Saturday, January 16, 2010

Relishing my moment gracefully

After this entry, I'd spent 3 happy-working days with my officemates. Getting some updates from them n chit chatting throughout lunch time (totally awesome!!!) n struggling finishing up my manual which, it ended up as unfinished business. Teehee~~ (Boss, I promise to finish it up once I'm in the office ya) It was my 37th week back then. Then, we went for my check up n I started my MC @ 38th week, which had made Iman more clingy than usual. She was just not used in not having me by her side. Even nakgi toilet pon need to ask for her permission. Owh, we stayed @ Mak Ngah’s until the delivery. Papa had left for Kerteh awal2 lg sbb ade event. Huhuhuh… After the 39th week check up, Dr Seri said Ilham is ready to come out. She would recommend for induction as baby already full term. N she suggested that I go for a walk, a long walk I would say to make things easier or faster. So, we chose the latter.

As Papa was back in KL n already on leave, we had our family outing for 3 days. From discovering the zoo and shopping @ Ikea on the 1st day,

Say cheese, Mr Ello!!

Mr Ello receiving special meal from Papa n Iman

To Sunway Piramid, celebrate my bday @ Tarbush n watched dolphin n sea lion on the 2nd day...

@ Tarbush
Happy Belated Birthday, Ibu!!

Us watching dolphins n sea lions. Look how amaze Iman was.

N up to Seremban for Todd’s wedding on the 3rd day.

Congrats to Todd n Awiz. Psst, really envy ur dress lah Awiz. Cantik bangat!!

A few other things in between, which I can’t really recall. Huhuhu…

But, a whole stretch of walking didn’t really work on me, though. Yerp, I felt some contraction in between but it never sustained. There was not even a single sign of delivery. Sumenye false alarm jek… huhuhuh… N we learnt to accept that the time has yet to come n we had to continue waiting for the right time n enjoy!!! On the other hand, we had our fun. Tiring days yet entertaining. Iman was really happy coz both of us had spent most of the time with her. We went for shopping, catching up with the food that I may not eat during confinement, n we even baked yummylicious cupcakes!!!

Don't disturb pls, I ade byk order nih...

Iman really helped Mak Ngah n Ibu with the cupcakes mixture

Our masterpieces!!!

Prior the 40th week check up, I decided to go for induction if there’s still no sign of delivery. Ilham is getting bigger n I really would want to go for normal delivery. Papa had no objection. Once meeting Dr Seri, I highlighted my intention n she’d prepared for my admission.

On 24th Dec, we had our last outing that day, went to MidValley after the check up n LCCT to greet those who are back from Melbourne.

It was a bliss!!

N that nite, I was admitted n induced, accompanied by Papa. While Iman was left @ Mak Ngah’s, taken care by Atuk n Opah.

N that's how we end my 2nd pregnancy... :)



E`n1x said...

todd = shahrul anuar ke?
lol. offtopic. hey conrgats on having a pair now =D

im_an_ibu said...

yerp, shahrul anuar. br upload gamba wedding die... hehehe...

hey, thanx!!! ur turn plak.. hihihi...

Anonymous said...

shahrul anwar = todd
shahrul anuar = amit

hehe... :)


im_an_ibu said...


wrong info la, lily.. u heard Papa.


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