Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cape Town of 15th Sept 2010

We headed to N2 n reached Stellenbosch. Dr Anis told us bout a place where we can see all the animals, since we didnt go to any safaris. (Ape kes gi Africa tp xmenjejakkan kaki ke safari?)
So, we landed in Eagle Encounter. Iman loved this, encountered n imitated the birds. They conserved the endangered birds such as eagles, owls n vultures. N some of the birds are being adopted by some couples who wants to preserve them. But the weather was not as friendly as before. It started to drizzle.
We were greated by owls

N this is our tour guide ;p

Me n Papa went in quite late sbb Ilham yak2. So, Iman followed Atuk n Opah



Once we came in, Iman started to tell about the birds n imitate 'em. Cute!

But not brave enuf 2 touch the birds

Then we offed to Cheetah Outreach Centre. Similar to Eagle Encounter, this place is aimed to preserved the cheetahs n some other wildlife. Not all went in, just Pak Yeop, Fateh, Ayah Chik, Papa, Iman, Ilham n me. The rest just stayed in the car. A lot of things gained. :)
Posing kejap dlm kesejukan

I cant recall it's name but it's job is to kill the haiwan ternakan, for fun!
They can kill more than 3 animals per nite!
Among the animals that they preserved. (Xigt name gak)

(Xigt name gak gak..)

Sheep - Haiwan ternakan

n of course, cheetah. I like its shape, sgt curvy~~

n we walked back to our cars

N headed to

Lion's Park!!
Atok didn’t join as he was not well. Perhaps because of the dengue attack. All of us went in n the scenery was undescribable. The lions were caged n we were the only tourists. Albeit, they were in secured cage but we just need to be careful (read: all ‘what if’ suddenly popped out gagaga)

As mentioned, the weather was not friendly to us, it rained heavily right after we finished touring. The route was muddy n not stroller friendly, but we still had to run for shelter. The kids getting cranky as it was too cold. Blamed us for improper planning. The place was great but perhaps it was not the right time, I guess.

Owh, on the lion note, I only knew that a 3 year old lion is considered as a grown up. They r no longer cubs. N the male lion started to have mane as early as 3 yr old. Wah!!!

This is the 3 YO lion

Ilham's asleep

Pusing2 n stop for piccas b4 we rushingly ran for shelter
We left n stopped at the entrance path. Ade byk wild animals kat situ. Zebra, springbok n urm, urm... xigt.. huhuhu

Is horse wild animals?

Since we were in Stellenbosch, we took the chance for strawberry picking.

But it was closed due to the weather n only open on the weekends.

So we shopped for Rooibos Tea n others. Rooibos Tea kat sini murah. n kat sini ade byk yummeh dried fruits!! Later we headed home as Atuk need to rest... Shiannn Atuk~~

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schazzy said...

isk che ah..lame betul tunggu continuation ur vacation story ni..had to wait for 2 weeks for the update and i only noticed it on the 3rd week after the previous post. ish kalau drama series ni org sure dah download siap2 the full series from torrent. but then again, your memories is the only how meh? kena tunggu jugak la ni..hehehe..sila update segera che ah!! btw, luv the animals..i pun suke amik gambar binatang yg pelik2..


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