Monday, January 17, 2011

Cape Town of 16th Sept 2010

We went to Franschoek via Paarl, which is known with beautiful sceneries.

N we straight away went to Heugenots Museum. It’s a historical museum that explained all the relevant history about the French families n their utensils, from irons, cooking tools up to candle maker. They also highlighted their ancestors, among them is Charlize Theron!

But we spent most of our time for photoshoots.

For the whole family

Us, getting ready

for this~~
N for the kids
Arranging the young ones dulu

Then only Kak Iman joined

For a shot

N she started to move n stand up

N trying to leave while the babies still posing

Where's Kak Iman, Ibu?

Fateh: She already left, Ilham

N request for her shot, alone~~
Enuf of posing, we went for a tour around Franschoek Town. This small town was developed by French during the war, which I cant recall which war, haha. Most of the buildings were built back then n they still preserved the old design. N there were lots of monuments n memorial building. Very historic.

Another historic building behind us
N also there are few nice craft n souvenir shops which we cant resist.. :)

After a half day of touring, we searched for a picnic spot for our lunch. N we found this irresistable spot eventhough it was very windy.

Unpacking our lunch bags

Kids straight away went to the playground. The parents were filling their tummy n Atuk n Opah took care of the kids... Weehihihi...

N met the KPI for the day.
Since it was still early n since we didnt manage to go for strawberry picking a day b4, we found a strawberry farm.
Unfortunately, the farm is not open for picking. So, we just grabbed some for us.

N hey, let's go home~~~

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