Monday, March 29, 2010

Pabila Ooh n Aah datang

dan memakan all sort of food available in the house (including the meds) n leave all their trademarks 'ere n there, what would u do?

Papa n I went



Papa went blank sampai xtau nak buat ape. So, I asked him to stay in the room n take care of the kids. Tp I was blank too sampai xtau where to start. Huhuhu…

Because of that, mulela keje celam celum, kejap sini, kejap sane. Few minutes later br dpt ilham on what should I do 1st. Ilham2…

It was a total mess. After Papa’d cooled down, he came out from the bedroom, place Iman on her stroller n buckled her up di tgh2 umah. Luckily she behaved well enough sambil tgh PHDC, didn’t request to jalan2 or unbuckled. Adela skali skale mintak biskut die yg telah dijamah oleh monyet2 tersebut. Bleh tak???

Tgh sibuk2 ngemas tuh, kuar sekor lg monyet which had been hiding under our serving table. Pergh, I was very near that creature b4 that coz that area was the grubbiest place on earth. (Alamak, I’m starting 2 recall the situation, dgn mknan n bahan buangan diorg yg bersepah2, n all sort of unbearable smell… euwww!!)

There n then, Papa struggle 2 chase the monkey out, siap panggil neighbor n polis lg… huhuhu… Around 7.45 pm br berjaya dihalau…

Gedebak gedebuk, our house is as good as new @ 1.30 am… Whoaaaa, penat!!! Mmg major turnaround n mane2 yg bleh out source, such as laundry, we gonna send them to the laundry termasukla carpet2 di rumah…

p/s: kan best kalo monyet2 tuh betul2 Ooh n Aah… Iman mesti suke~~

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yeay!! Tender sudah siap!!!

After weeks of struggles...
Sungguh besh rasenye sbb no longer need 2 stayback or stay up late @ home (for the time beaing)...
It feels like.........
HEAVEN!!!!!! (Mcm penah pegi heaven je... I'm sure it is far far much better than my feelings rite now)
Ok, dah2, mari memasak n mengemas umah semula~~~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life is a maze, love is a riddle

I had a dream, a nightmare.
Everything seems so real n SOOO unthinkable, SOOOO not acceptable n xbley blah!!!
Throughout the dream I was shocked, pissed off, speechless n went totally blank sampaikan xbleh nak nangis dah.
N made me woke up very early n started to do my chores, like a robot... (kunun2 trying to divert my thinking)
N now I'm like a zombie goin' to work!!!
But come to think again, it will be a real nightmare if it ever happens.
A BIG ONE, babe!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ooohh, I cant go any further than this

I'm happy

Why? Uncountable reasons. Adela. I'm blessed. Alhamdulillah :)

N made me missin' missin' ...

Nur Iman Humayra yg suke berbedak!!!

Muhammad Ilham's smiles
P/S: Saya tidak ke mana2. No outstation or anything. In fact, I br je sent 'em to school just now. Hihihi~~

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just enjoy the show

Saya sudah masuk ofis semlm. After 2 months of confinement and 2 weeks of MC prior to my confinement.

How it feels?

Excited - to meet my frenz.
Anxious - in coping up with the workload n housechores.
Eager – to finish up my manual. Kuikuikui
Sad – to send my kiddies to the nursery

What I really felt?
Shock n sad – knowing some of my frenz will be leaving soon
Tired – as soon as I left for home, I was very sleepy n start doin the chores like a zombie
N I feel so kepoh sbb listening to the updates from my frenz. Hihihi…

How was my kiddies?
Ilham was ok as usual, spent most of his time sleeping, which made me worry, though. But, think again, he’s only 2 MO. It’s incomparable with Iman’s sbb I started working when Iman was 4 MO.

Iman still refused to eat but drink milk n plain water. A good improvement. Start crying when we fetched her. Once at home, keep asking about her kawan at school. Owh, we noticed sth new. She sang a song lastnite psl idung, mulut, pipi, telinga, mata. We bet that was what being taught in school. Rase mcm nak nangis sbb she’s such a big girl now. Rasenye, kalo Iman masuk sekolah betul, mau banjir sekolah die nanti.

Papepon, i nak ikut ckp Lenka la. Just enjoy the show!!


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