Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love's Enduring Promise

Finally, there was one fine evening that allowed me to have a television therapy after a long battle with my daily chores. Having my own family really make myself occupied with those activities on top of my 8 to 5 job. As if everything had been planned accordingly, Hallmarks’ Love’s Enduring Promise had really caught my eyes. A story about how a hard-working woman named Missie met the love of her life. Irrespective of the love story, her relationship with his father magnetized me, reminisced my relationship with my own dad, Abah.

Abah has always been there as far as I remembered. How my sisters and I raced to the gate n clung on his legs once he arrived, step on his leather shoes n he walked with me on his shoes when I was 5. How he fetched three of us from school, with the left hand holding three heavy school bags and the right hand coping with our hands. I was pretty amazed back then with his strength. Never seem to be tired with his work; he happily waited for us in front of the school gate.

We never had daddy-daughter talk; perhaps I was very small during that time. But that was all right as I can simply ask him about anything, from my childhood activities to illegal immigrant issues in the newspaper.

An offer to work at another state was not something that he’d able to turn down. There and then, he became a weekend husband. Mom took care of all of us on weekdays and we only got the chance to meet him on weekends. By the end of the week, he already left for his work. We were prepared for the situation as Abah had explained earlier. I couldn’t care less as the only thing on my mind was ‘It will be fun as we will discover Abah’s new place’. We got the chance to visit his place during school holidays, which was a place that we had never reached before. Without realizing that such situation has bitten us apart. Hey, he rang us everyday!!! Yes, the telephone helped, I supposed.

After almost 10 years, he had another chance to pursue his career oversea. This time Mom and my younger siblings followed him, leaving my sisters and me, pursuing our higher education in Malaysia. I have to admit, being separated for more than 10 years had affected our relationship. It’s not that we had ever fought before but the situation had stopped us from finding what we have in common. I shared almost everything to my mom but to him, only the most important matters, mostly with regards to my future; which university to go to, what course to take, my career path.

But when it comes to marriage, I didn’t personally share my intention with him. Instead, my future husband went up and met him and shared with him on our intention. And I just assumed that everything was settled. I never had a serious chat with him on that matter. I was too shy, too awkward, perhaps.

My wedding preparation went on as planned until the wedding day and most of it was prepared by Mom, my sisters and me. From the dais, costume, wedding theme, catering and doorgift. Abah just focused on the major thing, the paper works, meeting the Imam et cetera, n owh, endorsed the budget ;p.

On my wedding day, Abah had arrived early to do some final preparation for the ‘akad nikah’ and to greet my future husband’s family. The event started once I arrived and that was the second time Abah went through that process being the first time was during my sister’s wedding. Unlike before, he jittered while reading the ‘akad’. He voice had stuck, not once but three times. I felt the melancholy and the feeling had submerged me.

After the event, I went up to Abah and gave him a long hug and I cried, intensely. Just like when Missie hugged her father when she was about to leave, to follow her husband. A moment that I will never forget, ever. And, I realized that physically, he might not be there all these while but in reality, he’s always there and I know, my love to him will never fade.
Happy Father's Day, Abah!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Woot woot~~

For the past few weeks, we were packed with our weekends activities. Family days, balik kg, attend a gud fren of mine's wedding etc, etc, etc..

But, above all the updates, i would like to launch my sales blog dulu~~~ Lalala...

Introducing (drum rollllll)

Silalah berkunjung ya~~~ woot2 (sambil membunyikan vuvuzela horn, bingit kan?)


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