Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tadaa part 2

I’m more than happy!!!! Sampai termimpi2~~~ (hey it rhymes)

Yerp, my vacation has ended but I’m happy. Firstly, that was the 1st time for me, Papa n kids travel oversea together for holiday. 2ndly, because my parents wish termakbul. Alhamdulillah. My mom did mentioned that she wants to bring the whole family to Cape Town together doesn’t matter how big the family has become. 

N so, we went to Cape Town. The planning stage was very head-aching n lengthy. We planned since March or April or so! Naik juling mate googling around to find the place to stay, places to visit, car rental n so on. Nak prepare budget lg. Nak communicate lg ngan org sane. 

But hey, it all paid off as all went as planned. Several hiccups here n there, adatla~~~ 

N now I’m running out of idea what to write n what I shud write. If I were to explain about the chronology, I think its kinda lame. But, if I don’t, how am I goin’ to remember each event? 

Perhaps I just jot down the places that we went to, xikut chronology. Just based on what crossed my mind. ;p 

Our daily routine throughout the vacation was woke up at 6 – mandi - siap2 - do the laundry - prepare breakfast n lunch – left the house at or b4 9 – start touring – get back home by Maghrib or earlier – rest at home or visiting our family frenz. 

A hectic schedule, indeed. 

TBC lg. Haha


Em's Family said...

tulis laa, at least terubat jugak nak tau pasal south africa, since I already change the ticket kan :)

im_an_ibu said...

mira!! sdg diusahakan. with the picca skali. pening tgk byk sgt gamba.... hehehe

E`n1x said...

eiii syioknye pigi holiday!!! ur posts all seems kinda rushed tho. which reminds me, i pun bnyk jugak belated post nk kene put up. card reader je takde haha.

im_an_ibu said...

Yerp2, sgt rushing sbb dah sgt outdated dah citernye. N it begins to fade away from my memory. Huhu... Harus speed it in recalling all. :p


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