Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cape Town of 14th Sept 2010

To Simon’s Town we go!!!
It’s a must go spot for us previously, where we used to buy stones. After 7 years, that shop remained the same. We went there before n after returning from Cape Point.

Early in the morning we stopped for stones shopping n we stopped there again on our back for prayers, peguin watching n city tour. Simon’s Town is just a small town, also a naval base n harbor but personally, I love the ambiance. Owh, we saw submarine in action when travelling along the shore. Nice~~
Sth that the ladies cant resist~~
We can see the processes on the spot
I just wish we hav extra $$ n extra excess on luggage so that we can buy a gemtree as big as this

But we ended up with this big... hahaha!!

We really berkampung at that shop, siap bukak port utk lepak lg.

Then we proceed to Cape Point

Several other historical events had happened here n I didn’t bother to read. Hohoho!!! There, we climbed up the hills to see the view n the most important thing is to see where Atlantic Ocean n Indian Ocean meets. But of course we didn’t hike, but we took the train. It was cold when we arrived n had our picnic at the car park. We had to bring our own food when travel outside the city as halal food is not easily available. Later, we started ‘climbing’ the hils n enjoy the view. Further up, there is a lighthouse with clearer view of Atlantic n Indian Ocean (as what I’ve been told). This time, hiking is the only option. The team went up except, Atok, Mak Yong, Ilham n me. Mak Yong didn’t climb coz Atok advice not to as it is a bit risky. Me didn’t go as Ilham didn’t seem to enjoy it (read: getting restless) n I’ve been there before. Luckily I didn’t go as it was dreadfully cold n windy. Iman n Papa had a great time there (read: Iman just love cold places n Ilham is totally the opposite)

We stopped for picnic lunchie

While Ilham was sound asleep~~ Cute

Perut kenyang n ready to climb up!

The group that managed to climb up to the lighthouse

N the group that decided to stay after the train ride

Iman just lurve the strong winds n coldness

Lil' boy yg sgt cranky due to the strong winds.
Nx, we headed to Cape of Good Hope a.k.a Tanjung Harapan. It was in our History syllabus, about Vasco de Gama n Bartholamew Diaz. They somehow stopped here before continue with their journey, I guess. Note: I’m more interested in Geography rather than History ;p)

Previously in 2000, the signboard did mention the word ‘Tanjung Harapan’. Now they’ve removed the Malay word. Sobsobsob… nway, we just stopped for photo sessions as we couldn’t fight the strong winds.

Nak posing pon cepat2 jek..
Then, we started to climb down from Cape Point n headed to nearest mosque at Simon's Town
Stepping down after our prayers

N 4 of us went for piccas while the rest went for another craft-shopping
Once done, we went to see penguins but the park is already closed. But we managed to see them near the jogging spot.

Fateh nampak penguin, Mak Teh!!!

Iman pon nampak penguin, Ibu!!!

N we walked back to our cars n headed home

Phew, it was fun!!!


s e p u l u h - p e r - s e p u l u h : said...

wuhuu ! cantek gilers tempat nieh !
sangat jelous nengok gambo2 kamu dowh - huhu

Capetown holidays said...

Simonstown has a history that is rich in Muslim and Cape Malay culture. It is a pity that so few of the people remain although much of their history is preserved in their buildings as well as the Simonstown museum.

im_an_ibu said...

Shafinas, yerp... tpt2 tu sgt cantik sampai termimpi2 once we got back.

Capetown holidays, thanx for the info. didn't know about that at all. huhuhu.. one thing for sure, simonstown is such a lovely place to stay...


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