Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I wish it will not be our annual event…

Iman was hospitalized. Again. Several doses of syrup n antibiotics had passed her throat. A series of check ups n follow ups we had attended. But her cough remained. She even went for an x-ray to check on her lungs n there was a minor lung infection. After been coughing for almost 2 months n last Friday was the peak. She vomited after every meal due to cough which I guess leads to high fever.

I guess we heard enough of cough n had enough of doubts; we drove back to KL just to ensure that she got better treatment. N there u go, another nites in PCMC. She was warded for 3 nites n we had to make a call that the girls stay while the boys head off to Kertih. Tough journey ahead but that was the best option in ensuring both kids are well taken care off.

Iman on day two... getting better..

Our smiley face, less than 24 hrs to meet the boys. (note Iman's smiley when taking picca)

Me, missing Ilham like crazy n wished that I can just wind the time.

N I’ve met him today!!! N he looks different. He looks like a boy. Not a baby boy. N lil’ bit chubby. 3 days had changed him a lot… what can I say, Papa had been feeding him more than usual n left me with a shock once returned home, looking @ my EBM stock!!!! Heehuu…

Nway, just glad to be home. Dear Iman, Ibu hope that this will not be our annual event or even ur birthday syndrome. Please, please, please… get well soon dear~~~

p/s: staying in hospital suite is never a better preference when u see ur loved ones fall sick… :( it’s just ur luck.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Latest Family Portrait

It's very informal, I know. But to really dress up n smile for a picca is not worth a try, even grabbing Papa's D90. Iman's mood was ok (as she was cooperative to lend her smile). Ilham was wide awake. Papa just got back from his business. Weather was great. N I had my BB with me.

So, there u go~~
Our latest family portrait

The quality is not satisfactory, I know, but the captured moment is splendid! Lurve u ols muchie2!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

The call

This morning, while scooping a*mum into my mug, my tele-conversation with a*mum people suddenly popped out… Funny though, how on earth I still remember that annoy-look-a-like conversation.

a*mum : selamat ptg, saya buat panggilan dr a*mum utk satu survey. (& she started asking about my previous pregnancy, my kids n blablabla).
Me : (answering her question)
a*mum : adakah puan mengambil a*mum utk keperluan harian anda?
Me : yerp
a*mum : berapa kali sehari ye puan?
Me : once a day
a*mum : owh, tp puan itu tidak mencukupi ye puan. Puan perlu ambil sekurang2 nya 2 kali sehari utk menampung keperluan kalsium puan blablablabla (for almost 1 minute n sambung) puan bancuh berape scoop sekali ye puan?
Me : 2
a*mum : owh, itu pon xmencukupi ye puan. Puan kene ambil 4 scoop per serving ye puan (n she went nagging blablabla, which I don’t ever bother hehehe)
Me : hurm, awak call nih utk ape ye?
a*mum : utk survey puan.
Me : (I started wondering is it a survey or free consultation?)
a*mum : saya teruskan ye puan
me : lame lagi ke?
a*mum : kenape puan? Puan busy ke?
Me : yes, saya tgh drive nih n need to fetch my kids n I’m late
a*mum : owh, kalo camtuh, xpela puan. Terima kasih…

It’s not that I refuse to entertain those kind of calls tp if u want to survey, act like 1 n make it fast. No need 2 preach me. Just like a call from ma*bank, surveying about their service so far. Very precise n straight to the point. That shud be the way.

Dulu, if I receive a call about previllage card whatsoever, I often tell ‘em that I’m currently having financial problem. Somehow that excuse is not jalan anymore n they tried every single way 2 push us 2 say yes. But now, I’ve found my way out!!! The fastest!!!

Caller : assalamualaikum puan *^*%&%%*
Me : wsalam, ye saya
Caller : saya buat panggilan dr *^^$%$ utk tawaran privilege card. Tahniah sbb puan telah terpilih antara 40 pengguna bertuah. puan ada menggunakan kad kredit visa atau mastercard x?
Me : ade (wah, bertuahnye rase, yadyayyadyay ;p)
Caller : dari bank mane ye puan?
Me : awak xde record ke?
Caller : owh, ada puan tp kami hanya nak pastikan. Puan slalu x menggunakan kad kredit utk membeli belah?
Me : x, jarang guna (padahal slalu je guna)
Caller : owh, kalau gitu xpela, terima kasih ye puan
Me : (wah, pantasan!!)

If I know this trick, dr dulu I’d tell them off… huhuhuhu
Xpayahla pening pale cari lame excuses. Buzz


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