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Cape Town of 20th Sept 2010

(Note:Not in writing mode) So, mari layan gambar n brief explaination from Mr Google~~~ Masih pusing2 at the city centre, searching for spots that we've missed.

1) Castle of Good Hope - Built between 1666 and 1679 by the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a maritime replenishment station, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest surviving colonial building in South Africa. From 1678 it was the centre of civilian, administrative and military life at the Cape, until the settlement grew and some functions and activities moved away from the Castle. Today the Castle is the seat of the military in the Cape, and houses the Castle Military Museum and Iziko Museums of Cape Town (William Fehr Collection). Psstt~~ i got from 'ere

Walking down the aisle to the entrance
Pls click to enlarge

It was very windy n coldy.

At the entrance

They hav a cannon ceremony at 10 am every day

In front of curio shop. I didnt buy anything sbb xcantik. Teehee~~

At the quarters

At the yard yg ade byk bunge cantik. Name lg spring, kan?

The freezing boy. Dah mcm Joey in the pocket dah... ;p

2) District Six Museum - was named the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town in 1867. Originally established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants, District Six was a vibrant centre with close links to the city and the port. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, the history of removals and marginalisation had begun. The first to be 'resettled' were black South Africans, forcibly displaced from the District in 1901. As the more prosperous moved away to the suburbs, the area became the neglected ward of Cape Town.
In 1966, it was declared a white area under the Group areas Act of 1950, and by 1982, the life of the community was over. 60 000 people were forcibly removed to barren outlying areas aptly known as the Cape Flats, and their houses in District Six were flattened by bulldozers.
The District Six Museum, established in December 1994, works with the memories of these experiences and with the history of forced removals more generally. Credit
In short, the colored n the blacks that stayed at District Six was forced to be removed from that area so that the whites can move in there. Jahat, kan?
At the entrance

That guy in the kopiah showed his house at that area b4 his family was kicked out by the whites.

See, they weren't even allowed to use the benches for the whites.

3) Uncle Dave - a place where we can get affordable diamonds

Pilih, jgn xpilih
I personally happy with the warm welcome of the owner, Uncle Dave n his assistance, Esther. Evnthough Iman was very active while we were there, Esther was very kind. N she didnt even panicked when Iman accidently lost one of the diamonds. Calmly, she helped us searched the diamond until we found it. Fuhh~~ Dahla 5 ct punye diamond yg tercicir tuh. Gagagaga. Xbalik M'sia la kalo xjumpe... huhuhuh....
4) We walked around the Central Business District, nearby Atuk's former's office. N grabbed some vuvuzela~~ Do u know that b4 WC2010, vuvuzela only cost R6, which equivalent to RM3? N it spiked up to R60 during WC2010. But it reduced to R30. But still!!! Mahal gile utk brg yg sgt simple... huhuhuh... Effect of WC.. Hmmm

5) Boo-kap Museum - situated in the historic area that became home to many Muslims and freed slaves after the abolition of slavery, showcases local Islamic culture and heritage. The Bo-Kaap itself is well worth a visit. Colourful houses, steep cobbled streets, the muezzin’s calls to prayer, and children traditionally dressed for Madrassa, add to this unique Cape experience. The Museum was established in 1978 as a satellite of the SA Cultural History Museum. It was furnished as a house that depicts the lifestyle of a nineteenth-century Muslim family. Today, the museum is in a transformation stage.

At the entrance (lagi ;p)

6) Sea Point - one of Cape Town's most affluent and densely populated suburbs, situated between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean a few kilometres to the west of Cape Town's CBD

Papa n I xkuar sbb tgh struggling pakse Iman minum susu. She refused to eat since morning!! Grrr~~
7) Green Point Stadium - for World Cup 2010

Papa tried to blow vuvuzela

Me n the kids stayed in the car coz Iman was asleep
N then, we went home~~~
P/s: erk, mcm byk plak tulis this time, unlike previous post... Peace~~

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cape Town of 19th Sept 2010

It was Sunday n we didn't go far. To the city centre again as we had an invitation by one of Atuk's close friends. We toured around town n planned for ferris wheel...

But it was closed.

So, we toured around the waterfront n harbour, by foot. Nice
Pak Yeop highlighted about Two Ocean Aquarium n we went there. But. we managed to go for a light shopping at nearby craft market.

Owh, Iman was under Atuk's supervision. N as usual, she umpan Atuk to grant her wish, which is...

Ship ride

Whale ride

Submarine ride n more~~ Teehee

The rest were scattered n waiting for our turns to get into the aquarium...

I assumed the aquarium is more or less similar to Aquaria, but I was wrong. It shares about Atlantic and Indian Oceans marine life.


N also about frogs n penguins

Br blaja nak duduk

N we're done with the marine life n time for us to take a look at the curio shop...

N next up for boat cruising

Waiting for Atuk

Happily playing while waiting for the cruise

All on board~~

Cruising while munching~~
We took a tour to see the whole area of Waterfront. The tour guide explained about every single tourist spot. It’s supposed to be a 1 hr ride (kot), but we shortened it coz it rained heavily n Ilham was supercranky during the ride. Coldness is the reason.

End of half day n we geared up for our meet up with Uncle Ighsaan's family.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cape Town of 18th Sept 2010

We bought birthday cake for September's babies on 17th Sept but we didnt celebrate it right away. So, the event was postponed to the next day, as our breakfast together with the pastries. Owh, we had to celebrate it in the morning coz AyahChik need to be travelled back to M'sia in the evening.
Birthday deco yg sgt koboi, still in the box n yet sume serbu!!

N the pastries
Since it was the last day for AyahChik, we went to the must-go places. Must-go in our definition is the places that we used to go to few years back. Among them is
Rhodes Memorial. Gud place for hiking but we never did. Nih pon jenuh climbing the stairs. Huhuh...

Ilham yg takut2 but excited

Here, the forest is still preserved. Same goes to the animals~~

Enuf of camwhoring, we drove along the Lion's Head n stopped at Signal Hills, where u can view the whole Cape Town city, even the Robben Island...

See, Table Mountain at the back

Iman n Ilham kene panas terik!

Time clicked so fast n the only place that we can go b4 lunch is Victoria & Alfred Waterfront yg sgt cantik.

Inside the mall

Outside the mall, near the harbour

Our final family photo b4 AyahChik's departure

N us with sleeping Iman

Then we searched for lunch spot, that serve halaal steak. But no such place there.
So, we straight away went to VanGate Mall yg mmg confirm ade Spur yg halal. N another plus point is kat situ ade surau..

Choices of salad

Taking orders

Enjoying the meals. Me n Papa kene minum teh je coz the kids were coughing. If we were to take cold drinks, definitely kak iman will join the bliss n u know how it's gonna end.

Kami yg kelaparan
Along the way, we took turns for our prayers coz time was running out.
Whilst Iman grab the opportunity for the rides. N Atuk jadi mangsa yg kene sponsor the coins.

Once we were done with lunch, we planned to go for picking while Atuk n Opah sent AyahChik to the airport. After saying bye-bye to AyahChik, to Polkadraai we go~~~
We went there again but this time truly for strawberry picking!!!! I actually reserved that for Iman as she’s soooo into strawberries. She joined us initially, but ended up playing with the stones n came to me just for the strawberries. Guess she just loves eating strawberries but not picking strawberries.
The strawberries' lady
(Note: Itu adalah hasil tangkapan Pak Yeop. I hanye posing ;p)

Busy collecting the stones

It was very hot that day n all of us kepenatan

Our crops plus others
N we were done with Day 5


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