Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our plan to reminisce didn't turned out as planned~~

Well, it shouldn't be our plan in the 1st place. We went there just because Papa had to organize a golf tournament. But, since we are going there, there's no harm to reminisce our honeymoon time, kan...? :p

Papa was quite bz. Well, very bz actually. N three of us spend most of our time in the suite. N yes, we got a suite. Since there are 2 rooms in the suite, another family joined us n Iman met her new frenz, in which, made her fully occupied and less attracted to attack Ilham... Hohohoho...

Even though it didn't turn out the way we wanted, (tipu, the way i wanted), i'm happy. Ilham was caught with very high fever. I was not happy with that, of course, but i'm happy due to that we get the opportunity to spend our time together. Our as in me n Ilham.

I must admit that Iman's jealousy never subside. Not even a bit. But, alhamdulillah, with the presence of her new frenz in the suite, we had our time. Me taking care of Ilham in making sure his temperature will always be within the acceptable range. It was not that tough as he spent most of his time sleeping but i had to follow his sleeping time. It felt exactly during my confinement of Iman. (Note: I didn't get a good rest during my confinement of Ilham as i need to attend Iman as well)

Nway, Iman was very bz during the stay too, just like Papa... :P Playing, goofing, coloring, reading n just name any activities that across the kids mind.

Another reason of being happy is Papa did his best to spend time with us, despite of his tight schedule. N we managed to had a brief tour, a short and sweet tour. Thanx Papa!!

We went to the rabbit park

Iman just lurve playground

N we went to some of our honeymoon photo spots
not all but i'm fine with it.
N Papa, we definitely need a tripod to capture 4 of us together.. :)

P/S: Ouh, we went to Bukit Tinggi. Yes, we were there for our honeymoon.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Perkara Wajib

1. that i often do when Ilham gets up for bf during nite time is...
menggomol2 die sampai die ngamuk sakan!!! hahahaha.... sgt chumils to the extend that i can't resist to kaco die. n even worst, looking at his effort menggagau mencari the source of milk is very cutie!!! hhaha, tu blum lg during daytime, mmg abis digomol sampai die mengekek2...

2. that i often do when iman is asleep is kiss2 her... but when she's awake, i'll carry her lame2 sampai she requested to let go n said, 'nak tulun' n i said xboleh. sampai die pon dah paham what will happen everytime i carry her n even make a joke out of it...

hahahaha.... ok2, ibu notty, babab ibu... sorry dear, u guys r too cute to resist!!!

n the fact that Papa recently make a joke about another baby is not funny ok!! i want to cherish these peeps dulu. ok Papa?? deal! fullstop. ;p


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