Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cape Town of 13th Sept 2010

This is supposed to be the continuation of all the 'Tadaa'...
I've drafted this long ago.. (of course, the vacation was sooo 3 months ago)
But the picca sorting is the toughest.. n that's the main reason of the delay...
So, below are the places that we went to on our 1st day...
1st destination? --->Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden in Kirstenbosch
Its a must go botanical garden, located behind Table Mountain. It’s such a beautiful garden, especially during spring. N that’s one of the reasons why we came to Cape Town during spring, despite the very cold weather. We were fortunate as it was such a sunny bright day. Owh, this garden was Atuk, Opah, Ayah Chik n Maksu’s playground when they stayed there coz it was very nearby n Atuk had joined the membership. We didn’t really tour the whole garden first, because it was very tiring especially with 3 mak buyungs n 2ndly, strollers n steps just cant get along very well. But, it was great! We walked n we rested anytime we wanted to n the curio shop is very irresistible.

Let's layan the scenery... Very peaceful, indeed...

N we stopped here n there for piccas... Candids n formals...

Atuk with the ladies of the family

Whole family at the entrance... Gosh, during planning time, I was so worried of the big crowd that we need to handle. But after looking at this picca, i cant stop saying 'laaa, byk nih je org nye'?? Huhuhu....

Ilham practicing to walk~~

But he was just started crawling.
The garden is soo fresh n clean n made us stop n sit everywhere~~

We went there again on the 2nd last day, for souvenir shopping but somehow Papa n I were kinda pissed off with the promoter as she was very rude reminding us to take care of the kids, just because there were lots of breakable stuff. So, we left empty handed eventhough there were some items in our basket. Besides, we need to go to the clinic as Ilham’s n Iman cough got worst.

Then we stopped for lunch n search for Saddle. Unfortunately, halaal Saddle is already closed. So, we just grabbed anything halaal at Kenilworth Centre~~
Later, we went to Table Mountain at City of Cape Town
This mountain is very flat, like a table. Another must go spot n a trademark of Cape Town. U can see it in any souvenirs. U can get there via cable car or by hiking. Of course, we took the cable car. We went there rushingly as it was nearly 6 pm (it closed at 6 pm). Of course, at that hour, it was breezingly cold and windy. The whole city view can be seen n I guess, if we bring our bino, we could view Cape Point. Famous animal up there is dassie. Up there, we need help from Mr Horse for Iman as it was extremely high n I don’t want to imagine what if she …… (well, we need to use Mr Horse in most cases as Iman was extremely excited n keep on running here n there. People did give a kinda look, but I couldn’t bother as her safety is far more important).
There's a vote goin' on to nominate Table Mountain as 1 of the new 7 wonders

Waiting for our turn for cable car ride..
See, just a small crowd, kan?

Us in the cable car
Up there!!

Uncountable nice views n we just wish that we can snap at every inch of the mountain

Ilham is busy sucking his finger
We went to 2 places only as its getting dark. We stopped at Boo-Kaap Mosque for Asar n headed home to rest.
End of day 1 :)

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