Friday, October 1, 2010

In debt

This is not supposed to be an entry that I would like write. But can't help it coz I'm terribly in debt now.

Yess, berhutang. Dgn teruknye...
Saya berhutang masa dgn brg2 yg saya beli semasa bercuti. Up till now, they r still in the bags. I don't think now is the right time to look at those items as my to do list shows many other commitments.

Saya berhutang janji dgn brg2 dapur. The stocks are not depleting. But they r totally gone since we left for holiday. I promised to beef up my kitchen this weekend but I don't feel like doin' so. Too tired of the same ol' routine.

Saya berhutang masa dgn kain2 yg saya beli b4 I delivered Ilham. N dgn sewing machine yg br Papa belikan that day. I want to sew a blanket for the kids sbb tu I bought the materials. N now I just hav almost everything to materialize it but I just can't find the time.

Saya berhutang masa utk redesign our home in kl.

Saya berhutang masa dgn byk benda to the extent that I can't do anything as it will menjeleskan outstanding items yg lain. Haish....

N now I'm still whining n whining n yet the work is still piling up. POOR TIME MANAGEMENT!!!

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