Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just enjoy the show

Saya sudah masuk ofis semlm. After 2 months of confinement and 2 weeks of MC prior to my confinement.

How it feels?

Excited - to meet my frenz.
Anxious - in coping up with the workload n housechores.
Eager – to finish up my manual. Kuikuikui
Sad – to send my kiddies to the nursery

What I really felt?
Shock n sad – knowing some of my frenz will be leaving soon
Tired – as soon as I left for home, I was very sleepy n start doin the chores like a zombie
N I feel so kepoh sbb listening to the updates from my frenz. Hihihi…

How was my kiddies?
Ilham was ok as usual, spent most of his time sleeping, which made me worry, though. But, think again, he’s only 2 MO. It’s incomparable with Iman’s sbb I started working when Iman was 4 MO.

Iman still refused to eat but drink milk n plain water. A good improvement. Start crying when we fetched her. Once at home, keep asking about her kawan at school. Owh, we noticed sth new. She sang a song lastnite psl idung, mulut, pipi, telinga, mata. We bet that was what being taught in school. Rase mcm nak nangis sbb she’s such a big girl now. Rasenye, kalo Iman masuk sekolah betul, mau banjir sekolah die nanti.

Papepon, i nak ikut ckp Lenka la. Just enjoy the show!!


schazzy said...

iman pandailar!!!

hafiz pandai dancing je tp still cant talk properly.. just one or two wordss at a time..xpun bunyik ujung2 je..cth: upin , dia sebut pin je..hehehe..

pastu ABC , pandai sebut bila sampai huruf 'P'..dia sebut sekuat hati..the rest tu i je nyanyi sorang2 ABC song tu..

kalau jawi lak..alif,(ba , ta..hafiz sebut..) the rest, Mama la sambung..

hehe..mcm normal boys lmbt skit berckp cos most yg anak sulung boy mmg lambat ckp..tp kalau dah ade siblings yg pandai cam cepat pick-up..

tp xtaulah..maybe he's a late bloomer ..pasni i kena byk membebel skit kot..bg dia pick-up more words..hehehe

Em's Family said...

i know you are good in juggling time :)

im_an_ibu said...

shaz, i rase die gedix sumtime. hihihi... dgr lagu je mulela berjoget. pdhal i xajar pon. hihihi.. n die suke mengajuk last word yg kuar dr mulut kitorg pastu buat2 muke mengajuk die. rase nak cubit2 je...

nway, u just keep on talking, singing or bace doa ke to hafiz. sooner or later, he'll follow. dulu iman pon gitu, mcm blank2 je bile i ckp ngan die. skang alhamdulillah die bleh catch up.

nak juggle bola pon i xlepas. hihihi... tp betulla, kene pandai juggling, kan?


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