Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sickening sick

I feel sick reading emails, in which, the content is to request for donations.

It's not that I refuse to donate but when the sender personally wrote 'dermalah, RM10 pon xpe' or even worst, 'RM1 pon xpe, sian diorg nih', that really annoys me. WTH. Suke atila aku nak kasi bape. Why do u need 2 put suggestions on the amount? Rase nak je jwb, saya donate RM50 je, xmainla seploh hengget nih... Annoying tul..

Ok2, that may come from my unstable emotion which currently, fully annoyed with that statement. But to think again, what if those who read the emails comes from financially-not-so-ok group but willing to donate. Mesti that particular person terkedu looking at that amount n rase xmampu nak donate. Whereas, niat die nak contribute is very pure.

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