah, selamat semua. Tahniah.

OMG!!! your son so tembam. Hugs and kisses. Hmmmm i missed baby's smell. WAnginya.

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

Congratulations on ur new born.. I hope I can have a normal delivery also when I'm pregnant for my 2nd baby.. :)

Mama Shazzy.. said...

che ah deary~!..wow..amazing experience! wish i had the same instead of the boring hours of waiting for my surgery the other day..hehehe..alhamdulillah everything turns out well..and ilham is one hensem boy :))..

im_an_ibu said...

hanx. rindu korg gak!!! will buzz u ols once i'm back to kertih... cant wait, cant wait...

thanx too. quite big for a 1st timer. really struggle to bring him out.. hehehe

insyaAllah, u will. thanx ya...

huhuhu... i had to wait quite long too!! kalo ikutkan sakit n hasutan nurses tuh, i may go for c-sect. hihihi..
yerp, he's one hensem boy (ibu die prasan!!!) ;p

eeja said...

mmg ensem:) congrats che ah! penuh debaran i baca entry u ni, hehe

JOELY said...

baguslah ko dgn alham berkeras nk normal...mmg nurses kt private hospital gitew...aku lak psl anak jaundice...asyik nasihat suh top up FM...tension sungguh..padahal..susu aku ada...even dah pesan...never give FM without asking permission..pon diorg kasik..hangin betul....mmg dissapointing...nasib doctor OK...ckp doctor..kan diorg xley lwn...haha...tu yg aku mintak jln2..yg suppose nurses xgalakkn...akumintak kt doc..doc ckp ok...depan2 diorg...so diorg xley kata apa...ehehe....mmg helps a lot jln2...baring all the time...mmmg lambat arrr nk dilate...kt UK our method dah obselete...

im_an_ibu said...

thanx!! u sukela bedebar2... hehehe

sgtla agree!! the same thing happened to me. siap gaduh ngan nurse tuh lg. aku report kat doc bout it, pastu, nurses trus call everytime nak feed. huahuahua...

JOELY said...

ko pon kene gak..ahaks...tah papekan....kata affiliate dgn uni vienna...diorg sana bf-friendly dh berkurun lamanya...huhu...

im_an_ibu said...

hehehe... diorg kene import nurses from there as well utk train nurses kat situ, especially nurses from india. diorg yg i gaduh dgn tuh.. ngeh3.. peace!!

zaihah said...

che ah..congrates..


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