Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reminiscing my final year of being twenties…

Thank you… thank you…

December 2011 is the most hectic birthday month ever, for me. I was excited when we’re about to enter 1st December, which I dunno exactly why. Perhaps becoz Papa had bought my birthday gift in advance. Hahaha…

N a week b4 my bday, our maid left n thus, leave us with a relatively stress situation. So we decided to have our break in KL n stay in any hotel that we want (note: since we got maid, if we were to go to KL n tag her along, we opted to stay in service apartment rather than hotel) n do anything that we want n we kept on saying to ourselves that we can survive. Yupps, we were pretty much in a state of denial. Hahahaha!

Counting the cars

She's trying to put bear to sleep just the way i put her to sleep

The tired abang

We went everywhere. We shopped, had good dine-out and had my pre-bday treat!!! Wink2~~

Pre-Bday treat :)

n the kids had their space to laze around :)

N another hectic birthday week after that as Wan, Mak Ngah n Pak Su came down to Kertih. But they ended up help me out with the chores. Hohohoo!!!!

N Papa recorded a birthday video performed by Iman n Ilham which had really flattered me!!! They stayed up till 12 midnite for this vid, ok! N posted it in FB.

N next morning, Iman refused to go to school coz she wants to get me a birthday cake. So, Pa
pa bought another cake for the birthday girl. N the birthday girl got wishes-after-wishes from her SIL. Hahahaha…

Just nice for all of us. Whole cake will be too much. 

N later that nite Iman cried again, dgn tersedu2 just becoz she wanted a birthday cake too. I said we shared the cake n she said, ‘No, Papa ckp tu kek Ibu’. Hahahahhaa… She still doesn’t understand what birthday actually is. Cute.

N we started to pack for our long vacations, going to north n south. North for a wedding n south for family vacation.  A day b4 the wedding, while Papa spent his time pampering his car, me n the kids followed Atuk n Opah to their orchard for some local fruits. It was great as Atuk took us up to the hill n see the almost half of Ipoh. :)

U can view half of Ipoh from Atuk's Orchard 

Rambutan picking

But we just stayed in the car sbb byk nyamuk. Spoil kids!!! hahahaha

The nx day, my cousins got married n no caterings… yerp, home cooked food. Salute2~~

Busy catching up, with their own activities

My 1st smocking gown made by Opah :)

Br lps kene pujuk

We went straight to Seremban after the wedding for our South journey. To south, we went to JPO (wrong planning, we shudnt go on weekends), Wan Teh's n Spore n return home via Mersing. 

Stop for breakfast @ Ayer Keroh

Mak Ngah being ambush by the kids for ice-creams

Queuing up for cable car ride

Stop at Mersing for lunch

A whole new adventure, new discovery for us. It was a long stretch of journey but it was fun. The kids were happy n wish it didn’t end. But they also glad that they got the chance to meet their playroom again. :)

Another 2 days of school n off for my office's family day.

Boss tecik

N after the event we had our unplanned private birthday party for abang in the playroom. We did some last minute deco n it was splendid. The kids just enjoyed it very much.

I'm turning 2!!

He conquered his cake

N made his own facial scrub ;ppp

We shud be celebrating his bday this weekend in KL but had to cancel it due Papa's 3 weeks assignment. :((( Luckily MakSu is here to help me out. Otherwise, my life will be haywire!!

Other than that, I'm plain happy!!!

See u nx yr!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

It’s a blessing in disguise

Our maid left. After serving us for a year. She’s pregnant and then she ran away with her husband. Only Allah knows what I felt. Relief, anger, sympathy, sad, happy, u name it. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, for the past 1 week. A lot. N it appears in my dreams, one of the times. I just couldn’t figure out what we did wrong n where. Our relationship was smooth, we respect each other, help each other. If she made mistakes, she apologized, if I made mistakes, I apologized too.
N after a week of disappearance, she sms-ed us saying how sorry she was for leaving us abruptly. N I guessed it’d cleared all the doubt that I have. As what we’d thought, the husband is the culprit. I’m not gonna spoil my mood or even my entry thinking bout it.
She’s such a nice person that I’ve known. She took good care of the house n the kids, when I requested too.
N now she’d left, I never regret for sending the kids to the nursery eventhough she was around to take care of them. I’m not having such a hard time now. It’s just the house chores that I need to deal with, again. (Just feel like bragging to those who'd been saying that my maid just goyang kaki at home coz i send my kids to the nursery. I got my reasons for sending my kids to the nursery, listen to the experts once in a while, will u?)
N now she’d left, I never regret for having her for the past 1 yr. She had done a very good job in making our home in place n now we just need to maintain it.
N now she’d left, I never regret her presence that I’d learnt a lot from her in terms of managing chores n tackling kids.
N now she’d left, I never regret that she’s pregnant. There are some voices whom kinda blaming us for not forcing her to take any contraceptive method. She is so kind n she deserve to have her own kids. I’m happy that she’s pregnant. I really do. At least I’m not carrying the dosa of stopping her to have kids.
N now she’d left, we’d gained back our privacy life.
N now she’d left, we’d had a lot of matured discussion in terms of managing our life, putting everything in place.
N now she’d left, we had more family time. We do chores together, we bathe the kids, co-eating with them, play with them more often than we used to.
The only thing that I regret is the way she left us. I always dreamt of having such a nice farewell. But I don’t blame her. She’s just doing her job as a loyal wife. I blamed the culprit. Blueeeeekk!!
I know she’s not reading this, but I really thank her for what she had done to us. No hard feelings.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This is a nightmare but there are preventions

Reading n hearing news can drive u crazeee... N leaves u with nightmares.

Its never easy to raise kids. It never will. But it will make u wiser everyday, if u see it in an opportunist point of view n try every single way to solve the problems.

"even adults are not always able to make decisions rationally, what more children, who cannot distinguish right from wrong?"

"before parents start blaming other parties, they must realise it is their responsibility to protect their children and teach them how to be safe. "

Life's getting more challenging everyday n I just hope that we'll make it through. :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I created a tumblr account

Coz I believe I can write anything anywhere in a short span. Shaz said I shud go for it if it means she can get frequent updates.

But I failed. It’s like having the latest gadgets which can help u in million ways but a gadget will remain a gadget if u don’t use it. So does my tumblr. N, I decided to stick to this blog n just keep on updating. Eventhough it’s only a sentence.

I managed to post several entries after that n I went silent for weeks. Call me Hangat2 tahi ayam.

Nway, I need to do what I got to do, what I want to do. To update bout what’s up n what’s down as I’m kinda forgetful nowadays, very forgetful at times n I don’t want to forget every single piece of my life.

Iman is super duper talkative n really behave but cheeky sometimes. I’m so proud of her for being such a lovely sister, giving gud example to the younger 2, especially Ilham as he likes to follow his sister’s action. She always gimme a hand whenever I ask for it. But she still wants to be cuddled, hugged, kissed n praised. Well, kids, who wouldn’t want that.

She took care of her soft toys; sheep, bears, camel, etc. but only one at a time. She fed her ‘babies’, bathe, put them to sleep.

Sheep is on high fever so she put a plaster on its forehead. Owh yes, sheep was eye-shadowed by her. :)

My boy, just like his sister, is cheeky too n witty in action. He loves to take my fon n start video-recording n laugh out loud. Clumsy as well!! Hahaahah… very adventurous, of course. But need to accept that he’s an accident-prone boy. U can find several swollen spot on his forehead, which I really regret most. I so wish that I can cover his head with rugby head gear. Serious. Owh, he loves to do haka n he carries his football everywhere, just like a rugby player.

Note his swollen forehead.

But his smile really melts my heart. N he says ‘nak’ to every single food the he sees. Hohohoh…

Ilham can almost talk n convey his messages now n can be relied on too. N sometimes I can see him converse with Iman n I was like ‘awwww, so sweet’. They can be the best buddies, share everything n play together but can also turn our home up side down in a minute.

Best buddies eating hardboiled eggs after finishing their halfboiled eggs.

Best buddies eating choc.

Iffah is 8 MO now. I think she grows very fast. Babbles when she’s happy or in gud mood. N she crawls. Clingy as I cant allow myself to pass in front of her if I’m in the midst of doing sth or else, she'll scream her lungs out. I hav to sneak in my own house!

The clingy boolat :)

Always wants to be cuddled but wants to be freed as well. She can be the victim of her elder 2, as Iman loves to pinch her cheeks while Ilham loves to sit on her just like how he loves to sit on Papa. Poor Iffah. She wants to taste and eat anything that I’m having. She’s still breastfeeding n my supply is reduced. So, she takes solid food more than twice a day.

Oh, things to talk about them are endless!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

N I rest my case.....

Papa is extremely excited with RWC2011. He'd been planning to go there since last yr but we had to cancel it as to welcome our lil' Iffah. (n i never regret that, my lil chubby darling)

But, I know he still wishes that he can go there n watch. Oh, its ok when he wore All Black jersey during the opening. But when he did the same to Ilham, i was like 'hmm, ok'. He took a day of on Sunday just to watch the match. (okla, n to do some document housekeeping). But he missed the quarter finals due to awaiting meetings at the office n I'm happy *big grin.

Okla, so i suggested

He was so excited n came home early that day. N start googling. I was excited too coz we can go jalan2. But, not for long.

He suggested that only boys go. Only boys go to NZ. Ilham n him plus his fren n son. Haish, haish. N pulling faces session starts. All the way. Haha.

It continued to the nx day while in the office. N my respond was.

I want that in return. LOL!!!!! Hahaha....

At home, he brought up the issue again. *pulling face n not interested.

But, but, but.....

The match clashes with his cousin's wedding!!!!! N i rest my case :)

Oh, i lap u Nasyrah. Weeeee~~~

P/s: Papa, we'll go nx time ye. InsyaAllah. Oh, ALL of us ye. Ngee....


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Their affections

He can spot cats everywhere. N birds too. Owh, helis, planes. An observant just like Iman. N he prefers to get connected with cats, personally.

We do let kids touch animals. We even encouraged them. But I dont think having a pet is an option. Not at the moment. Sorry kids.

But we do welcome any sort of animals in our house. 'Animals' I mean. We hav bears, a dolphine, a cat, a garoo, butterflies, a sheep etc etc etc.

Iman especially, shows her affection towards 'em. She feeds Sheep sometimes. N she can be miserable if Sheep is not around.

N two mornings ago, when I came back from my groceries, she nicely placed Sheep in Iffah’s diaper change n told me ‘Sheep sleep’.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nanti semut datang

While peeling limau madu, Papa mentioned that the smell of the skin can release stress. So, there n then we tore it into small pieces n scattered it on our beds as our aromatheraphy.

Later, I took Iman to the toilet n once done, I noticed that all of the pieces were no longer there. Every single pieces of it.

Ibu: aik, mane sume kulit limau ibu?
Iman: Iman dah buang
Ibu: Huh? Nape Iman buang?
Iman: Nanti semut datang....
Ibu: (gulp)

I wasnt satisfied n asked Papa if he did ask her to do it. N no, he didnt.

N again she repeated 'nanti semut dtg jadi Iman buangla!'
I'd checked in the bin n yes, I found the masterpiece.

Papa said its leadership by example. Haha...

Ok, big sista! :)



Thursday, October 6, 2011

A mermaid or a whale?

A fren of mine post an interesting story on her fb wall which i found really amazing.
A while back, at the entrance of a gym, there was a picture of a very thin and beautiful woman. The caption was "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"
The story goes, a woman (of clothing size unknown) answered the following way:
"Dear people, whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, seals, curious humans), they are sexually active and raise their children with great t...enderness.
They entertain like crazy with dolphins and eat lots of prawns. They swim all day and travel to fantastic places like Patagonia, the Barents Sea or the coral reefs of Polynesia.
They sing incredibly well and sometimes even are on cds. They are impressive and dearly loved animals, which everyone defend and admires.
Mermaids do not exist.
But if they existed, they would line up to see a psychologist because of a problem of split personality: woman or fish?
They would have no sex life and could not bear children.
Yes, they would be lovely, but lonely and sad.
And, who wants a girl that smells like fish by his side?

Without a doubt, I'd rather be a whale.

At a time when the media tells us that only thin is beautiful, I prefer to eat ice cream with my kids, to have dinner with my husband, to eat and drink and have fun with my friends.

We women, we gain weight because we accumulate so much wisdom and knowledge that there isn't enough space in our heads, and it spreads all over our bodies.

We are not fat, we are greatly cultivated.

Every time I see my curves in the mirror, I tell myself: "How amazing am I ?!

Somehow, it annoys me when shape becomes an issue.

U see, I heard guys complains about the changes in shape that the wives went thru after giving birth.
I heard ladies complains about how other people talk about their shapes.
N I’m simply sick of hearing all those.
Life is much more to enjoy and cherish than only your shape.
So, ladies & gentlemen, if disproportionate shape is a sore to ur eyes, I really pity u cos that’s the only thing that u can see in this world.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Let’s kill 2 birds at a time, or 3 perhaps…

I wanna blog bout these…

Our Labuan Trip

We went to Labuan again. Well, let’s just say it will be our annual balik-kampung event for the nx 3 yrs or so. N yes, it’s our 1st flight trip with Iffah. 2 adults to handle a pre-schooler, a toddler and an infant. 1st time will always be the toughest one, I guess. Moreover, all of us were not physically fit for travelling. Papa with eye infection, Iman with her cough, the feverish Ilham with running nose, Iffah with her flu n me with sore throat n cough. But we hav to proceed nway.

I’ve been aiming for soto manikar. Been craving for it for the past 3 yrs. Been craving for it during my last 2 pregnancies. N never stop craving it eversince. N I didn’t manage to get it as it was closed, throughout our entire stay. Frustrated as it is.

Well, that was not our main intention nway. N now that I’m training myself not to let anything to spoil my day, I’d pass with that. I was happy to see how my kids happily meet their grandparents, n sgtla mengada2 with them, I tell u.

Apart from meeting our family, Labuan is a place to reminisce our hard times living apart. I love Labuan, as much as I loathe it. That’s the fact. Now that the challenging time had passed, I don’t think it was so bad. N the friendship always remains. We got the opportunity to meet my ex-colleagues n it was so cool. I’d enjoyed that company. It was short but at least there was sth. Although our plan to eat soto manikar with Sue n Fitri n lil’ Izz was cancelled, we had our great chats at their home n by the beach. Although we met Za n Mastura for a short while, it was great. Although we had only an hr lunch with Emma, Kenny n Zul for, it was great. One of my concerns for resigning was, afraid that I lost my friends but Alhamdulillah, I was wrong. We had our good catch ups. I wish Shaz, Naja, Yati n Zid were there. I wish I had more! :P

Of course, I prefer not to share what I loathe about Labuan. But surprisingly, when the flight started to take off, I was so sad to leave Labuan. That was where my career starts. That was where I spent my bachelor life to the fullest. That was where I learnt to be independent and be on my feet. That was where I found the love of my life. N that was the beginning of my marriage life. Bliss.

Our Makan2…

I cooked for our small open house, for the 1st time. Nasi lemak, lontong, soto n kuah kacang. Alhamdulillah all went well. Sedap ke x, need to ask Papa as he’s the food tester n commentor. Most of the guests were quite shocked that I cooked by myself. But the credit shud go to Papa as well, for handling the kids and my maid for the preparation and kendara. The preparations really took ages, with the entire cleaning, chopping, slicing, decorating etc, not forgetting our last minute shopping for the cookwares. Hahahaha… Cooking is just easy peasy lemon squezzy, if u just follow the recipes. Owh, thanx to Mr Google for the lontong recipes!

N u bet about the kendara. The exhaustion is still around n now that Iffah was on high fever lastnite, plus her sleepless nite, I’m turning into a zombie now. But I’m happy with the turn ups. Oh, oh, forgot to ask Papa whether he was happy with the whole thing or not. Hahaha…

Our Big Sis’s Farewell

We had to bid farewell to our big sis, Kak Zan as she’ll be leaving for another better career opportunity. We are happy and sad at the same time. Now that she’s already left, but I can still feel that she’s at her workstation now.

The same goes to Mek Noor. Although she already left for over year, we can still feel her presence in our office.

Let’s just say friendship remains and never can end :)

P/S: owh, I’m so fail when it comes to photograph-ing. I didn’t snap any photo with my frens in Labuan. I didn’t snap any photo of my dishes. I didn’t snap any photo with Kak Zan. Why lar it is so hard for me to do all those???


Thursday, September 15, 2011

I just love Eid song…

Only if it was on air b4 Eid. Now that I’m already back to work, listening those songs sgtla pull me down, recalling how fast the celebration ends, n recalling how fast Ramadhan ends too. Sedey. Huhuhu…

Our Eid was great, to my interpretation. Yes, we forgot to tag along our camera and several other things in our checklist. Brilliant. N I was like, ‘there goes my Eid’. But I was wrong. We just made do with what we have n it wasn’t so bad, nway.

I’m happy coz we managed to pay a visit to all of our grandparents’ relatives for the 1st time. Unlike previously, we’d surely missed a couple of ‘em. It was hectic, very hectic n we just need to allow that, once a year. Get-to-gather with our relatives was awesome, albeit Iffah was a bit cranky. I guess she was so shocked to suddenly meet lots of people whom hugged her, kissed her, holding her around, pinched her n making supposed-to-be-cute-faces at her but she was kinda confused on what-on-earth-are-these-people-trying-to-do n started to do her lungs’ exercise. Haha…

Hurm, we missed the trip to Linggi. I really wished that we’d joined. How I just love any trips to the kampong. Especially during Eid. Bota, Temoh, Linggi or Rembau. We’d just complete the 1st two. Hope can arrange for Linggi or Rembau trip nx yr.

What else?

We went to a studio for our Eid photoshoot!!!! Everything was just like being nicely arranged. Since Ramadhan, Papa had urged for studio photoshoots n I was like ‘ok2, will do it, will do it’. ;p

Been planning to do it with my family in Ipoh when everybody starts to gather b4 Eid but somehow, it didn’t happen as my sis was on her oncall. So, we made do with our internal photoshoots at Atuk’s n Opah’s home sweet home~~

Nhow, while in KL after getting jabs for Iffah, we planned to go for a photoshoots at any studio that’s willing to take our last minute request. After we left PCMC, we started googling n making phone calls. Called this studio in Shah Alam n they r willing to accommodate our request although the photographers were away. We were there for almost 1 hr, n most of the time chasing the kids n getting hard times to put ‘em together n making sure all of ‘em saying ‘cheese’ at the same time. But the photographer went on n on shooting out without fail. N voilaaaaa~~~~

I just love the masterpiece. Thanx LemonadeWorks Photography!!! Candid works better I guess.

Life is much better with technologies, 3G, wifi, etc. We can make appointments n arrangements in a blink of an eye. Owh, owh… now that everytime I wanna cook, I often google for recipes, I did that while in Ipoh too. We even bring our laptop in the kitchen n start googling for recipes. Guess what, Papa made his 1st bingka ubi n it was sedap. N Opah got influenced too n she wants to try daging dendeng. We googled for the recipes n Wan Chik cooked daging dendeng. Kewl. Segalanya hanya di hujung jari. N when there’s a will, there’s a way :)

Hurm, what’s up with that? Well, I’m just trying to relate how easy to get things done with internet. Geddit? Geddit? Mind my jumbledup-ness. Hihi…

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Rambling in Ramadhan

Got lots of things to scribble but time is my greatest enemy. Crap, that’s all that u can say. My work is so piling up, which is very rare to happen during Ramadhan. Since I join this company, Ramadhan usually became a slow month, but not this year. I started panicking since the 1st week as I have 4 ongoing projects n I definitely do not want them to ruin my Eid. Seriously NO. Well, I’d managed to get it done a portion of it, but another project came in n I was like ^&^$#%#%*(*.

Man, this year my Ramadhan had been the most challenging one, so far. I’d recalled that we used to be very relaxed previously. No submissions, no datelines. Heaven.

Oh, this is very near. He’s been asking bout it. N there was 1 nite, he even altered the Siti Fairuz song to suit his request for bday prezzie. Stressful as it is.

One of my frens suggested to start collect RM1 per day till his bday (not knowing that his bday is within a month time). So, I’ll end up with less than RM30 for his bday prezzie. Well, at least there’s sth, rite Papa?. :PPP

I think I’d skipped giving him prezzie for 2 years in a row, as I was preggy back then. Gedit? No? The baby in my tummy is his bday prezzie. But that reason is so not valid for this year. Yeah…

I’ve been tiptoeing while bloghopping. That’s the only way for me to de-stress myself in a short span. Oh, I shud scratch that. Recite Quran is a much better remedy to de-stress, no?
Nway, my point is, having an oven will be a great added advantage. I can cook health food for the family. Just prepare the ingredients, mix it up n grill/bake or whatever. (sounds like catching up with the easy parts je rather than the health part) xkesahla, but I do want an oven. Hurm, what does that has to do with bloghopping? Sbb I bloghopped at cooking blogs n found recipes after recipes, (easy recipes I would say). N most of the recipes are either for grilling or baking. So, saya nak oven.

One of my batch mate passed away. Yes, in this holy month. Another batch mate passed away in this holy month as well, about 7 yrs ago. Due to same illness, cancer. It’s sad. Very sad. But I’m happy for them. No more battle with the chemo thingy n they left in Ramadhan. Who wouldnt want that? Al-Fatihah.

I wish I can join the excitement soon enuf. But I just cant focus rite now. At this moment of time, things that I want to jot down are endless. I want to rite all. But I’m in a rush. All things are packed in the car. Waiting for Papa to fetch the kids at 4 n fetch me at 4.30 n shoot to KL. Gosh, how I miss my parents so much. Just cant wait to see their expression seeing us driving into the porch.

I think I better stop. I wish to write bout my kids. I wish to write bout my Ramadhan. I wish to write about people around me. But my words are all jumbled up.

Selamat Hari Raya n Maaf Zahir Batin, peeps!!!!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Sometimes, its good to unplan…

Or, we may call it last minute plan.

But in any case like this, we shudn’t expect much. Just hoping everything goes smoothly and all of us are happy.

When Papa touched down, the idea of another weekend getaway popped up in his mind. N of course, I got panic coz we need to pack things up less than an hour! Huhuhu…

We didn’t go far. Very near to our home, indeed. We went to…


On that very late evening, we drove there, n searching for budget chalet just like backpackers. But unlike backpackers, our car is almost full with our stuffs. Teehee…

We had our simple but scrumptious late dinner… Oh, sgtla mouthwatering. (snap that off, puase2)

We went for raya shoppings, evening photoshoots, sunbathing, sandcastling n swimming.

Both of 'em got a watch. Sgtla bergaya, ok! :p

Ilham: did u follow the steps that i taught u, Papa?

The last day b4 we checked out was a blast!!!

We had to buy these again as we dunno where did we put the old ones. Huhuhu

I need to recharge b4 i start to splash. (note: we bought new mat as well)

This boy can just walk across the water like nobody's biz. Brave boy.

N this girl, who was not in gud terms with Mr Beach b4, had confessed that they r now BFFs. Hahaha...

Masinla, Ibu

Phewww… Never thought it was so much fun n we totally got carried away that the sun was exactly on our heads.

A lot of new discovery for the kids. Thanx Papa for the unplanned :))

One happy kid, smiling while her elder 2 were soundly asleep...

Note: as we had to re-buy several beach accesories, we'd improved our system. We packed the mat, sandcastle utensils, floats in 1 bag so that we r always ready for any unplanned in future. Just grab the bag n out we go!!!!



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