Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tadaa part 2

I’m more than happy!!!! Sampai termimpi2~~~ (hey it rhymes)

Yerp, my vacation has ended but I’m happy. Firstly, that was the 1st time for me, Papa n kids travel oversea together for holiday. 2ndly, because my parents wish termakbul. Alhamdulillah. My mom did mentioned that she wants to bring the whole family to Cape Town together doesn’t matter how big the family has become. 

N so, we went to Cape Town. The planning stage was very head-aching n lengthy. We planned since March or April or so! Naik juling mate googling around to find the place to stay, places to visit, car rental n so on. Nak prepare budget lg. Nak communicate lg ngan org sane. 

But hey, it all paid off as all went as planned. Several hiccups here n there, adatla~~~ 

N now I’m running out of idea what to write n what I shud write. If I were to explain about the chronology, I think its kinda lame. But, if I don’t, how am I goin’ to remember each event? 

Perhaps I just jot down the places that we went to, xikut chronology. Just based on what crossed my mind. ;p 

Our daily routine throughout the vacation was woke up at 6 – mandi - siap2 - do the laundry - prepare breakfast n lunch – left the house at or b4 9 – start touring – get back home by Maghrib or earlier – rest at home or visiting our family frenz. 

A hectic schedule, indeed. 

TBC lg. Haha

Friday, October 8, 2010


I just don’t know how n where to start. Such a long and hectic but tremendously great holiday, u bet. We left our home since 8th September n just arrived home on 25th September at 10 pm. Glad to be home especially after leaving the house in a very good condition, clean n tidy.

I’m just not a fan of writing a lengthy entry but I bet it might end up with an extensive one. But I’m not a fan of writing in point forms, either. Perhaps I just cut it into few entries so that I don’t miss a thing. Let’s just see how it goes.

8th September 2010

Depart to KL for Eid. Our car was exceedingly full with our stuff. Arrived Gombak quite early n managed to join bukak puasa with Gombak family.

I'm all geared up for Eid n vacation!! Wohoho~~

9th September 2010

Left early for last minute shopping & check up. Had another buka puasa in Gombak. Left for Klang around 10 pm.

n I'm just a fan of satay!!

10th September 2010


We didn’t eat much unlike last year. Guess we were pretty occupied this year with two kids plus Ilham was really-really-definitely clingy n refused to be carried by anybody except me n Papa. We spent half a day giving duit raya and photo shoots, as planned.

Where's my duit raya, Papa?

This is the best shot that we can give. Adatla kalo shaky lil' bit. ;p

The big family of Klang

People started to disperse around Solat Jumaat, leaving only 4 of us in Klang plus Atok, Nenek, Mak Uda n Mak Chu. So, we slept for the next half day. Hahaha… It was rainy n the kids were asleep as well, n all of us mcm kene tembak peluru kapur. Hohohoh… We woke up as it about Asar n getting ready to leave for Gombak.

N then another session of giving duit raya in Gombak. Actually we already distributed the duit on the Eid eve before we left for Klang. So that nite, we just distributed for those who missed the 1st batch.

11th September 2010

2nd day of Eid, we just had our family lunch at Chakri Palace. We dressed up as if nak gi beraye but instead of going to family or frenz house, we went to visit KLCC. Ape kes? Well, that’s the only things that we managed to do as we need to rush for our flight later that night.

Packing n packing n rushingly search for cabs that willing to send us to KLIA. KALUTS!!! Alhamdulillah ade gak cab agent yg willing to accept our last minute request.

N Alhamdulillah all the check-ins went through smoothly. N then br grab some food for ourselves.

12th September 2010

At exactly 12 midnite, we are ready to go to the other side n it was………

PAPA’s Birthday!!!!! Happy birthday dear!!! All of us wished Papa while pulling the bags to pass the immigration. hehehe…

The kids were all wide awake n getting excited to get on the train n the plane of course. Sgtla full of zip sampai kitorg pon xlarat mengejar. N the flight delayed from 1.20 am to 2 am. Plain great.

I ain't gonna sleep, ok!!

When we were about to board, received a breaking news about 4 charred bodies were found in Banting n we totally had no idea about the details once we were on the plane until 25th September. Huhuhu…

We stopped at Johannesburg around 6 am n it was 9 deg and reached Cape Town at 9 am (local time). Breezingly cold for the newcomers! Papa n Atuk went to get our cars n Uncle Homer, Aunty Diddy, Dr Anis n Nazri came to fetch us (our bags to be exact). :p

At Johannesburg Airport, while these two kids tgh kamceng!! ;p

1st day was our resting n groceries day plus waiting for another group from Dubai.

TBC lah~~~

Friday, October 1, 2010

In debt

This is not supposed to be an entry that I would like write. But can't help it coz I'm terribly in debt now.

Yess, berhutang. Dgn teruknye...
Saya berhutang masa dgn brg2 yg saya beli semasa bercuti. Up till now, they r still in the bags. I don't think now is the right time to look at those items as my to do list shows many other commitments.

Saya berhutang janji dgn brg2 dapur. The stocks are not depleting. But they r totally gone since we left for holiday. I promised to beef up my kitchen this weekend but I don't feel like doin' so. Too tired of the same ol' routine.

Saya berhutang masa dgn kain2 yg saya beli b4 I delivered Ilham. N dgn sewing machine yg br Papa belikan that day. I want to sew a blanket for the kids sbb tu I bought the materials. N now I just hav almost everything to materialize it but I just can't find the time.

Saya berhutang masa utk redesign our home in kl.

Saya berhutang masa dgn byk benda to the extent that I can't do anything as it will menjeleskan outstanding items yg lain. Haish....

N now I'm still whining n whining n yet the work is still piling up. POOR TIME MANAGEMENT!!!


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