Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turning 3....

today.... weeeeee~~~

Align Center We've been together facing the ups & downs
We've been together, laughing & crying ....

We've been together when sickness strikes...
We've been together when enjoying the wealth & facing the big hole in the pocket...
We've been together all these 3 years!!!

N I wish nothing more than like these in years ahead...

Happy 3rd anniversary, Papa!!~~~ I lap u so strong!!! n strongerrrr.... hehehehe....
U r my hubby, BF, BFF, my prince, my king, my angel n so many lah!!
Luv u muchie2 n thank you soooo much for everything... Now, listen to
this ya!!!

Di kala ku kehilangan di dalam kegelapan, Kau suluhkan sinar petunjuk, Di kala ku kesedihan, kau ukirkan senyuman, Dengan penuh sabar memujuk, Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh. Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh, Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku, Andai hari esok dunia gelora, Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu. Di kala aku tak pasti, Kau tampil dengan berani, Membimbing agar lebih yakin, Dan bila hidup penuh soalan, Kau berikan jawapan, Melengkap semua kekurangan... Engkau menyambut tiap kali aku terjatuh, Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh, Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku, Andai hari esok dunia gelora, Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu. Tidak mungkin diri ini mampu, Hidup tanpa doronganmu, Andai hari esok langit akan runtuh, Tabahlah menjunjung bersamaku, Andai hari esok dunia gelora, Takkan ku gemuruh selagi ku ada kamu.

p/s: ape kes jiwang pepagi bute nih? hahahaha

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's up n what's down?

Many things had happened subsequent to this.

While Iman was not fully recovered, we were interjected by Ilham’s health. He had a cough, flu, fever. Brought him to see our family doc but the disease refused to shooh-shoohh… It prolonged for a week till we decided to bring him for suction since we heard that his chest was pretty congested. The phlegm were no longer in his throat but had ruled his cutie lungs. It’s devastating 2 see ur kids sick, serious. Seeing them coughing with running nose, not forgetting annoying interruptions when they are soundly asleep that turned ourselves into a zombie during day time. Stress, yerp2, which had affected my milk supply.

Started off with a couple of nebu, we put Ilham on fasting mode for 3 hrs before the suction took place. He hated nebu, (perhaps because of the sound) but he was rather co-operative during the suction, i.e helped to cough out which had made it easier for the nurses to suck the phlegm. Good boy… :))

Large amount of phlegm after the 1st suction requires 2nd suction. Alhamdulillah, he showed some improvement. Some says suction is not good for the kids but I believe it is the best option rather than living their lungs with phlegm which may lead to pneumonia, asthma or other respiratory problem. Just don’t do it frequently.

Iman as usual, cried every time we sent her off to school. N she was not recovering either. She did show some improvement after the discharge but it recurred few days letter. Dosage after dosage didn’t help much. As what had been said by our Paed, her sickness was perhaps due to inhygenic school.

Had enough of those, I took a week off, isolating the kids from their school which is a good idea as Papa had to attend a week training in KL. My promise is to make sure that they are fully recovered. N the whole family had to adhere to a strict diet. Reduce dine out (so we chose staying at service apartments), no cold n icy stuff, no swimming in the pool eventhough Iman was always pointing at the pool. N Alhamdulillah, they recovered.

By the end of the week, we had a Paed follow up for both of them. This time, the discsussion is no longer about curing the kids but how to prevent or slow down the recurrence. I’m happy as I hate giving them meds, albeit Iman often gets excited everytime we say ‘jom makan ubat’. Hihihi…

Our Paed wonder what’s wrong with Iman that leads to the prolonged sickness n we shared about her days in her school. Hygiene is not an issue but the environment. She just hated the school, cried every single morning while sending her off, prefers to play alone, refuses to mix around n sometimes a lil’ bit negative (if u know what I mean). She’s just not happy n that leads to her prolonged sickness. She was psychologically disturbed, I guess.

So, we planned to scout for another school for both of them. We already paid the fees, hence we need to bear with Iman’s sadness n sickness for the next 1 month. Huhuhu… We still sent them to the school after the long break. Both my cutie pies had regained but it lasted only for a week. Unexpectedly, both of them were sick again.

Quite different than usual as I saw some fear in Iman’s eyes while sending n fetching them. N uneased me when at home, Iman started shouting at her brother. She cried at night, she showed me some sign that she was either slapped or pinched at her cheek. As she’s not a good a storyteller yet, but I can feel there’s sth not right is happening. There were several incidents that I saw while sending or fetching her that I can file as evident. Papa n I loathe it which had made us made up our mind to stop sending them there, at once. Yeah, we’d paid the fees but we are not going to tolerate our kids’ health n happiness over wealth.

N yesterday, Iman n Ilham went to their new school. As expected, Iman will cry. But Alhamdulillah she showed good response. Well, it’s still too early to judge but I’m delighted to see her changes. She smiled when I came 2 fetch her. Finally the stress on her unhappiness is fading away.

Ilham on the other hand, showed good response too. He drank a lot!!! Normal supply is insuffiecient now. Luckily I called the school during lunch time n they told me that he is drinking his last EBM. Hohoho!!! Previously his ex-teachers often said that he didn’t drink that much. Now I’m freaking out as my daily EBM is less than 12 oz while he need around 20 oz at school. N that left me with another stress!!! Waaaaa~~~

N yesterday I just managed 2 pump 8 oz. N that increased my level of worries!!! Hohohoho… but come 2 think again, my worries will make the situation worst. So, I’ll just express or feed him when he needs. If not enough I’ll go for FM. Abis citer!!! Heehuu… But of course, that would be our last, last, last, superlast resort.

Let’s just pray very hard that both of them will recover soon n be happy in their school. I can’t bear looking at Iman with some kind of fear in her eyes, which leaves me with an unbearable guilt. Aminkan doa saye~~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

N I’m all stressed up!!!!!

I’m coming to my limit. I’ve reached my limit actually…
Problems were unsolved n new issues coming in.
Yeah, just put the blame on me for not able to voicing out my thoughts accurately or it’s just plain difficult. I've tried but it didn't work.

I just wish there’s no rich people in the world or everybody use the same thing, same car, same clothes so that enviousity dont exist n try to be like rich people eventhough ur pockets don’t allow u to do so…

But it just didn’t happen that way. It just don’t!!


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